At a time when some mixed reports were beginning to emerge as to whether the Washington Redskins are interested in receiver Terrell Owens, the team has removed all doubt on the matter.
Per the team’s official web site, executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato says that the team has no interest.
“[Owens’s representatives] called us three years ago before he went to Dallas, and we didn’t have interest then,” Cerrato said.  “Why would we have interest when he’s three years older now?  We have no interest.”
Boom.  Roasted.


  1. how bout a list of teams that may be interested?
    if that list exists. I can’t think of any….maybe san diego, tampa, seattle, that’s about it. I can’t really thiink of another team that is in a position to even bother with the risk of wrecking their team. Tampa seems the most obvious. But the again there is Oakland. Weird Al is overdue for a stupid move.

  2. THANKS BE TO GOD VINNY!!! Now don’t pull a Jerry “Pigface” Jones and actually stick to what you say instead of doing the opposite. Please?

  3. this is mostly about no $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to sign him.
    of course… i dont see a bidding war yet. so… dont know that it would take a lot.
    lets see what happens in august.

  4. Like I said in the initial post, you have to distinguish between ‘off-field’ issues and ‘locker-room’ issues. I think T.O has burned his last bridge in the NFL. Sure he can still play, but for how long? Is it worth the hassle for any team?
    Well, I think yes, if your team has literally nothing going for it. Honestly, even the Lions and Chiefs would probably think twice before looking at Owens, purely because they are both going to have young QB’s going forward, so why would they need someone like T.O. destroying their morale? The Texans aren’t that bad, especially not at receiver with Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter, so count them out.
    The Broncos could have been a possibility, but does McDaniels really want to put T.O. in there, knowing that he has Brandon marshall (probably) and Eddie Royal? My guess is that anyone concerned with the Parcells/Belichick coaching tree would have serious misgivings about taking him on.
    I’m struggling to think of a team that would risk him imploding the franchise. Off the top of my head, I think the only teams that might remotely go for him may be the Panthers, where John Fox might see him as his last shot at the current superbowl window that the Panthers are in with jake Delhomme. Still a huge long shot.

  5. Well it would seem that Terrell’s best chance is to convince
    a team that he is now mute and can not speak. With Drew as
    his agent I’m sure they can get it done.

  6. And one other thing: You mentioned teams that have seen Owens’ talent up close like the Giants and ‘Skins. If you’d have thought a little more, you may have wondered if they’d also seen their two closest rivals lose their best shots at a championship whilst Owens was part of the team.

  7. when did this site become PFTO? did the rest of the league stop doing business today because dallas dumped TO?

  8. TO isnt going to Miami, the guy who hated him in Dallas, now runs the Dolphins, DUH

  9. Thank god……ya think danny boy might finally be starting to get it????
    Or is this skins fan asking too much???
    Draft O linemenDraft o linemenDraft o linemen draft o linemen Draft o linemenPlease…………………………………………………………..

  10. Thank you god Dan Snyder put his wallet away and didnt shell out millions to bring in an over priced old player!!! I say that but only to follow it with this…wait until the Rams dump Tory Holt, then that fat wallet and Redskins1(thats snyders plane) will be on its way to St. Louis to pick him up. Which I dont have a problem with, the skins have 2 young receivers why not let them learn from a guy with class and not a guy who will teach them how to destroy teams. I think synder has finally learned…if your gonna shell out big money on big name free agents make sure they are young and still are in their prime.
    T.O. will become the Barry Bonds of the NFL. If the Raiders dont want him then he has no shot of anyone picking him up.

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