Defensive end Demetric Evans wanted to make a decision by Friday as to whether he’d join the 49ers or the Redskins.
And so he has.
On Wednesday night, Evans agreed to terms with San Francisco, according to a league source.
Per the source, Evans signed a two-year, $3.8 million deal.
The seven-year veteran started his career with the Cowboys, and spent the last five seasons in Washington.

12 responses to “EVANS CHOOSES NINERS

  1. I guess emotion won out. I got to imagine that he wasn’t too happy about Washington paying attention to him prior to FA. I can’t imagine cost was a huge issue – Washington can afford that deal.
    I say emotion won out because the opportunity in Washington looks better from where I stand. He’s moving to a 30 front and will be asked to plug away, whereas, in Washington, he might’ve been the starting LDE in their 4-3. Also, he faces greater competition in San Francisco, as Justin Smith is likely penciled in at one spot, with Ray McDonald, Kentwan Balmer at the other, whereas in Washington, even if Philip Daniels comes back, Evans might’ve been the favorite.

  2. Evans started with career his the Cowboys, but what has he done for us lately? (yes, it was originally posted as “with career with” but I’m pretty sure fatfinger florio meant “heretofore without further ado we present to you this guy you couldn’t pick out of a lineup.”

  3. Evans is a solid utility guy who can play DT and DE,not much of a pass rusher and limited strength even though he’s 285.I’m surprised the skins didn’t re-sign him as he’s not asking for much and played a fairly decent role last year,but oh well… the skins will now re-sign philip daniels who’s better at playing the run.
    Evans probably didn’t feel wanted by the skins,I believe his agent is rosenhaus,and he was probably trying to milk the skins into a 10-15 mil deal before FA struck.

  4. as a niner fan, im amazed that they can still attract free agents to play half the season in the festering hole that is candlestick/3com/monster/whogivesashit park. next earthquake, i hope it falls into the bay. then maybe they can get a decent stadium.

  5. Oh no i can hear KNBR 680 already “the Niners are going to the playoffs now !!!! This guy is the greatest player ever now that we got him !! And Mike Singeltary is the greatest coach ever !!” No lie thats what it will sound like all week. Thanks god i dont have to listen to it.

  6. San Fran got a good player and he will be missed in DC. My only question is he even gonna get the opportunity to start there like he would’ve for the Skins? There’s a glaring hole left by the departure of that dancing failure of a clown, Jason Taylor at LE. There aren’t too many options left at DE in free agency so that would only help his chances more, not to mention having Big Al terrorizing the middle. Doesn’t add up to me but I wish him luck anyway.

  7. The 49ers just recieved a D Linemen that can come up with interceptions. Good luck, Demetric Evans!

  8. Evans you just signed your retirement contract, you will be a backup unless there is injury and after one year they will cut you. Sucks dude, should have waited.

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