As the open voting on the 2008 Pat Tillman Award moves toward its 9:00 a.m. EST conclusion, the two primary finalists are in a neck and neck race.
Right now, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has 1,879 votes, and Ravens safety Ed Reed has 1,808.
Eagles safety Brian Dawkins has 1,334.
If you haven’t voiced your opinion, you’ve got less than two hours to do so.

17 responses to “ED, TROY IN CLOSE RACE

  1. If Matt Ryan won the 2008 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year award, should you not be renaming the above the 2008 Colon Cleansing Pat Tillman award?
    BTW, if you travel to Europe, the flabby gut ads don’t show up here. They re-appear when you log into a US VPN network though.
    That’s quite a low voter turnout…I wouldn’t tell Sprint. Do like American Idol and just announce the winner.

  2. just a warning to any viewers/commentors that want to know the end results of this poll. make sure to take a look at the front page of this site at a few minutes before 9 am. cause once it’s down and closed, you’ll never hear another word about it. and no one will tell you who won. we’ll all just move on to the “pat haden award”. you can ask and ask and ask for days, but still no one will be able to tell you who won, or even that was was ever a contest in the first place. good luck to you all if you care about who wins this thing.
    at least that’s the way it’s been for the now vanished and never existed “derrick thomas award”.

  3. Well, according to a certain mush mouth on the CBS pre-game show (prior to the Steeler/Ravens playoff game), Ed Reed is the better safety because “he scores points”…..mmm…I can’t remember, did Troy Polamalu do something in that game? I just can’t seem to remember. Ed is a solid player, but he’s not in the class of Troy Polamalu.

  4. It’s obvious that Ed Reed is the best Safety in the game right now. But it’s a testament to Steeler fans who’ll vote for their guy regardless of qualifying skill. So really, isn’t this more of a popularity contest. If that’s the case, then I’m sure Troy Polamolomolomalo will win since he’s Dicky Lombardi trophy winner.
    So let’s just name it already and move on to more critical nonsense.

  5. moving on to the art monk award. how does calvin johnson not even make the list? what more does the guy have to do? give the lions something to cheer about.

  6. Actually andrew, why is Andre Johnson not leading right now? While he and Larry Fitzgerald are fairly close in yardage, I think over the entire year, Andre Johnson was the better receiver.

  7. Heinekenfun says:
    February 11th, 2009 at 9:26 am
    It’s obvious that Ed Reed is the best Safety in the game right now
    And this is obvious because… Polamalu tackles, blitzes and hits better than Reed, and scores points too? Just wondered.

  8. Everyone wants to only point out Reed’s interceptions and touchdowns. But there’s more to playing safety than that. Troy had more tackles and more sacks…..and he had a touchdown taken away from him that later was judged should have counted. They are both great safeties, but this year Troy had the better overall year.

  9. Reed is also very prone to the long ball provides weak coverage. Carson Palmer was quoted as saying that (espn insider article last year). More “Pick Six’s” doesn’t make him a better player. He is a “center fielder” who has solid corners and a blitzing D. Both are great, but I’d take Polamalu. He’s is the total package and also has been awesome in the playoffs vs. Reed. But this is all obvious.

  10. Reed is a hybrid CB, all he does is play centerfield. Troy does it all. Most Reed lovers look at his int’s and td’s and automatically think that makes him the best. Negative. Troy is a beast in the run game, and plays in coverage really well. If you are asking about the BEST Safety in the game it’s simple; TROY!!!!

  11. Rather reading Steelers fans explaining why Troy is obviously better or Ravens fans arguing why Ed is obviously better, perhaps it’s worth mentioning that they play different positions. As a strong safety Troy plays much closer to the line of scrimmage and more likely covers the TE or the #3 receiver. Of course he is going to register more tackles. Ed, as a free safety, plays off the ball and reads the QB. Of course he’s going to get more INTs. It really comes down to what skills you value. Ed played with nerve impingement in his neck all year and his tackling was severely hampered. He had an off year for eight games and then a tremendous finish. Ed is more one-dimensional, but he is light years ahead of anyone who plays his position. He is a complete game changer. But his impact is limited to certain opportunities. Troy had a better all around year, and is effective in a more versatile role — yes, including INTs. He contributes more on a play-by-play basis. But the difference between his top-end skills and the next closest guy at his position is not as striking. Troy is a tremendous all around player. Ed is a wild card weapon. It depends on what you value.

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