As former Bills and Titans and Broncos running back Travis Henry awaits trial on federal drug charges that could put him behind bars, Henry finds himself, well, behind bars.
Henry was jailed Tuesday, in Polk County, Florida.  The charge is contempt of court.
Henry also is embroiled in legal issues in Georgia, where he’s trying to have the $3,000 monthly support order for one of his nine kids reduced.
To confirm it for yourself (and at the risk of killing the Polk County hamsters), click here and enter Henry’s name.

18 responses to “TRAVIS HENRY, BEHIND BARS

  1. What a friggin moron this guy is.
    These low life assholes think they can get away with everything because their professional athletes. Screw them all, Mike Vick, Pacman Jones, Travis Henry, and all the rest of them.

  2. What a waste.
    The INS shouldn’t be deporting hard-working illegals. They should be deporting stupid people. Like Henry. I’m sure there are plenty of them.

  3. Other character issues aside don’t you think it’s ridiculous that he’d be ordered to pay 3K in support for 1 of his 9 kids, when he doesn’t have it? Divorce laws and the people that perpetuate them are in some sort of alternate universe. Prenup folks.

  4. In the end he will escape any serious charges or court rulings. How do I know this? I have noticed that anyone who was a running back for the Bills always gets away with it. History proves that with Henry, Lynch and OJ.

  5. Haha what a turd… It’s so sad to see such wasted talent. I hope he stays in jail for a lonnng time.

  6. All I have to say, with 9 kids he needs the NFL, deal drugs, wash cars, prostitute himself, walk dogs, deliver pizzas, and be a NFL analyst on ESPN!
    9 kids – all he had to do was go to Walgreen’s and spend $10 on a box of condoms!?
    If he really wanted to be cheap he could have went to the health clinic and got them for free!?
    Do the math?

  7. wonderdog says:
    Kinda tough to have a prenup when there’s no nup to begin with.
    Yeah good point 🙂

  8. slow joe: yes, the INS should be deporting ILLEGALS, especially since most of them can’t even speak English. Now because of them dirtballs I have to push 1 for english when this is a country of ENGLISH speaking citizens, not mexico.
    The only thing worse than someone like Henry is a dirty illegal immigrant!

  9. i agree with slow joe deport these dumb ass Americans to an island and let them figure it out

  10. Now because of them dirtballs I have to push 1 for english…
    Yeah. That’s a real bitch. Sorry about how they’ve apparently ruined your calls to tech support. Kind of puts their whole silly “trying to get a better life for their kids” thing in perspective.

  11. After kid #5 or #6 I would have cut off my own sack, if I wasn’t bright enough to put on a rain coat! Maybe when he gets out he should start his own daycare, it could be called Dumbass Daycare. Taco Bill are you out there?

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