In the press conference introducing newly-signed receiver Nate Washington and defensive tackle Jovan Haye, Titans G.M. Mike Reindfeldt fielded a question as to whether the Titans might pursue tampering allegations against the Redskins regarding the signing of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.
“Yeah, I mean that’s something at some point that’s kind of . . . . We were interested in signing Albert,” Reinfeldt said. “We tried to sign him and unfortunately it didn’t work out.  It’s always something we can address with the league, but at this point in time we’re more focused on the two gentlemen here today, quite honestly.”
It’s an open secret that NFL teams talk with the agents of players who are not yet free agents.  Few teams ever complain because most teams are guilty of it.
In this case, the Titans might do it. Stay tuned.