Newly-signed St. Louis Rams center Jason Brown is known as a straight shooter, honest to a fault at times.
Holding court with St. Louis reporters when asked about protecting Rams quarterback Marc Bulger, Brown took an inadvertent shot at former Ravens starting quarterback Kyle Boller.
“That relationship between the quarterback and the offensive line, it’s more important than what people think,” Brown said. “Because we give that guy confidence. Kyle Boller with the Ravens, I love him to death. But you see what getting hit one too many times early in your career can do to you. He became gun shy.
“Instead of getting the ball and standing back there with poise and then being able to step up, if there was a flash of anything, something, it might have been far on the edge, he was like. . .”
Boller has a reputation for physical toughness and for having thick skin as he took a ton of criticism from fans and the media during his time as former Ravens coach Brian Billick’s hand-picked starter. However, he wasn’t a very effective starter as he never commanded the consistency and accuracy NFL teams are looking for.
Concluding his take on Boller, Brown emphasized that a quarterback has to believe in his line’s ability to protect him.
“And he started to scramble,” Brown said. “You have to have the faith in your offensive line to where you say, ‘Hey, I know these guys are going to give me the seconds that I need in order to get this ball off.’ You know what? We have to bring that back (in St. Louis).”
Boller is an unrestricted free agent who was linked to the Dallas Cowboys, but that door closed when Dallas traded for Jon Kitna.


  1. wonder if that might be why they moved you from gaurd to center and only wanted to pay you center money?

  2. Brown is right but the comment couldn’t come at a worse time with Boller looking for a job still.

  3. And this is why the Ravens didn’t work hard to keep this guy on the team. Its always nice to see how a guy who seems to know so much about ‘teamwork’ doesn’t think twice to shoot the people around him. I just like that it got out that he didn’t want to play for the Rams and wanted to use their offer as leverage to stay with the Ravens. Then the Ravens expressed no interest and so he lets it be known that he’ll play for any team that can match the Rams offer, which of course.., no one does. So Mr. Brown starts off on the right foot, but settling for the team he’s let know he doesn’t want to play for, but is willing to pay him the most.
    Embrace your expensive new toy, Rams Fans. He’s quite special.

  4. Like this would be news to anyone interested in signing Boller who watched any film on him.

  5. What a piece of shit, nothing like throwing a guy under the bus after you get paid, albiet by a team you don’t want to be on. Maybe if Jason & the rest of those guys blocked for Boller he wouldn’t have been running for his life. Unlike you Brown, Boller won’t throw you under the bus for what you & your line mates did to him.

  6. PARavensJeff, what are you some kind of Boller fanboy? I don’t think Brown threw Boller under the bus at all. If anything he threw himself and the rest of the Ravens line under the bus for not being able to protect him.
    Typical Baltimore fan.

  7. Who Cares!! Boller got his golden ticket .He sucked in college and the NFL . There is a lot of good college QB’s still sitting at home wondering how Boller made it to the NFL.

  8. Hey Brown, if you thought the Ravens offensive was putrid…. welcome to St. Louis. Good luck and Godspeed.
    Hurly – you sir are an idiot.

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