In a conference call with local reporters, Julius Peppers reiterated that he wants out of Carolina, especially if the Panthers use the franchise tag on him.
“If they decide to use the tag on me the first thing I will be doing is request a trade,” Peppers said, according to Steve Reed of
Peppers was asked if he planned on holding out if the Panthers couldn’t complete a trade.
“Anything after that is basically I don’t know,” Peppers said. “I don’t know what would be the next course of action.”
Franchising Peppers would cost the Panthers about $17 million. If Carolina can’t agree to a deal with offensive tackle Jordan Gross before the deadline, they could face a decision on which player to tag.
The way Peppers sees it, Carolina’s decision is an easy one.
“Jordan Gross has came out and said he wants an extension,” Peppers said. “We have one player who says he does want to stay and one player who wants to move on. I would try to accommodate the guy who wants to be there.”
Peppers once again said he would be better utilized in a 3-4 defense, something he doesn’t see happening in Carolina.
“Coach (John) Fox is a 4-3 guy and I could never see him changing,” he said.
Teams have until Thursday to designate the franchise tag.


  1. Peppers for Boldin-Straight Up. Neither are happy in their respectul places, plus it gives an added option for Delhomme at WR. Steve Smith gets shut out of entirely too many games.

  2. Hey Julius- Dom Capers is running a 3-4 in Green Bay! that would be a good fit. Plus your old D-line coach is up here now…

  3. Being a Panthers fan, this is a tough call to make. To tag a guy in the hopes that you can find a trading partner, especially with an uncertain labor and salary future, is way too risky.
    Anybody else read the article? How many times did Peppers use the phrase “…try something different”? Good job on coaching his answers by his agent.

  4. Trust me on this, Peppers. You won’t need to ask for a trade- the Panthers are already moving on without you and I think the trade will be accommodated without you having to ask.
    Funny how you’ve been running your mouth about getting out of Carolina more in the last month than you did about football in your previous seven years combined.

  5. Sign Gross to an extension then franchise Peppers and trade him for draft picks. Make it happen already.

  6. Assuming that Brady’s health is certain and that the Pats can thus afford to let Cassell go, it would be even MORE interesting if Carolina offers the Peppers for Cassell deal and the Pats turn it down – especially considering how much the Pats could use a veteran starting OLB who has some ticks left on the odometer. That would be quite the comment on Peppers’ actual value.

  7. he isnt a 3-4 lineman. if he cant cover on pass plays at all… then he is just mr. situational.
    besides, julianne pfeffers takes plays off.

  8. I agree with Miller4545: Peppers would do wonders for the Brownies. That team is poised to do GREAT things and JP could help them put this team over the top.

  9. They list Peppers at 283lbs. That would be a very big outside LB, even for a 3-4. Shawne Merriman, and Adalius Thomas are listed at 270, and they are probably the biggest at that position in the NFL. D-Linemen in 3-4 are usually at least 300lbs. So he would be small for that position. He’s probably not going anywhere.

  10. $17 million? That’s not possible. How is the franchise number for a DE $3 million more than for a QB?

  11. Gross is more important to the Panthers, IMO. Peppers is a guy who is unhappy why? Because he’s in a system that doesn’t get him the stats he thinks he deserves. Boo freaking hoo, Julius. Have fun freezing and winning 6 to 9 games a year in Green Bay.

  12. Gross wants to be in Carolina, So you dont need to tag him they will work out a deal with him soon enough. Tag Peppers and try to work out a trade. There is a reason Peppers is talking to the media for the first time in 7 yrs, He knows the TAG IS coming and Carolina will hold his tuture in there hands. Gross doesnt even factor into this deal.

  13. Yippeee! New sandwich in the Lambeau Field Atrium: Cheese and Peppers.
    Of course, blow out will take on an entirely new meaning.

  14. Just to understand, Peppers is telling the Panthers either: (a) let me walk as a free agent, or (b) tag me and then I’ll demand a trade.
    He has already said he doesn’t want to play for them – what kind of threat is it that he’ll demand a trade?

  15. I think they already may have a trade…Owens for Peppers…woo woo…Smith + T.O.= Offensive domination..running game is great and then to open up the passing game with great recieving threats..need to say no more..

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