At a final round of mainland interviews conducted on Thursday, the field of five finalists for the NFLPA Executive Director position has been trimmed to three.
According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the final trio of candidates consists of former NFLPA president Troy Vincent, former NFLPA president Trace Armstrong, and DeMaurice Smith.
With an increasing sense in league circles that neither Vincent nor Armstrong will be able to unify a divided rank-and-file, Smith could be positioned to become the compromise candidate who emerges from the NFLPA annual meetings in Maui as the successor to the late Gene Upshaw.
Though Smith is a lawyer, his online biography at the firm Patton Boggs reveals that he has zero experience negotiating labor contracts or representing the rights of individual employees, either in a union or a non-union setting.


  1. What? I can’t believe a guy that never played is still in the mix. What a joke!
    This is all about race.
    It has nothing to do with a qualified candidate.
    Vincent is a complete thug.

  2. As I emailed, is a hot-shot attorney who is only out for himself really a good candidate? When the Washington Post story first went up, it only mentioned DeMaurice, and the story mentioned it was not sure who other finalists were. The fact that it only first mentioned him and its his hometown paper makes it pretty obvious he leaked the info. Is someone who acts like that really a good choice to unify?

  3. Smith, while I am sure is fine lawyer, is not qualified to lead the NFLPA. He has NO experience negotiating a simple employment contract, let alone the complex and contentious labor agreement coming up.
    I am as qualified as this guy to lead the Union. I will do it for a lot less too.

  4. So let’s look at this,
    UTT And Covert have strong business backgrounds and they are tossed. Both are former players. No ties to anything in the past in the union.
    Vincent and Armstrong have little to no business background and come in as Upshaw guys. One is controlled by the real head of the union, Condon, and the other has no qualifications at all except he is a minority. They are basically status quo in the union.
    The third guy never played and has never even been involved in contract negotiations. No qualifications other than he is a minority.
    It seems to me that Smith has either got ties to Kessler and Bertalstien ( and is their lacky) or he has been brought in to eliminate Vincent so Armstrong gets the job and Condon can remain the defacto leader of the NFLPA.

  5. ipaq nailed it except for one thing…Vincent owns a massage parlor and a handful of other shady dealings so he obviously has the business savvy to handle this.
    At least there’s no conflict of interest with Armstrong or Condon huh? Not to mention that Condon employees Kesslers kid. But what do you expect. It is a union afterall and it it wasn’t shady then it wouldn’t be a successful one.

  6. It is a matter of opinion who would be best to represent the NFLPA union. The new leader has to be able to work out a deal that keeps things the way it is. The NFL has not become the most properious sport in the world for no reason. The Salary Cap makes it possible for every team to be competitive. Without out it football will suffer.
    I hope the new leader has the vision and understanding to know that you don’t need to fix something that isn’t broke. It may need tweaking but not fixing.
    Good Luck

  7. “ipaq says:
    February 12th, 2009 at 10:49 pm
    What? I can’t believe a guy that never played is still in the mix. What a joke!
    This is all about race.
    It has nothing to do with a qualified candidate.
    Vincent is a complete thug.”
    And you are a racist hick that can’t can’t accept that America is no longer lilly white in authoritative positions.

  8. Holy sh*t! What the **** kind of name is that?! DeMaurice?! That’s ****ing retarded! What’s his nickname? Demo? LOL

  9. Florio: How is this lawyer guy in the mix? He has no playing experience and no labor contract negotiating experience, then how can he even be a candidate? Who got him in the mix? This is like the “Pelican Brief,” and we’ve got to connect the dots..
    Since somehow that’s the case, I would like to submit my resume for a writer for your sites. I have no writing experience, never been employed by any publication, but I do have an interest in football.
    I take that back, I don’t want to write articles at 4:43am!

  10. Found a nugget in his bio:
    Board of Directors, Good Samaritan Foundation – a Washington, D.C.-based organization founded by former Washington Redskins’ Art Monk and Charles Mann to assist in fulfilling the educational and social needs of inner city youth.
    Florio: you think Art Monk and Charles Mann got this guy in contact with some folks to get him nominated?

  11. Carmen Policy for NFLPA Executive director. He actually is an attorney, has contract negotiation experience and has 10-15 years of NFL experience.
    If he’s overqualified or is not interested I have two other suggestio ns.
    1. Pacman Jones, he’ll be looking for work next year and has a good deal of courtroom experience even though he’s not an attorney.
    2. Plaxico Burress, he’s a straight shooter, may also be looking for work next year, he doesn’t have as much courtroom experience as Pacman, but he soon will.

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