In an effort to rebuild his shattered financial enterprise, Falcons quarterback Mike Vick is suing a firm owned partially by three current NFL players, according to the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press.
[Editor’s note:  It appears that this lawsuit initially came to light while the ’68 VW bus was rolling to Tampa, and so we missed it.  The Daily Press published an article on the lawsuit over the weekend.]
Williams and Bullocks is the defendant, and the claim focuses on the conduct of one owner who didn’t play pro football — Mary Wong.
The other three owners are Chiefs linebacker Demorrio Williams, Lions safety Daniel Bullocks, and Saints safety Josh Bullocks.
The quarter each hold 25 percent of the firm.
In the lawsuit, Vick claims that the firm failed to take “reasonable steps to protect Vick’s assets,” and “used [them] for the personal and business expenses of the defendants.”
“Due to the fraud committed by defendants, [Vick] has suffered monetary loss in the amount of at least $2 million, including funds due to him that were wrongfully converted by the defendants and the lost value of investments,” the civil complaint alleges.
Wong’s lawyer acknowledges that Vick “loaned” $500,000 to the firm, and that $103,000 of the amount has been paid back to him.
The focal point of the claim is Wong, who was permanently barred from the New York Stock Exchange in 2007.  And since the business is identified as a limited liability company, the three players apparently will be able to avoid having to dip into their personal assets for any misconduct that traces solely to Wong.
Based on an August 2008 article from Lester Munson of, it appears that Vick got mixed up with Wong after seeking the assistance of then-teammate Demorrio Williams in 2007, when the feds were seeking $1 million in restitution for the care and feeding of the dogs that had been rescued from Vick’s property in rural Virginia.
So Williams referred the matter to his partner, Wong.  Per Munson, Wong got the money together from Vick’s retirement account, and by persuading a bank to give Vick a loan.
But then, per Munson, Wong allegedly removed from Vick’s various accounts more than $900,000, and “caused certain business entities owned by [Vick] to be transferred to her.”
We’ve got strong opinions about Vick, including whether he should be permitted to play again in the NFL.  (He shouldn’t.)  But if someone took advantage of his legal predicament to take liberties with his money, the person should be held accountable.
Then again, none of it will likely matter much to Vick, since any money he recovers likely will be used to satisfy his debts via the bankruptcy case he has filed.


  1. “Then again, none of it will likely matter much to Vick, since any money he recovers likely will be used to satisfy his debts via the bankruptcy case he has filed.”
    So in bankruptcy his creditors won’t get the right to attach his future earnings?

  2. I’m sure the bankruptcy judge together with your creditors are rooting for you Vick, you stupid ass.

  3. Why shouldn’t Michael Vick be permitted to play again in the NFL? He doesn’t deserve a second chance? That is absolutely ridiculous. There are guys playing in the NFL who have killed PEOPLE or have messed up the investigation into the deaths of PEOPLE or who have caused PEOPLE to be harmed or who have BEATEN UP WOMEN. To say Michael Vick does not deserve a second chance because he harmed animals is ludicrous. I don’t condone what he did, but to take away his livelihood because of it is utterly insane. He is doing his time, and when he gets out, he should be allowed to continue to play football in the NFL if he is good enough to make a team. Stop hating on the guy Florio.

  4. I am not at all surprised by this. I am sure Vick knew that this Wong would take his money. Probably Vick knew he was losing everything, so to shield what assets he could, he transfers ownership to a third party (Wong) while his bankruptcy proceedings go on. By transfers I mean she retains legal ownership while he still enjoys the use of the assets. Probably what happened is that she decided that there was no reason to give Vick his assets because she had legal possession. So Vick can either let it go, or he can sue in which case as Florio said, probably the creditors are the only winners.
    If what I said above is true, it is illegal and both Vick and Wong could be prosecuted.

  5. I can’t believe you think vick should be barred from the NFL for life. The guy served a year in levenworth for DOG FIGHTING. Most nfl players treat women worse than their dogs and they are allowed to play. You obvious have a bias cause of our WVU background. The nfl is a privledge and if PACMAN and my beloved ray lewis can get back in for crimes against HUMANS, so can mike vick for crimes agains DOGS! eff peta and all the whiney dog folks who can’t see animals for what they are, ANIMALS!
    I also heard VICK had a an affair with MARY, it started something like this. IF’s lovin you’s WONG I dont’ want to be right!!!

  6. So now your gonna deny someone a right to make a living? Why shouldn’t he be allowed to play again? What he did had nothing to do with on the field behavior. He served his time. I guess it’s alright to get with a group of guys, make some wagers on who’s gonna bag the biggest buck and go kill some deer and then hang them on your wall for show. A guy can also get caught in his car with cocaine in his lap and get a 3 game suspension but I don’t hear you complaining about that. Last time I checked cocaine has a worst effect on the community than dog fighting does.

  7. Mike, why don’t you man up and express the real reasoning for your vendettas against certain guys? You are like the Faux-Fox News of sports blogging. Just show your true colors.

  8. man some of you need to let it go eh em florio…the guy should never be allowed to play again? i mean hes gone to jail and lost millions, what more do you want from the guy? there are things called second chances in life and i believe he deserves one…that doesnt mean hes not a complete dumbass for this mess but a lifetime ban from the nfl? i disagree

  9. Vick has serve 0 days of prison for dog fighting you uneducated ingrates. The man is in prison for running an ileagal gambling operation over state lines. Gerald Poindexter swept his dog fighting charges under the rug so he would not hurt the boys “celebrity”. This man does not deserve the oppurtunity to earn a living in the NFL due to this. Not to mention that he flat out lied to the Commisioner when confronted at the draft about his dog fighting endeavors. If you support this man your are so out of touch with humanity its embarrising.

  10. “be used to satisfy his debts via the bankruptcy case he has filed.”
    I thought that the whole point of filing for bankruptcy was to avoid paying creditors?

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