There’s talk in league circles that the Kansas City Chiefs soon will be adding former Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs to coach Todd Haley’s staff.
Per a league source, Gibbs will serve either as the defensive coordinator or linebackers coach.
Gibbs worked exclusively at the college level before 2002.  He spent nineteen years at Oklahoma, and served as the head coach from 1989 through 1994.  After five years out of the game, he spent a season at Georgia and a season at LSU before landing in Dallas.
In his second year with the Cowboys, Bill Parcells arrived, and the two men worked four years there together.
Parcells, if you haven’t heard, is the father-in-law of Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli.
Gibbs’ tenure in Texas overlapped with Haley in 2004 and 2005.  Gibbs then went to New Orleans as a member of Sean Payton’s staff.
Payton fired Gibbs after the 2008 season.

9 responses to “GARY GIBBS TO KANSAS CITY?

  1. As a Chiefs fan, I sincerely hope this story has no legs. Please please please be grasping at straws…

  2. he who assembles his staff late cries all year…
    but… if gibbs is better as a teacher… this might not be so bad. i dont think anyone expects the chefs to win 10 games, unless they pick up jon kitna.
    and they are a better offensive unit than defensive unit. i would expect more real improvement to their 18.2 ppg offensive unit sooner than to their 27.5 ppg defensive unit.

  3. @ F00kFl0ri0
    If I owned a team you would get a job as a top scout evaluator.
    I was impressed with the accurate portrayl of Parcells manboob size.

  4. Shuxion,
    Should have seen my scouting report for those bad boys….
    “Parcell’s Double D’s have the ability to go from waistline-to-waistline without proper support.”

  5. Wow – Gibbs sucked as a DC in NO and now the Chiefs want him? Surely there is a new up and coming coach better than this guy. If not, KC fans, you will be in for a long couple of seasons until Gibbs gets canned.

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