The Denver Broncos have announced the release of six player who were acquired during the Mike Shanahan era.
Gone are defensive end John Engelberger, tight end Nate Jackson, linebacker Niko Koutouvides, safety Marquand Manuel, defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson, and linebacker Jamie Winborn.
Engleberger has been acquired via trade with the 49ers in 2005. Jackson also came in a trade with San Fran, circa 2003.
Koutovides arrived last year via free agency from the Seahawks. Ditto for Manuel, but from the Panthers.
The Broncos traded for Roberston, the fourth overall pick in the 2003 draft, last year. Winborn was signed as a free agent in 2007.
The moves clear $6.425 million in 2009 salary commitments.
Per the Associated Press, Robertson was scheduled to have a cap figure of $16 million, even though according to NFLPA records his base salary was due to be only $900,000.

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  1. Wouldn’t mind the Giants picking up Dwayne Robertson. I could see Belicheat making a play for him as well.

  2. Ok, so they keep Boss “IR” Bailey and cut his back up Jamie Winborn, who subsequently played much better than Boss ever did? Not a good start Xanders.

  3. I am really, really bummed about Nate Jackson. He got better every year, and he seemed to be a real “team” guy. It’s too bad he was injured every year, because I think he had a chance to turn into a pretty decent TE. Hope someone else picks him up…

  4. Florio, you should ask Jackson to contribute to PFT. The guy is a pretty talented writer, based on some of the stuff he wrote for the Broncos website. Might be interesting to get a player’s take on NFL news.

  5. yah Robertson was one of the biggest misreads I’ve seen in awhile. im with that other guy I think he could resurrect his career in NE but nowhere else. For a man that big to underproduce that bad something must have gone horribly wrong with that defensive scheme and coaching.

  6. Haha Belicheat that some some original funny material.Did you come up with that one today on your own?It must be a slow week no Giants have shot themself or been arrested in a couple of days..

  7. boss bailey played well when healthy, you should watch more games, his job was to cover running backs and tight ends and he did a good job of that when he was playing, not his fault the rest of the team didn’t do their job. good job though, get rid of all them scrubs and free up even more space, i wonder if they are gonna get a few free agents then draft a running back or get a free agent running back? Glen Coffee, out of Fort Walton Beach High School, represent son.

  8. pfitz=fail
    oh and yes, i already know whats coming. A Jets joke that’s going to be original funny material that you just came up with today. See, we all can do it too

  9. Ralph Gre, I would agree with you on Robertson if not for Niko. That was flat out one of the worst mistakes I have seen in free agency. The way they were talking last offseason, he was going to be the second coming of Brian Urlacher. Instead, he could not beat out Nate “I can’t play my gap ever at any point in any game but I sure look cool screaming and flexing and losing my helmet when I hit a back really hard without tackling him while he is 17 yards into a 35 yard gain” Webster. Then Niko gets dropped to 3rd string behind a rookie who is playing fullback and linebacker.
    joscark, I may be losing my mind, but I think Hillis has a chance to be a special running back. He is not the fastest in the world, but he displayed extremely good vision and he hits the hole with a lot of authority (that’s what she said). He has great hands, and he is good in pass protection. If given a chance, I think he could be a very good every down back.

  10. DeWayne Robertson… Frequently took plays off in college at Kentucky, drafted by the Jets and never lived up to his draft status…. Jets fans, prepare for this scenario to repeat itself again with Vernon Ghoulston. Some teams never learn.

  11. grimjosh says:
    February 16th, 2009 at 9:05 pm
    Bye, bye Dewayne. Thanks for the $16 million in cap room and room at the buffet for the rest of us.
    Umm, Florio just said they cleared a shade under $6.5 M in cap room w/all the moves. Sorry to break it to you buddy, but, considering the $900 K in base salary and the fact that the other five cuts had to save SOME cap room, that means Robertson had eight figures in guarantees that accelerated to this year as dead money.
    It’ll help in 2010 and beyond (assuming the NFLPA agrees to reinstate a salary cap), but it’s a truck load of dead cash in 2009.

  12. Glen Coffee–love it. Would take that kid on the Broncos eight days a week.
    The guys they cut are mostly scrubs, though I do love me some Nate Jackson. I second the previous poster’s opinion: you should get Nate on here as a blogger. Based on his local media appearances, he’s hilarious. Plus he’s a rapper. Seriously.

  13. “The Denver Broncos have announced the release of six player who were acquired during the Mike Shanahan era.”
    This seemed like an odd and somewhat unnecessarily provoking statement regarding Shanahan. OF COURSE they were acquired during the Shanahan era. Considering the fact that “the Mike Shanahan era” goes back 14 years in Denver, I was curious how many people *in the entire league* even pre-date this era. So I went through the team rosters at to see who had more than 14 years experience.
    This is the complete list of everyone in the league I found that met that criteria – and several of them are already retiring. A large number of them seem to be Special Teams specialists (kickers, punters, long snappers).
    Lorenzo Neal – BAL
    Matt Stover – BAL
    Willie McGinest – CLE
    Jeff Zgonina – HOU
    Craig Hentrich – TEN
    Kevin Mawae – TEN
    Rodney Harrison – NE
    Junior Seau – NE
    Brett Favre – NYJ
    Tom Nalen – DEN
    David Binn -SD
    Jason Hanson – Det
    Andy McCollum – Det
    Gus Frerrotte – Min
    Jason Elam – ATL
    John Kasay – Car
    Mark Brunell – NO
    Aaron Glenn – NO
    Brad Johnson – DAL
    John Carney -NYG
    Jeff Feagles – NYG
    Isaac Bruce – SF
    Chris Gray – SEA
    Jeff Robinson – SEA
    Trent Green – STL
    That’s it. That’s the list. There are only 25 players on NFL rosters who didn’t enter the league during “the Mike Shanahan era”. And only one of them is on Denver’s roster. So yeah, if they cut 6 guys, chances are they would have been acquired by Skeletor.

  14. I don’t get Robertson. He was starting NT for the Jets 3-4 for five years and did fairly well, but wanted to play in a 4-3. And then he was mediocre at that. Maybe he’s changed his mind now and would be willing to go back into a 3-4, in which case GB would probably be more interested, and more remunerative, than the Pats.
    In any case, cutting Robertson blows my theory that DEN would trade him and their #12 pick to STL for their #2 in order to be certain of getting BJ Raji in the draft.

  15. Boss played decent when he played, which was about 3 series every other game until he went on IR for the 23nd time in his career.

  16. vegas42 says:
    February 16th, 2009 at 9:08 pm
    I am really, really bummed about Nate Jackson. He got better every year, and he seemed to be a real “team” guy. It’s too bad he was injured every year, because I think he had a chance to turn into a pretty decent TE. Hope someone else picks him up…
    great posts vegas 42
    agree with you re Jackson..someone will pick him up..there are a lot of teams with BAD receivers & he came up as WR..kind of a poor mans Eddie Mac..
    you nailed Webster..
    Hillis is something…looked like Alstott when they gave him a chance & i cant recall any Bronco RB ever have a better game receiving than he did against Miami…
    i think McDaniels is going to like him just fine
    ( Florio…this has to be the worst comment set up i have ever seen…cant preveiw or edit & sometimes lose part of the post on the screen…lol..maybe the fat belly ads should pay to upgrade this..)

  17. Our linebackers have not produced in years. Sure they make tackles 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, but they seldom make plays that change the game. 2 int’s, 3 forced fumbles and 2 defensive td’s in 2 years. That’s pretty weak. Boss is not the answer.
    This organization has been unstable for a few years and that is not what we are used to in Denver. All these changes may be scary, but the Broncos will be better off. It will be strange to not have Shanny, but I am excited for the future of this team.

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