Coach Marvin Lewis hinted earlier today that another free-agency move was imminent.
And he was right.
The Bengals have signed free-agent receiver Laveranues Coles, according to Adam Schefter of NFLN.
Per Schefter, it’s a four-year, $28 million contract.
That said, the guaranteed money has not yet been reported.  Since Coles already was poised to pocket $6 million guaranteed from the Jets in 2009, it’ll be interesting to see how much more than that he received for three additional years of contractual commitment.
Coles walked away from a $6 million guaranteed base salary with the Jets in exchange for the team’s agreement to allow him to become a free agent.
In Cincy, Coles will replace receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh; Coles is actually three months younger than his predecessor.


  1. Takes some of the sting off of losing Housh-a-mazilla. I think I’ll just call this one Vern. Much easier.
    Johnson, Henry, Vern. Not a bad trio.

  2. Dear Laveranues,
    Hahahahaahahahaahahahahahaaha, you F’ed up!
    Pittsburgh & Baltimore Defenses

  3. Coles got 4 years, 28 Million (7 million per year).
    TJ got 5 years, 40 Million (8 million per year) from Seattle.
    So for an extra $1 million per year, they could’ve kept TJ? Way to go Bungles

  4. If the bengals think Coles will be even half the receiver TJ was they are crazy. Coles has developed a serious case of alligator arms and an ego to go along with it. He doesnt go over the middle like housh does and like he has in prior years. Coles will be their third option behind Ocho and Henry by years end. Mark my words he will be a FA at this time again next year.

  5. Hey Beastie Bills might wanna wait for the guaranteed money to come out, since that is all that matters if TJ got 15 guaranteed and the Bengals get Coles for 10 thats a HUGE savings…come on now your better than that!

  6. Beastie Bills,
    the math isn’t in the number per total years, its in the number of guaranteed money.
    If Housha-ma-zode’s guaranteed amount is $20 mill guaranteed, but Coles is only $5, well then signing Coles is a better deal.
    I have no idea what the actual guaranteed money is for either player, and since I’m too lazy to look it up, those numbers are purely for illustrative purposes, intended to make me appear to know what I am talking about. Which, considering my current level of drunkeness while at work, is quite an achievement

  7. Beastie, use your head guy. It’s an extra 12 million for TJ, who will be 36 in the last year.
    Coles has more catches, more TD’s and more first downs, and he was wasn’t working with Carson Palmer.

  8. @ Beastie Bill,
    We dont have the Guarateed money figures yet. So in reality your math means nothing. And even if, for a million less per year and a better player overall, Id take him over Housh gladly, and I loved Housh. Great move. Steelers, Browns, and Ravens suck.

  9. As a Bengals fan, I hate to see T.J. go, but I would have to say this is the best immediate replacement.. and I agree with that figure given, i have to assume mike brown had nothing to so with this acquisition!

  10. Wow talk about a trade down in quality. They should have coughed up the extra to keep TJ.

  11. Somebody should make note that this is pathetically the biggest signing in the 18 year history of Mike Brown as owner of the Bengals.
    I think Coles is a good receiver, but for 18 years, Brown has NEVER signed a “big name” free agent. Unless you count Sam Adams, Neil O’donnell, Scott Mitchell, Michael Westbrook, Gus Frerotte, or Eric Bienemy.

  12. On March 4th, 2009 at 4:08 pm, dystopianow said:
    “I’m starting to feel sorry for the Bengals. And I’m a Raider fan.”
    You’re starting to think like Al Davis!

  13. Coles will be a nice for the Bungles, he’s a quality guy.
    For all those haters saying he wont live up to T.J. Whosurmomma, Look at numbers TJ’s production has been dropping. Past 2 years T.J hasn’t been able to surpass 10ypc. Coles career low has been 10.6ypc, and this was without Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco to pull the double team off him.
    He’s slightly younger, producing more in every category minus Catches. Coles has the guy in Yards, Yards Per Catch, TD’s, and First Downs.

  14. The Bengals O-line is already improved b/c they let Andrews go to Philly. They need to cut Jones and play their young studs and Carson should have plenty of time to throw to Coles, Chad, Henry, or whoever else is out there. TJ was a good WR but his crybaby act with the refs was really getting old. Coles will be fine in Cincy.

  15. posted by Beastie:
    Coles got 4 years, 28 Million (7 million per year).
    TJ got 5 years, 40 Million (8 million per year) from Seattle.
    So for an extra $1 million per year, they could’ve kept TJ? Way to go Bungles
    Beastie, it was reported the the Bengals offered the same if not more than what Seattle offered, but they offered about 12-13M guaranteed as opposed to 15M guaranteed. TJ also proved he’s a liar (see Eagles) a hypocrite (see Vikings) and has no loyalty (see Bengals)
    He also was disgruntled this whole year, refused to show up to the last 2 OT’s and turned down the Bengals offer of a new contract for him each of hte past two years because he thought he was worht at least 10M.
    Everyone from the locker room to the coaches say Coles is a real leader, and the closest he ever got to a Carson Palmer type QB was Old Favre last year who would make as many dumb throws as he would great throws.
    If the Bengals pick up line help, I would bet anyone that Coles has more yards than TJ, even though he’d be a #2 on our team, and the Bengals win more games (possibly 2x or 3x as many) as the Seahawks

  16. WHat happened to the 19 WR’s the bengals got in the draft last year? Is their scouting that bad that NONE of those guys could be a #3?

  17. Newsflash! Chad Johnson made T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Please put all this Laveranues Coles isn’t half the receiver as the guy he’s replacing crap to rest. Sure T.J. has been a good player but he’s never been on his own. Coles has shown with 2 teams that he’s a go-to-guy, let’s not forget that. T.J. is in for a rude awakening in Seattle next year…believe that.

  18. honestly, this isn’t that bad of a deal. Coles has had a career with stats very similar to TJ’s. Also, Coles has never had a really big-armed quarterback to throw the ball to him (Favre had a shoulder problem for most of the season so he doesn’t count), and carson has a sniper rifle for an arm.
    I think it’s a win, and while I know the Bengals will never make this theory come to fruition: it gives them the ability to have a skiled #2 receiver in the lineup while they let young wr’s develop or possibly draft a new one.
    I know he’s no Randy Moss or Fitz-Freaking-Gerald, but not picking up coles and going into next season with the current wr corps was suicide.

  19. Let me start off by saying that they are both a little overpriced, but at least in the Bengals case, if you want any talent to stay or come here, you have to overpay a little. And anyone who thinks Coles will be a dropoff from Housh, you haven’t watched any Bengals games this year. And this may be a first, but I think the Bengals have been the model of consistency this offseason. If Coles performs well this season, it will help Chad who will be traded him after this year. By then, Simpson and Caldwell will be in their third year and odds are one of them will be primed for a breakout season. If Chad and Carson are healthy, Coles will easily outperform Housh, who has no one to take pressure off of him and a guy with a noodle of an arm on the downhill of his career throwing to him. I like Hasselbeck, but if he has a bad year, they will start over at QB and then you will see the Housh that most Bengal fans are familiar with, productive, but a whiner.

  20. living in cincy and being a huge bengal and TJ fan i honestly was not that sad to see him go… he was who he was because of Ocho, especially early in his career. He was not a deep threat and couldn’t block or make YAC as well as Coles. Coles has more catches, yards and TD’s and didn’t have palmer or another dominant receiver throwing and lined up with him.. This is a team people will have to keep an eye on… with a solid draft maybe contenders in 09 but definitely in 2010.. caldwell was solid late last season and simpson couldn’t shake the small injuries so with another year of seasoning i see a break out year for last years rookie wrs… Palmer is out west throwing at a wr camp that has caldwell, simpson, henry, urratia, and purify in attendance (all rookies last year except henry, but hes been suspended so much he might as well be a rook) so this will be a wr core that can do some serious damage

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