Atlanta Falcons veteran linebacker Keith Brooking is likely to be cut prior to February 23 when he’s due a $1 million roster bonus, Pro Football Weekly reports.
Per the article, which cites an anonymous source, the Falcons want to get faster at linebacker to upgrade the NFL’s 24th-ranked defense and are prepared to move on from Brooking, 33, a former Georgia Tech star who has played in Atlanta for the past 11 seasons.
Brooking has an $8.3 million salary cap figure for 2009.  Brooking is unlikely to be retained by G.M. Thomas Dimitroff unless Brooking consents to a steep reduction in pay.
Naturally, Brooking isn’t convinced his play has declined and will look to play elsewhere if the Falcons cut ties with him.
According to NFL.com, Brooking has 972 career tackles, 17 sacks and 12 interceptions.  He was credited with 102 tackles last season in 16 starts and has started every game for the past eight seasons.


  1. I have loved Keith Brooking and his production for years, but I don’t think anyone can argue with Dimitroff’s decisions so far…he is law in ATL now…
    Keith has been a stand up guy that plays hard every play. He will be very productive for another team…

  2. he’ll move on like zach thomas did and remain productive. im convinced that id rather have a team full of productive players instead of a team full of superstar jackasses and ego fueled maniacs. look at the ‘boys in reality they had a few productive players(ware,barber,thomas) and the rest couldn’t get out of their own way and just try to be productive instead of looking to collect incentives and endorsements. a team full of jackasses.

  3. I think it’d be a mistake for the Falcons to let Brooking go.
    Atlanta is a young team and still getting past the Michael Vick fiasco… having someone who is such a great example off the field around for them to look up to seems like a no brainer to me.
    Warrick Dunn is already in another city, but middle linebackers don’t necessary decline at 30+ at the same rate as running backs. My sense is Brooking is still a solid player and worth keeping around.

  4. As a both a GT alumn and a huge Falcon fan I will be the first to say Brooking is a stud who has given a lot of blood and sweat to the Falcons but he looked old and a step slow at times the last two seasons. He might have some more mileage left as an inside guy in a 3-4 but he just doesn’t have the wheels to play weak-side in a 4-3 anymore. I would not be surprised if he ended up in New England; he’s a smart guy, a hard worker and good leader, a perfect Belichek kind of guy.

  5. As much as I appreciate how much “Brook” has done for the Falcons over the years and unless he takes a serious pay cut they need to cut ties with him. $8.3 Million in cap space is just too much for a guy on the decline. He may still have some tread left on his tires but I’d be shocked if another team gives him a deal anywhere close to that.
    I’m sure they can get more out of free agency for that kind of money, possibly 2 starters.

  6. Hasn’t missed a game in eight seasons, all football fans know Brookings is a true gamer. He’ll have another 100+ tackle season next year wherever he lands.

  7. MAN! there are so many good players in FA this year, this is a very good year to be looking to sign some guys at key positions(ah-hem! TT…) brooking was pretty good in his day, like zach thomas. both have lost some speed but have enough veteran know how to last a couple more years. iam sure keit will not be waiting in the unmployment line long, unless he want’s too much money.

  8. At 33 years old, he might not yet meet the Patriots age requirement for linebacker. Too bad he is not coming on the market a few years from now.

  9. And the fact that he was grossly out of position on the game clinching play in the Wild Card round this year doesn’t help.
    “Spoch, I don’t need to cover him.”

  10. The third-down conversion the Cards converted against the Falcons in the wild-card was shocking in light of how much Brooking, a supposedly elite linebacker, was out of position. The most asleep-at-the-wheel analyst couldn’t miss it, and the replay confirmed it. Play the cost-benefit game, and there’s no way Brooking’s back in the ATL.

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