With all these T.O. stories, I feel like I should change the ring tone on my Sprint phone to the SportsCenter theme.
But our editorial decisions always have been guided by one simple principle — write about the stuff in which we’d be interested if we weren’t the ones writing it.  And, yeah, we’re interested in seeing how this train wreck is going to play out.
We’ve learned that, as widely expected, it won’t end with a stop in Baltimore. 
Per a league source, the Ravens aren’t interested in Owens.
Apart from the fact that Ravens coach John Harbaugh had a front-row seat for the T.O. drama in Philly, the bigger impediment likely would arise from Owens’ accusation that Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome made a racist comment about him when Ravens were attempting to swing a trade for Owens five years ago.
According to Owens, Newsome told T.O.’s agent at the time, David Joseph, that Newsome “was a black man from Alabama just like T.O.” and that “sometimes a black man’s gotta be slapped.”
Wrote Owens at the time, in an autobiography, “Initially, I was kind of stunned by it.  My agent was kind of reluctant to tell me about it at the time.  What a lot of people don’t know, and I guess I’ll let it out now, is that was pretty much one of the main reasons I didn’t want to go there.”
Newsome bristled in reaction to the claim.
“Please, why should I respond to that?” Newsome said.  “I did tell T.O. that he should check with the veterans we brought in over the years.  I told him to call Rod Woodson, Shannon Sharpe, Michael McCrary, and Sam Adams, and they will let him know how we treat veterans here.”
So, yeah, it would likely be difficult for Newsome to forget about that one, and pay Owens millions of dollars to potentially destroy the team from the inside out. 

7 responses to “CROSS OFF THE RAVENS, TOO

  1. If you want to punish T.O., bring him here to Buffalo. We have plenty of pain to share..
    A decomposing owner.
    An Ivy league head coach whose brain turns into “Dubya” on Sunday afternoons.
    Absolutely no talent on defense, but we have a greak kid at quarterback who T.O. can ruin to finish off the entire picture.
    I can’t wait for the tears.. “He’s my quarterback” booo-hoooo…..
    God save the Bills…

  2. Flouride, stop guessing, its obvious the only two places he can land are either Oakland or Detriot.

  3. i think i know what ozzie meant. her probly rolled his eyes when he said “slap a black man”. he knows how mercurial she-ho is.
    she-ho probly needs to change a pad right about now.
    i said he wasnt going to balto. they dont need that crapola. they dont want one guy to turn them into the 2008 cowboys overnight.

  4. We in Bmore fart in T.O.’s general direction. We were willing to give him a chance after SF, but after watching him destroy the Iggles and now the Cowboys….. The only thing TO could do to help the NFL would be to retire. Go far away and never come back.

  5. Just think of how T.O is handling this in his mind. No one really wants him. He a plague. Drew is in his ear, yammering away, telling him how great he is and how the Cowboys F-ed him. Anger, pride, embarrassment, lost confidence, anxiety and revenge is building up in T.O. He is going to explode on the next moronic team that signs him. I am so looking forward to the 2009 season. I love me some popcorn.

  6. as a Ravens season ticket holder, i’m split on this one.
    a) the last thing we need to bring into a young offense is a mentally challenged popcorn man.
    b) if there’s one player in the NFL who can control a locker-room better than anyone, he wears #52 and just re-signed.

  7. I’m not saying I want TO here in Baltimore. I really don’t. But wouldn’t it be great to see Ray break him like a stubborn colt?

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