T.J. Houshmandzadeh will not hide his feelings in the unlikely event that the Bengals opt to use the franchise tag on him.
I don’t want any part of the tag,” he told the Dayton Daily News.  “The more I think about, I don’t think I’ll be franchised.  It’s a lot of money.  If you franchise somebody what are you saying about the player?  Obviously, you think he is that type of player, and if you think he’s that type of player then you’re franchising him.
“That shows you within itself that OK we think he’s one of the better players and we’re going to franchise him.  If that’s the case give him a contract like you’re franchising him.  That’s how I see it and don’t see the franchise thing happening.”
NFL Network’s Adam Schefter previously reported that the Bengals were unlikely to tag Houshmandzadeh.
Doing so would cost them $9.88 million for one season.  And it would also create a volatile situation with the veteran receiver.
“Coach Lewis made an emphasis of wanting guys at the offseason programs, on the field sessions and things of that nature.  If I get franchised I’m not going to be there,” Houshmandzadeh said.
“So it goes against everything that the coaches want.  You can’t have the coach come out and say one thing and do another.  If you do, then you’re not going to have the cohesiveness he said he wanted when the season ended.”
Houshmandzadeh has been making the rounds in the offseason, speaking on radio shows in Philadelphia and Chicago.
“It would be cool to remain with the Bengals because I got my start there,” Houshmandzadeh said.  “I’m not a person that prefers lots of change in my life, but if change has to happen, then change has to happen. ”
Teams have until Feb. 19 to use the tag.

22 responses to “T.J. WANTS NO PART OF THE TAG

  1. Let me get this straight.
    Houshmandzadeh said “[i]f I get franchised I’m not going to be there”.
    It seems more appropriate for him to have said that he won’t be attending the off-season workouts no matter what because he certainly won’t be there if he’s not tagged.

  2. “Houshmandzadeh has been making the rounds in the offseason, speaking on radio shows in Philadelphia and Chicago.”
    Yeah that sort of strategy worked really well for Ocho Stinko last year didn’t it ?

  3. Sounds like he has been hanging with “The Ocho” since college alrright, but it sounds more and more like they share and agent!
    I don’t think they will tag him either. I would actually LOVE to see if the Cards and the Bengals could work out a deal. A Housh for Boldin trade of sorts…….. But if I was the Cards, I wouldn’t let him walk and do what the Bengals did with Chad….”hey, you play, or you don’t and we will find your butt until it grows hands and starts writing checks”. -Love Marvin & Mikey

  4. I’ll let you in on a little secret: No player that has gotten the tag, or even been considered a candidate for the tag, actually wanted the tag. Ever.
    I know I just blew your mind right there.
    Now we can stop pretending.
    You are welcome.

  5. I dont think its a insult but the Franchise Tag does not have the Glamour that it used to have He is not the only player that has spoken against it

  6. So if they give him almost $10 million for one year, he wont show up to training camp? In this economy where people are losing their jobs and homes at a frightening rate, I have no sympathy for a piece of garbage like T.J. who won’t give his all for a $10 million contract for one years worth of work. Absolute trash

  7. Who is talking about trading Housh for Boldin? First you don’t think they are going to tag him so then you would like to see them work out a deal? If they don’t tag him then he’s free agent and can walk. This situation is different than Chad’s situation. Chad was under contract and still have a few years left when he started his crap. T.J. just doesn’t want to be tagged, just like Peppers doesn’t want to be tagged. As an organization, it’s one thing to make a guy play who you have under contract, but what’s the point it keep a guy for another year who wouldn’t be under contract unless you tagged him while he doesn’t want to play there anymore? I wouldn’t want to tag a guy who doesn’t really want to be there. Everyone else, must honor their contract!

  8. If Housch becomes a FA, Tim Ruskell needs to go after him. The Seahawks NEED a playmaker at the WR position to give Hasselbeck a legitimate deep threat target that can consistently get open.

  9. Jesus its like when the players are getting tagged they have to play for free or something. Quit your bitching waaa

  10. @east96st
    I get what you’re saying, but he’s in his 30’s. This is his last chance to get a big contract. Say he gets franchised and he’s a F/A next year. His market value will be lower than it is now. It will be MUCH lower if he suffers an injury or his number go down.
    I know $10 mil for one year seems like a lot, but you gotta consider market value. Let’s put this in regular working guy terms. Say you’re a guy 5 years away from Social Security working in the ever changing technology field.
    Would you rather have a 1 year job where you make $100,000 but have to get a new job next year (when your skills might be obsolete) or get a job with a $60,000 yearly salary and sign a 5 year employment contract taking you to retirement?

  11. Sorry, TJ, but 10 mil for one year is way more than your market value. He is not a deep threat at all. He has real good hands, is a great route runner, and will go across the middle. All this makes you is a great #2 WR. He may be one of the best players on the team (not saying much), but I have no sympathy either if 10million isn’t good enough. I have a feeling that the money you want won’t be out there. Did he get Drew as his agent?

  12. dlmcc0202 work on reading comprehension. No where does TJ say he won’t report to traing camp.
    And who can blame any player for wanting out of Mikey Brown’s toilet?

  13. Why has there been no conversation by the Bengals of tagging him and then trading him for a first or second rounder? Sure, TJ doesn’t want to stay, but he’s the hottest FA wide receiver out there, so trade calls will come in if he’s tagged. Oh, that’s right, because the Bengals refuse to think outside the box.
    So glad I’m giving up my season tickets this year. At least they only got 3 years out of me unlike many of the fools here…

  14. Pea Tear Griffin says:
    “Would you rather have a 1 year job where you make $100,000 but have to get a new job next year (when your skills might be obsolete) or get a job with a $60,000 yearly salary and sign a 5 year employment contract taking you to retirement?”
    I would rather get 10 MILLION for one year, have 5.5 MILLION after taxes and be set for life. If you going to throw around numbers, use the actual numbers that are involved. At $100 grand, you’re netting about 60 grand after taxes. At that pay rate, it would take you over 91 YEARS of work to equal TJ’s after tax haul for one season’s work. BIG f’ing difference. But if you want to cry for TJ and his “plight”, go right ahead.

  15. You can’t compare regular jobs.
    That being said you can’t with any sort of pride work for less value then that of people that have your same skills. He has the numbers that deserve the 10 mil. I hope the Eagles bring him to Philly. Him and Avant over the middle with Jackson on the outside gives Donovan a lot more targets. No more whining about no receivers.

  16. Averaging only 1012yds over the last 5 years with only 2 1000yd rec season and a high of 1143 does not make him worth 10 million. Period. He is averaging a little over 7 tds with a high of 12 in 2007 which is nice, but not exceptional for a possesion WR. And I don’t remember if he missed any games this year, but hie missed 2 in 05 and 06 and he has missed portions of many other games. I am actually a fan of the Eagles to a small degree, but don’t they have enough problems with everyone being on and off the injury report. I like TJ, but only for maybe 5+ million per year for another 3-4 years. Sorry.

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