Cincinnati Bengals unrestricted free agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh should have a fairly long list of potential suitors, according to NFL Network’s Adam Schefter.
Per Schefter, Houshmandzadeh is not expected to return to Cincinnati.  And his next destination is likely to be with one of six teams that could use a wide receiver.
That group includes the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, and the Seattle Seahawks.  All of those teams could use an upgrade at wide receiver.
The Bengals used the franchise tag on kicker Shayne Graham, which set up Houshmandzadeh’s pending free agent status.
Houshmandzadeh caught 92 passes for 904 yards and four touchdowns last season.  Regarded as a possession receiver, the 31-year-old has caught 90 or more passes for three consecutive years.
In 2007, the 6-foot-1, 199-pounder caught 112 passes for 1,143 yards and a dozen touchdowns.
While he’s a steady, reliable player, Houshmandzadeh isn’t as explosive as other star wide receivers.  Sometimes, an influx of consistency and disciplined route-running is exactly what a team is looking for.


  1. While Anquan Bolden is the better talent, it will cost a team a lot to trade for him, then sign him to a long term deal (probably 1st, 3rd, and 7th round picks, plus a long extension).
    TJ is probably the better value, as a three or four year deal probably gets him signed…

  2. I’m pretty sure any team that has will be glad they do. If can still put up decent numbers with Fitzpatrick and the porous offensive line they had he should be good on any team. Though having an explosive WR in addition to him would be a great combo

  3. The Browns should dump Stallworth-less and pick this guy up…just in case Joe J. can’t make it all the way back. They need a possession receiver…BADLY…

  4. Giants? I think he would be a great fit for Eli, a quiet personality and the double team threat that we need. With Amani not returning, Plax’s status unknown, and Steve Smith growing into a great slot/ #2 reciever the need for an elite reciever is imperative.

  5. Anywhere but the AFC North. That guy’s been killing Pittsburgh’s secondary for years. I’d be thrilled to see him head to the NFC.

  6. My bet is that he lands with the Fins. My reasons on the Fins are they showed last year how aggressive they were in their willingness to overspend on free agents, they are desperate at WR, and Miami would be a very attractive to Hush. No income tax, plus they are a winning team.
    Eagles aren’t likely because they just drafted D Jackson, and spent big on kevin Curtis.
    Titans won’t spend the money needed to get him.
    49ers have uncertainty at QB, and the team has not been successful, but that have shown a willingness to overspend for free agents (Justin Smith).
    Seahawks have been burned so many times at trying to get a WR, I think they shy away from spending big.
    There is no bias here since I am not a Fish fan, just my honest opinion.

  7. Sad day in Bengal land but then again I guess it always is. I hate to see him go. He was the biggest reason I kept watching them once Palmer went down. They should get rid of Chad and sign TJ to a 4 year deal but when have they ever made wise decisions. It sucks being a Bengals fan.

  8. “Anywhere but the AFC North. That guy’s been killing Pittsburgh’s secondary for years. I’d be thrilled to see him head to the NFC. ”
    Exactly! Get him out of the AFC North! Solid WR. He’d tear it up in Philly..

  9. I think he’ll go to Miami. He’s not a deep threat and chad’s an accurate but not gun slinging QB. TJ’s lack of break away speed won’t make a differrence because Pennington couldn’t get it to him anyway. Ted Ginn also flourished last season, and a huge reason is the Tuna. Only thugs, and drama queens don’t want to play for that guy. TJ is neither. As much as I hate to say it, Chad had the right idea last year lobbying for Miami. I can’t imagine what they would have done if they had a happy, healthy CJ on their roster.
    However, Parcells also had the right idea in ignoring chad. Lobbying for another team while in contract places you into the drama queen category, and a snowball has a better chance surviving in hell then Chad did staying out of Parcells’ dog house.

  10. Why any team would want to retain Chad Johnson while letting TJ walk is beyond me. Then again, it is the Bengals….

  11. I pick the Titans they have the most money and will need a WR if they don’t sign the two that are listed above. If not the Titans then definitely the Dolphins.
    Plus Justin McCarrins and Brandon Jones of the Titans had a combined 71 catches for 860 yards and 1 TD. Maybe TJ can replace them both.
    5.) Tennessee Titans $31M (10 Unrestricted Free Agents…big names for Titans & top two WR’s).
    6.) Miami Dolphins $28M (9 Unrestricted Free Agents…no big names…one WR).
    9 San Francisco 49ers $26M (10 Unrestriced Free Agents…no big names…one WR).
    11.) Philadelphia Eagles $25M ( 8 Unrestricted Free Agents…all big names…one WR).
    17.) Baltimore Ravens $19M (14 Unrestriced Free Agents…big names…one WR).
    26.) Seattle Seahawks $9M – forget it not enough money.

  12. TJ’s a heck of a player, a real gamer…but his attitude (especially off-season workout attendance) has spoken volumes the past 2 years…he wants out of Cincy and will get his wish.
    Hate to see him go, but he wouldn’t be happy staying in Cincy anyway.

  13. TJ is overrated…94 catches for 904 yards is a great year for tight ends not a wide receiver…good riddance..now Chad Johnson can Chris Henry can tear things up for the Bengals…

  14. Douchebag’s one of the better WRs out there, I don’t know where you figure he’s “overrated.” Of course, like LenDale “Stuff My Face With Doritos While Watching the Steelers Win the Super Bowl” he too is a victim of the curse of the Terrible Towel.

  15. I laugh at the thought of Doushmandzadeh being somebody’s numero uno without having Ocho Cinco calling for doubles throughout the game.
    Man… I can see the preseason hype for whichever team signs him now. “The missing puzzle piece” they’ll call him. HA!

  16. As a Dolphins fan I think TJ could help, but I’m hoping they go in another direction. The big free agent signing I would like to see is Jason Brown. Then draft a big WR (Britt, Barden) with one of our 2nd round picks.

  17. TJ is overrated, and his attitude the last few years has shown he is not significantly different that Chad. He feels he isn’t paid enough, so he didn’t show to camp. Great attitude. He would be a great TE, but as a WR, he is on the decline. Glad we had him for his good year(s). Sign him to a four year contract, and we will all see him again in 2 years after he is a cap casualty.

  18. houshmanzadeh is overrated, he’s like a running back playing
    wide receiver, he averages like 8 yards per reception, he
    is overrated, florio and pft posters fall in love with
    overrated players.

  19. My prediction: the eagles sign T.J. five minutes after the free agency signing period begins, a la Asante Samuel last year.
    Everyone turns a blind eye to the blatant tampering that teams do around this time but continues whining about videotaping from a non-enclosed structure, continuing the hypocrisy.
    Arlen Specter and friends continue to fiddle while Rome burns.

  20. Yeah He may be on the decline but I’ll take him hear in tampa. Give me a guy that catches in traffic. Give me a guy that will block for our RB’s. Give me a guy with good hands and will catch pretty much anything thrown to him. Now if you are a tampa fan you would say we had that in clayton. NO Clayton had lapses wher ehe’d drop wide open passes. If he didn’t do that I’d say bring him back. But the guy blamed the head coach for him dropping wide open passes. TJ never drops wide open passes.. I’ll take TJ anyday. So yeah Cincy talk all you want about the guy. We’ll be happy to take him

  21. I would hardly call somebody over rated that gets as many yards and receptions as him. With that said I do not think he is a #1 receiver. He would look good on the other side of a Fitzgerald (if no Boldin) or Braylon. He is a possession receiver, he isn’t afraid to go across the middle like most high profile pass catchers these days. He sat out last year’s off season for two reasons. One was to support Chad, one of his best friends, and two because he wanted what most people would want and that was a long term contract and not even enter into the situation that is happening now. And the last I checked he didn’t miss anything mandatory.

  22. Miami won’t sign him. They will keep looking for someone cheap. Ronald Curry or someone like that wont be a huge hit to the salary cap. Housh wants too much. Teams like maybe Dallas, NYG, Vikes, Chicago or someone would probably put a huge dollar down on him because they think he might save them from Playoff eliminations.

  23. TJ is a role player, he aint a #1 receiver, the guy
    is basically a possession receiver that catches 5 yard slant
    patterns. He aint worth the free agent hype he’s getting,
    he shouldn’t be paid amongst the top 10 WRs.

  24. If losing T.J. means we have a great chance at getting Haynesworth were the hell do I sign. Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out pal. Good luck to you.

  25. cincykid says:
    February 18th, 2009 at 3:16 pm
    If losing T.J. means we have a great chance at getting Haynesworth were the hell do I sign. Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out pal. Good luck to you.
    LOL!!! you honestly think that Mike Brown will spend $12mil+/year on one player!?!?! you’re out of your mind! i cant say im not surprised though… typical Bungels fan. MIKE BROWN WANTS MONEY, NOT WINS! you’ll figure it out eventually.
    im glad that finally someone other than me realizes how over-rated Housyourmama is… i too cannot wait to watch him get paid big and flop somewhere, if he’s signs as a number one.
    but if no team is willing to give him number one money, he would be a perfect compliment to Braylon Edwards(if BE can remember how to catch)and K2.

  26. Housh, come on down to Nashville. You will get double-teamed….a lot. However, you will be in the final 4 of the AFC every year. One of these years the Titans will strike while the iron is hot, and I think that either VY or Kerry Collins would look a lot better with one decent receiver…right now their best wide-out is Justin Gage…he wouldn’t make the #3 spot on a lot of other rosters. If Housh came to Tennessee, it will push the Tyrants over the top. Defenses have to commit to stopping the run, and with a consistent threat out wide in the passing game…the titans may be able to afford letting Haynesworth go, if their offense can score more points and stay on the field, the defense will be fine.

  27. Why would Housh go to the Browns? So he can go to a worse team and have a great chance of developing a staff infection? As bad as we are I can always say we still kick the snot out of the Clowns every year. Even if Housh signed with you who would get him the ball Derek Flock of Seagulls Anderson or Brady mambo #5 Quinn? A one hit wonder and a never was wow Browns fans don’t have the right to even post. The dirtiest, scummiest laughing stock fanbase in the league.

  28. south-fl-steel
    You know, I wouldn’t even care if we won 2 games as long as they were against you and that deadzone you call a city.

  29. Its no surprise to me that none of you think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the top teams in need of a wide receiver since the national media doesn’t recognize this either but after franchise tagging Antonio Bryant there gonna need a sold number two. Not to mention the 40 Million under the cap i wouldn’t blink twice when ESPN scrolls that across the bottom of the screen.

  30. I BELIEVE the Seahawks should get a petition going to bring T.J. Houshmandzadeh to this team. C’mon Tim Ruskell, we need a REAL wide receiver!!

  31. I think he goes to the Titans, good team alot of cap space and are probably going to lose a few key players. My second bet would be Cincy, I know that comes as a shock but I wouldnt be surprised if he inks a long-term deal before free-agency. A healthy Carson Palmer is better than all the QB’s listed on the teams that were said to be interested. If the Bengals do something in the off-season and keep him around you never know

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