So once I squeezed my oversized butt into the undersized seat assigned to me at the Super Bowl, I looked up.
And I saw a very familiar sight.


It was a huge version of the Sprint logo.  Its presence at the Super Bowl means that the official telecommunications partner of PFT was, as usual, supporting in a major way the new national pastime.
The logic continues to be simple.  Sprint supports the NFL.  And Sprint supports PFT.  So folks who follow the NFL with sufficient zeal to hang out in these parts should strongly consider supporting Sprint.


  1. Yeah, that stomach ad just frightens me. Why can’t Wonder bread sponsor you and you post more about the Wonders of Wonder bread?
    Or maybe NASCAR…

  2. This place puts such a smile on my face. For a place that’s really big time, you stick to your small time roots. THIS is why I come back every day.
    I’d hock as much as I could too to pay the bills if I could find sponsors with balls enough not to sensor me.
    Where are my beer ads???

  3. I already give sprint a large enough chunk of my pay check…But its worth every penny….. I get treated much better than when I was with @lte…l…

  4. So, maybe Sprint would like to incentivize PFT nation to sign up? How about some kind of sweet phone OR give someone that has been a customer for many years a free phone? My contract is up, so I’m free to roam…….or I could stay with sprint for my $99.99/mo bill.
    Hey Florio, pull some strings won’t you? Oh and if this site starts going all “big time,” I’ve found another site that is sticking to its roots…….replace the “pro” in this site address with “college” those guys don’t have much to talk about, but it’s entertaining and no ads for a flat belly! I want my beer and pizza ads!?!

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