Perusing the flood of e-mails that arrived on Monday while we were dealing with the relatively short and far less stressful outage, I noticed one that came from the Cardinals regarding some roster moves.
Even though G.M. Rod Graves complained recently about the inability to transact other business while the Kurt Warner conundrum was hanging over the franchise, the team was able on Monday afternoon to sign three players not named “Kurt” or “Warner.”
As reported over the weekend by Jodi Bacon of KHTK, safety Keith Lewis officially has joined the team.  The Cardinals also announced that punter Ben Graham and quarterback Brian St. Pierre have re-signed.
We vaguely recall seeing a report at some point that St. Pierre signed a one-year, $1 million deal.  (A million for St. Pierre?  Maybe Warner really is worth $14 million annually.)
The main focus continues to be Warner.  It’ll be interesting to see whether his visit to the Bay Area will prompt sufficient consternation from the fans to prompt the Cardinals to take the crowbar to the wallet and get the guy under contract.


  1. Ok, why not this scenario…
    Cutler to Arizona for Boldin
    Warner signs with Denver to be the pocket guy that McDaniels wants in Brady/Cassel for a year or two while he drafts a QB
    Matt Leinert to Cleveland
    Brady Quinn to SF
    (that last one is only to start the flow of jokes that some of you will no doubt pounce upon…)

  2. Player for player trades are typically stupid, but damn, you must’ve tried pretty hard to make that one look so stupid.

  3. Didn’t try that hard actually (hence why it’s stupid). Definitely not as stupid as Warner visiting SF (now watch my team sign the guy for 12M…). It was a culmination of hearing all the BS Jay Cutler talk. Marshall, Boldin and Warner would be a nice combo in Denver though.
    Of course I think Warner is going nowhere, and probably will settle for 10-11M.

  4. True, forgot about the NE game which supports why Warner should take the cash and stay put. Like someone else pointed out, the $14M numbers being tossed around are likely contract-inflated values and actual take home in 2008 was probably less, so $10M at the end of a career and one tripped-handoff or re-injured thumb away from being ineffective…well the obvious speaks for itself. Also did the Cards not lose a bunch of games before Fitz lit things up? I somewhat doubt they will go to the SB again.
    Now that I am more awake, I clarify that I think the only player that DEN would have wanted in place of Cutler at this point is Cassel due to coach connection and it created this whole mess. If Warner would for some reason land elsewhere, I don’t see Wiz in ARI having as much faith in Leinert and why not trade a disgruntled WR (despite his change of heart) for a franchise QB for more than the 2 years Warner would bring. Maybe picks would need to be involved, but I could see Arizona looking at Cutler and maybe dumping Leinert. Of course the Leinert-Brady stuff I threw in was only due to the fact that CLE was interested in Cutler which is funny when just 2 years ago they had 2 supposed franchise guys.
    I just hope that SF does not waste money on Warner after this likley sham visit (even though an upgrade) and I also hope they do not draft Stafford or Sanchez. Re-work Smith’s contract and build the O-line.

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