Lost in the three-team jockeying for the services of receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh is the possibility that the 27-year-old trapped in a 31-year-old’s body has an injury of some sort.
Houshmandzadeh said on Tuesday’s Dan Patrick Show that he’ll undergo an MRI on an unspecified area of his body.  (We wonder why T.J. didn’t mention this during his Thursday night appearance on ESPN.)
The specific reason for the MRI isn’t clear.  So we picked through the 2008 injury reports (a major pain in the butt, by the way — please feel free to play your imaginary violins, and then to shove them in their organic carrying cases), and we found that he was on it for four different conditions last year — hamstring, ankle, hand, and back.
Specifically, he was probable in Week One with a hamstring.  He was listed as a full participant in practice on Thursday and Friday.
In Week Seven, he was questionable with an ankle injury.  He didn’t practice on Wednesday, practiced on a limited basis on Thursday, and fully participated on Friday.
In Week Eight, he was probable, due to the ankle.  He missed practice on Wednesday and fully participated the other two days.
In Week Twelve, Week Thirteen, Week Fourteen and Week Seventeen, he was probable with a back injury  He missed a couple of Wednesday practices because of it.
In Weeks Fifteen and Sixteen, Houshmandzadeh was probable with a hand injury.  He missed one Wednesday practice, prior to Week Fifteen.
In Week Two through Week Six, Week Nine, Week Ten (bye), and Week Eleven, he wasn’t listed on the injury report at all.
Our guess?  The back injury, which appeared on the last report of the season, is the reason for the MRI.
And, presumably, the Seahawks won’t finalize the contract until everything checks out.
Look, we’re not trying to sound any alarms here.  But, let’s face it.  It’s not like getting a massage; people don’t undergo expensive, high-tech diagnostic tests unless there’s something to diagnose, or to rule out.

9 responses to “T.J. SAYS HE'S GETTING AN MRI

  1. For a “fake” journalist you seem to engage in more journalism than the “real” ones do. Of the 53 million jackasses that call themselves sports journalists, maybe 4 of them would have taken the time to go through the injury reports. Although, their editors probably would have caught the misspelled words…

  2. The hamstring is most likely bogus. TJ doesn’t like to practice in training camp (and skips offseason programs) and develops a hamstring injury a few days into camp which limits his participation. It always heals just before the first real game.

  3. He said it was an injury on the report the last time the bungals were playing seachickens in Seattle. Several years ago, he said. So find that injury report

  4. Hahaha… Seattle just got pwned! Congrats on your
    broken-down 31 year-old WR, ‘Hawks!
    I should probably disclose, I’m a Vikes fan… so I
    MIGHT be a tad bitter. = )

  5. Just to be clear, what TJ meant was that he has the forearms of a 28 year old, the hands of a 31 year old, the upper arms of an 18 year old, the legs of a 37 year old and the torso of a 24 year old, so an AVERAGE of 27….AVERAGE…
    Yes, I did sit here and do the math, and no I won’t get to work now.

  6. This is hilarious, (not to be spiteful of course) he chirps all week how fresh his body is, chooses the least established team of the bunch passes on the OBVIOUS best chance to personally succeed and win games and opted for the cash. Something tells me he’ll be kicking himself when the Hawks are at home in January at 6-10 and the Vikings are playing playoff football. And the Seahawks will be kicking themselves with their 40 million dollar pick up on IR which is partly the reason they’re 6-10. Oh… nad Jimm Mora?!?!?! What, he did sucha fabulous job with Atl!? Where that come from?

  7. Good job M.Florio getting the Reports.
    Not many do that leg work.
    No turning back now Mr. Extra effort.
    It turns from WOW to expected.

  8. @mixman34
    “the obvious choice”
    If you are referring to the Eagles, they didn’t offer him a contract.
    If you are referring to anyone else, they didn’t offer as much money.

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