Despite predictions that he’ll be franchised for the second year in a row, Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl linebacker Terrell Suggs remains optimistic that a long-term contract will ultimately be worked out.
“I really have faith in the Ravens and in my agent that we’ll get something done,” Suggs said Wednesday night during an NFL Network studio appearance in Los Angeles.  “I know we’ll get something done.  I showed them last year that I love the city of Baltimore and I wanted to be a Raven.  I’m hopeful.”
It would cost $10.2 million against the Ravens’ 2009 salary cap to franchise Suggs again, one year after keeping him with a nearly $8.5 million hybrid defensive end/linebacker tag.
The Ravens have been negotiating off and on with Suggs’ agent, Gary Wichard, for the past few years.
When asked about possibly playing for New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, the former Ravens defensive coordinator, Suggs reiterated that he prefers to stay in Baltimore.
“Yeah, but God forbid something doesn’t work out with Baltimore,” Suggs said.  “Baltimore has first dibs.  I want to see if myself and Baltimore can come to an agreement.  It would be an honor to play for Rex Ryan again, but, to be totally honest, I’ll play for anybody that will have me.  Baltimore is my first choice.”
Meanwhile, former Ravens safety Rod Woodson, an NFL Network analyst, forecasted that Suggs will be tagged again, that the team will try to hammer out a new contract for All-Pro middle linebacker Ray Lewis prior to free agent and that inside linebacker Bart Scott won’t be retained.
“I think they’ll tag [Suggs] and try to get Ray done before free agency,” Woodson said. “I think if Ray makes it to free agency, he will leave. I think Bart will be the odd guy out.”
The Ravens are expected to begin serious discussions with Lewis’ agent at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis between February 18 and February 24.
When asked if he thinks Lewis will finish his career in Baltimore, Suggs replied:  “I don’t know.  Either way it goes, I think everybody will be all right.  Ray is a phenomenal leader, a phenomenal player.  I love being his teammate.  On the flip side, you can’t always have your big brother fight for you.  You have to grow up sometimes.”
The Ravens also have pending decisions on unrestricted free agent center Jason Brown, kicker Matt Stover, and strong safety Jim Leonhard.
Ravens coach John Harbaugh has repeatedly said he wants to hold onto to as many of the team’s free agents as possible.

9 responses to “RAVENS' SUGGS: "I'M HOPEFUL"

  1. Every one in Arizona has been having Suggsgasms. Oooh, here comes one now!
    That was great! Visions of Suggs flying around with the athletic youngsters of the Cardinals D. Come home terrell!

  2. So I haven’t seen anyone point this out, but Terrell Suggs was in a sling and could have had “major damage” to his shoulder before the AFC Championship. He played that thing up all week and it was like he was a hero just for stepping on to the field in Pittsburgh. Then, 2-3 weeks later he’s practicing and playing in a completely meaningless game. A lot of guys skip the pro bowl with injuries a lot less severe than his was alleged to be, and it raises the question as to whether he was embellishing and playing games with the injury report.
    Or of course he was risking more damage to his shoulder by playing in a completely meaningless game, and then he’s simply stupid.
    Florio, I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on this potential playing with the injury report before a reader.

  3. I see absolutely no logical reason for the Ravens to pass on locking up Suggs. Ray Lewis is awesome, but he won’t be around for ever. Suggs is a better age, and plays Raven quality defense. How many NFL players can you say that of? I think it would be a huge mistake to let him go.
    That said; come on Parcells and sign Suggs!
    stiller43- It sounds like you’ve done the math, but aren’t confident in your answer so you’re asking the teacher. Here’s the math:
    reported injury + played effectively in Super Bowl + played in meaningless Pro Bowl = Ravens embellished the injury report.
    you were right all along, but i gotta say that the answer was rather obvious. You should have trusted you got it right once you first asked yourself the question, imho.

  4. Suggs has completely changed my perception of him since last offseason. And Bmore would forever appreciate the loyalty if he backs up his words.
    @ Stiller43:
    …Big Jen.

  5. @obscenery
    “reported injury + played effectively in Super Bowl + played in meaningless Pro Bowl = Ravens embellished the injury report. ”
    I think you mean AFC Championship. We all know the Ravens did not play in the Super Bowl.
    But I agree with Woodson. Suggs definitely gets tagged. Ray is gone if he hits free agency and the Ravens will be working feverishly to bang out a deal and Scott is the odd man out.

  6. For being such a thick headed dumb ass….Suggs is a great football player and seems to be a pretty good guy. Oh wait i forgot him and ray are “thugs” Yuup

  7. i wish every player had this attitude at the end of their contract. very refreshing, when we’ve gotten used to threats about the tag and “pay me” demands.

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