As the deadline for applying the franchise tag looms, the Carolina Panthers could soon getting one of their big-name free agents signed to a long-term deal.
So that they can then slap the tag on the other one.
According to Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers are finalizing a deal with tackle Jordan Gross. The six-year contract would pay out $30.5 million over the first three years.
Once the contract gets done, the Panthers undoubtedly will apply the franchise tag to defensive end Julius Peppers, who then will likely piss and moan about being guaranteed a minimum income of nearly $17 million this year.


  1. … and precisely $0 for the rest of his career.
    I think you need to appreciate why players crave these contracts. It’s not the immediate money (or players would play on a franchise tender gladly), it’s the lack of stability and assurance that people have for their future.
    Sure $17m is a lot, and if it was me, I’d gladly play under the franchise tag for a couple of seasons like T Sizzle could do, but then what happens if he gets a Merriman-esque injury that leaves him unable to get another decent contract in his career?

  2. Florio…, please. Julius Peppers has every right to be upset about getting stuck with the franchise tag. You act like you don’t know what it’s like to be burdened with a one-year contract for $17 Mil. c’mon.

  3. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Gross just plays along with agreeing to a deal up until 4:00 so the Panthers think they have a done deal and tag Peppers?
    Then Gross says forget it and signs with the Eagles on the first day of FA!

  4. Tag Peppers the pu$$y and get his arse out of Charlotte! He will perform for who ever he plays for next year but the year after look out for another 2.5 sack season. He is a baby.
    I am telling you that Peppers is leaving because the owner called him out when Mike Minter retired and said he needed to lead. Peppers is so painfully shy and such a non leader that it killed the relationship.

  5. “it’s the lack of stability and assurance that people have for their future.”
    Precisely, because clubs can’t waive a player when their base salary counts too much against the cap.

  6. give me a break (not to you florio). peppers has done nothing but cause trouble for the panthers since the season ended. we don’t want him here. he doesn’t deserve anything. i hope the panthers send him to DET or CIN.

  7. I understand why the franchise tag was implemented, but I feel like it’s really taking all of the big names off the market. Julius Peppers, Dunta Robinson, Darren Sproles, Matt Cassel…networks were harping all season about how it was going to be fun to see where these guys signed and once again they’re not going anywhere. I wouldn’t bitch if I was making $17 million a year. It wouldn’t matter if I blew out my knee because I think I could get by with that much guaranteed money in my bank account for the rest of my life. But, these players do have somewhat of a right to gripe because now they know that at this time next year, they’re going to have to deal with the same crap. It’s like your employer telling you, “yeah, I’ll hire you for this year, but I’m not too sure what’s going to happen next February. Let’s worry about it then.” It has to suck.

  8. Maybe, Gross or Peppers can use some of their new found millions to help out the 20 people the Panthers just let go from their front office. You know because of the economy.

  9. Ummm Shaun 17 mil guaranteed is what 98% of the players in the NFL dream of, considering the Panthers offered him a deal worth way more than that last year and he declined it then he should NOT piss and moan. He reaps what he sows.
    If he wants to leave fine but it is not like they treated him like crap for the seven years he was in Carolina.

  10. Good. I’m glad to see Gross working something out so they can tag Marbles and ship him elsewhere and get something for him.

  11. I’m very happy to see this, we needed to get some compensation for Peppers and ship him out of the NFC South. Good news on both fronts.

  12. I’m not saying it’s a ‘burden’ haha.
    As I said, if it was me, I’d take the gamble that I wouldn’t get injured and play on under it, then try to get the same deal he will get this year, only with an extra $17m in his pocket.
    I guess the other thing to remember is that this isn’t about money, it’s about Peppers completing the life of his contract before leaving town, only to be told that actually, he has no choice but to stay.

  13. If Peppers had any brain, he would just put up with one more year in Carolina for a guaranteed $17mil and then walk a free man after end of 2009 season and he can sign with WHOEVER he wants to sign with, then at least we will have some respect with him for show some class in this. I.e. See Haynesworth who won’t re-sign with Titans until he has tested the market. You can’t franchise tag one player twice.
    Otherwise, I say for Panthers to let him go…

  14. Yes you can, The Raiders tagged Asmougha twice. The only reason Haynesworth wasn’t tagged was because he bitched and moaned into getting a performance related clause that precluded the Titans from tagging him again.

  15. Had Gross not signed maybe they would have used the franchise tag on Gross and Peppers would be a free agent. I doubt Peppers is exactly happy with Gross for signing before the deadline. It could make for a nasty locker room if Peppers isn’t traded.

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