After Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson shredded his knee during the ninth game of the 2007 season, many league observers believed that he was done.
Robinson returned to play last season, appearing in 11 games and starting six of them.
And now that his rookie contract has expired, Robinson is regarded by many as the top corner in free agency.  (All cornerbacks to hit the market are right here.)
[UPDATE:  Obviously, Nnamdi Asomugha is the best corner in free agency, but the Raiders are expected to use the exclusive level of the franchise tag on him, which will prevent him from testing the waters.]
That perception could prompt the Texans to use the franchise tag on Robinson, which would require the team to tender to Robinson a one-year deal worth $9.957 million.
For a quick tour of the big names at each of the various positions in free agency, here’s a little PFTV.


9 responses to “DUNTA IN DEMAND?

  1. Top cornerback??? Who the hell has him at #1 and
    Nnamdi Asomugha at #2?????? No one is that brain
    damaged are they????

  2. Robinson still lives off his name. He sucked last season, he gets beat like a drum. Besides it’s not like there are any good cornerbacks available this season. Leigh Bodden is the best corner out there and he just got cut by the Lions. After that you got Hayden and Buchanon maybe.

  3. what you talkin bout JonD? he lives off his name? cause the Texans have all this media hype and big names on their roster??..pfff.. dunta is a #1 corner and if we can’t get anything done i hope he is franchised. and if you wanna talk texans corners getting beat like a drum, think petey faggins and jacques reeves, theyre the usual suspects. QBs avoid dunta’s side of the field to pick on those 2 scrubs.

  4. Hey guys. Maybe if you want to be taken seriously as NFL authorities and newsmakers, you might want to get some suits that cost more than $100 and shirts and ties that aren’t from JC Penney’s. Just a thought.

  5. I don’t understand why a team that made a deep run in the playoffs, and has a late 20s/30s round draft pick, wouldn’t be willing to give up two #1s for a lockdown corner like Nnamdi.
    Sure, those picks would be great, but how often do they get squandered anyhow on busts? Why wouldn’t you take the proven commodity?
    For that matter…why wouldn’t a cheap, terrible team (Bengals, etc.) with a high draft choice, save themselves some money by paying a franchise corner instead of giving some unproven college guy $30 million for two straight years?
    I remember the Ravens basically giving up two 1st rounders for Kyle Boller.
    Nnamdi wouldn’t be better than that? Or Cassel?

  6. TheTylerRose:
    Nnamdi was given the exclusive franchise tag last year, and is expected to get it again this year. This means teams can’t sign or even negotiate with Nnamdi. The Ravens didn’t basically give up two first round picks for Boller, they gave up a mid 2nd round pick and the next year’s first round pick.
    I do agree that if I were the Lions or Chiefs and decided a new quarterback was needed I would rather try and get Cassel than risk going with a college quarterback.

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