Our old pal John Thornton, who played college ball up the road from PFT headquarters and thus gets the benefit of the Steve Slaton/Pat White privilege, has been dabbling in the Internet for a while now.
On his newest site,, the former Titans and possibly former Bengals defensive tackle recently shared some excellent observations about the Giants’ approach to free agency, specifically as it relates to their defensive line.
After reportedly dipping a toe into the Albert Haynesworth waters, the Giants pounced on defensive tackle Rocky Bernard and defensive end Chris Canty.
As Thornton points out, the Giants now have nine defensive linemen under contract:  tackles Fred Robbins, Barry Cofield, Barry Jay Alford, and Bernard, ends Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Dave Tollefson, and tackle-end Canty.
Thornton says that most teams dress out seven or eight defensive linemen on game day, so at least one of these guys likely will be gone.
“They are too good to stay on one team,” Thornton says.
One possibility would be to move Kiwanuka back to linebacker.  However, coach Tom Coughlin said at the Scouting Combine that Kiwanuka will be staying put.
Or maybe someone is getting traded.  Maybe for a receiver.  You know, a good one.  A guy who commands double coverage, like the guy who blew a double hole in his leg with a single bullet last November.


  1. tollefson is irrelevant and alford is mediocre at best. not sure why a trade is necessary. they simply have the best d-line rotation in football by far.

  2. FYI, it’s Jay Alford, not Barry Alford. And I wouldn’t lose sleep over the Giants getting rid of either him or Tollefson in a trade with additional pick(s) for a #1 WR.

  3. They will need all of these guys after having the Andrews brothers beating up on them all day.

  4. Tollefson will likely get cut. And both Cofield and Robbins had knee surgery and one of them is likely to get cut as well. Plus, who knows if Coughlin was speaking the truth about Kiwi staying at DE. That could have been a mirage…or their plans simply could have changed after acquiring the top 3 prospects on their free agency wish list.

  5. Its possible Jerry Reese really likes this years WR class but i doubt hes banking on more rookie receivers…I really think hes going to make a trade and i have a possible scenerio…How about Mathis Kiwanuka,1st rounder,the 2nd pick in the second round(which is almost a 3rd),3rd rounder(which is almost a 4th) and if they really want to get crazy one of there two 5th rounders for CALVIN JOHNSON AND THERE 2ND ROUND PICK!…I know it sounds like alot but it would really help Detriot build a team and it would STILL leave the giants with a 2nd round pick thats only 4 picks back from there original 1st pick and they would still have the saints 14th pick in the second round…they would have 2 picks in the first 14 of the second round and CALVIN JOHNSON!!!..with those picks they can get LB Clint Sintim and a CB like Darius Butler….I know draft picks are valuable but what are we going to do with 10 picks i think the giants have?What do you guys think?

  6. CJ Weapon X –
    Are you on crack? More like Braylon Edwards and a 2nd or 3rd round pick FOR Justin Tuck.

  7. Levito- Giants are not cutting Fred Robbins, thats the dumbest idea I have heard all offfseason he’s their number 1 DT.

  8. lol i really dont know why everyone says that?..first off to the other guys TRADING TUCK IS OOUUTTT OF THE QUESTION!!!..ok now that i have that out there…i really dont think that trade is that bad..Calvin Johnson isn’t even in his prime yet..and all the draft picks aren’t going to make the team..what are the giants going to do with 10 or 11 that they might have picks??

  9. There’s NO way that the Giants are trading Tuck, their best defensive player. Also, Barry Coefield has developed into a very good player, and is a starter at one of the DT positions (along with Canty). Toffelson is a decent backup, but he’ll likely get cut. Further, Alford is an important special teamer. Fred Robbins is the most likely to be cut or traded for a low round pick.

  10. Tollefson is a nice player, but will get cut. Alford will most likely not be the guy being traded since he is the snapper on field goals. Robbins and Cofield will both be free agents after the 2009 season. It certainly could be Kiwanuka or Robbins/Cofield. Reese is smart, he is not going to just give away a good player.

  11. bavaro89…at least someone knows what their talking about. You here these idiots talking about trading Tuck for Edwards? More like Kiwi for Edwards straight up. You know Manigin doesn’t like the kid. And Kiwi would be a perfect fit for a OLD in a 3-4 scheme. Plus he has LB experience.

  12. This is newsworthy? and you needed someone to tell you that the giants are going to deal one of their linemen? i can see kiwanuka for edwards or another wr. They can have wilkinson, blackburn or kiehl on the strong side…Boley pickup was nice

  13. Bavaro, I agree, tuck is nasty, but osi is still their best defensive player. that in itself is the best free agent pickup, that and the pats getting brady back.

  14. CJ Weapon X, that’s just absurd…. but you are close.
    Tuck You and jkorn1818 are closer. Most likely it will be Kiwanuka and a draft pick for Edwards…

  15. I get a strange feeling that Osi could be the one to get traded. Just came off of knee surgery… Before that he wanted more money. Kiwi played pretty well as a first time starter and he’s cheaper. And sorry jkorn1818, but Tuck is the best player on that defense.

  16. Why would the Giants trade ANY of their defensive players for Edwards? Every player on the Giants D can catch the ball as well as Edwards – which is not at all. The guy is worth is a third pick and that’s it. 55 receptions and three TDs. Those are Steve Smith numbers and he’s already on the Giants. Edwards hurt Cleveland last year far more than he helped them. The Giants have enough receivers that can’t hold onto the ball. Calvin Johnson, now that’s a receiver. But Shock & Awe, the Giants aren’t the Cowboys. They don’t give away the farm for a WR and Detroit isn’t going to trade Johnson after they just got rid of Williams anyway, so it’s just a pipe dream. Boldin is the only WR they might have a shot at. And that might be a pipe dream, too, because you never know what Arizona might do. I say keep the players, rotate them in and out of the game, and let the opposing O-line deal with fresh players coming at them full speed every down. By the fourth quarter, the Giants should be sending the opposing QBs off the field on a cart.

  17. east96th, you took the words out of my mouth. Edwards has the worse hands of any big name WR in the league. He would bring very little the G-Man. The Giants best plan might be to trade up in the draft or to remain cool and steal Hakeem Nicks in the draft and sign a middle tier wide receive for depth.

  18. Kiwi and Tuck are not getting traded unless the other team got stupid. I mean if Zona offered Fitzgerald and their 1st round pick, then sure. But it would have to be something out of this world.
    Worse comes to worse they have 9 guys for 1 year as Cofield and Robbins are FA’s next season. Robbins would have the highest trade value of the people they’d actually give up. Maybe for a receiver but its not going to be him and multiple picks. Robbins and one of their 2nd rounders for a good WR seems about right for what is going around the league (2nd for Cassel and Vrable, 4th for Winslow).
    Its also highly possible Kiwi will move back to LB as when Coughlin poo-poo’d the idea was before the got the #2 and #3 D-linemen on the market. He would play the Sam LB while Boley would play the Wil.

  19. This is a retarded post, Florio. You might as well post that Coughlin lied and is thinking about moving Kiwanuka back to LB because it has as much legitimacy as your trade theory. I think you should be paying closer attention to the shift in language from the Giants front office regarding Plaxico. It seems like they may already be aware that he is going to get probation for his gun offense. If so, I don’t see him being suspended for more than 8 games, tops. Probably 4 is more likely. That means Plax will be back on the Giants by mid-season next year. Why would they leverage trade picks or DTs for a WR from another team that would probably take as long to transition to the Giants offense as Plax would take to get back from suspension? Reese is too smart for that and you are too good to post baseless masturbation for site hits. (I will eat crow if he does make a trade)

  20. CJ Weapon X – Tuck is going to be the best DE in the NFL this year,
    at best i’d give kiwi for braylon. It’s all moot because barring a prison sentence, plax is coming back.

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