We’ll have plenty to say throughout the day about the stunning decision by the Cowboys to dump receiver Terrell Owens. 
Here’s the first thing that comes to mind — his next destination.
And we’ve got a feeling that he’ll continue his tour of the NFC East.
It’s the Redskins and the Giants, we predict, who could be vying for his services.
Let’s start with the Giants.
The Giants learned the hard way late last year that having a receiver who can draw double coverage is far more important than having two running backs who can gain 1,000 yards each.
Sure, they were burned by Plaxico Burress, and on the surface they might not be interested in signing a guy like Owens, who has been a problem in the past — and that’s an understatement.
But, frankly, the Giants didn’t bat an eye about signing defensive tackle Rocky Bernard, despite the fact that he flies the only red flag T.O. doesn’t:  a criminal record.
And New York admittedly chased defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who likes his cars fast and his cleats sharp. 
So, given the potential benefits that T.O. can provide on the field, it would be very easy for the Giants to justify giving him a chance, especially if he agrees to a contract that protects the team against any bad behavior.
The Redskins would be interested even if they weren’t in a position to twist the tails of their Texas rivals.  It’s Terrell Owens, for crying out loud.  A big-name player, available to be signed by a team that collects them like football cards. 
For the same reasons that the ‘Skins were willing to give up a package that could have been worth two first-round picks last year for erratic and emotional Bengals receiver Chad Johnson, owner Daniel Snyder will pounce on the chance to upgrade a so-so receiving corps with a guy who knows the West Coast Offense as well as any receiver.
We give the Redskins a little more of an edge on this one, because:  (1) they’ll be willing to pay more money; and (2) the Giants ultimately could decide to back off not based on attitude but on age.  Owens is a temporary fix; the Giants are likely hoping for something that adds value for more than a year or two.
That said, there are some wild cards in this equation.  The Raiders have long been regarded as a team that could take a chance on Owens.  The Ravens tried to get him several years ago, and linebacker Ray Lewis recently gushed about the guy.  The Jets let one of their starting receivers become a free agent last week, and the guy just signed with a new team on Thursday.  The Vikings run the West Coast Offense that Owens knows so well, recently swung and missed on T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and could easily sell to the fans a flirtation with Owens by pointing to the fact that, unlike the Love Boat crew or even defensive end Jared Allen, Owens has never gotten in trouble with the law.
Regardless of who it is, the guy still has some football left in him.  And he’d surely love nothing better than to continue his career in the NFC East, where he’d face the Eagles twice and the Cowboys twice.
UPDATE:  Thanks to the reader who reminded us that Owens and Vikings coach Brad Childress clashed in Philly.  So take the Vikes off the list.


  1. “We give the Redskins a little more of an edge on this one, because: (1) they’ll be willing to pay more money; and (2) the Giants ultimately could decide to back off not based on attitude but on age. Owens is a temporary fix; the Giants are likely hoping for something that adds value for more than a year or two.”
    And the Giants will want to insert a clause in his contract protecting them against Owens behavior. Redskins won’t, so they will win this race in a landslide. I don’t see the Raiders or Vikes being in the race (unless they throw piles of money at him) because they are both small markets and T.O. HAS to have lots and lots of cameras around 24/7.

  2. Patriots will take a good look at him. Even T.O. isn’t dumb enough to realize the damage him and Randy Moss could do on the same field. At this point in his career, he’ll go for that ring.

  3. Obviously you don’t watch football. The Giants have flourished since getting rid of mouthpeices such as Tiki and Shockey. There is no way he becomes a Giant.
    Any team that signs him is doing one thing: putting fans in the seats. New York doesn’t need to do that.

  4. I can’t see Coughlin and TO co-existing together, even though Coughlin is more relaxed he is still an old school coach.
    Childress and Harbaugh have already seen TO first hand in Philadelphia, it would be surprising if either one of them took a chance on TO
    I like the Raiders or the Skins, Davis nor Snyder cannot pass up on a big name like TO on their fantasy football teams – slight edge to Synder as he just freed up $8M after releasing Taylor

  5. Brad Childress had a problem with Owens in Philly. Harbaugh also was in Philly during TO’s antics. I doubt the Vikings or Ravens would be interested.

  6. I really doubt the Redskins have the cap room… haven’t they said them selves that they were runnin out of money? And I sencerly doubt that T.O would take a paycut to play with a mediocre team like the Redskins… I would say, St. Luois, Detroit, Tampa Bay, or Oakland are more likely… and well ok the Giants could be an option, just don’t see it happening for some reason, of couse he could se it as his last chance to win a ring, but again wasn’t that the reason he sign with the ‘boys in the first place? 😉

  7. no way Owens goes to the Vikings. One of TOs “episodes” in Philly was Owens screaming at Childress.

  8. Got to disagree with you about the Giants, Florio. Coughlin comes right off the Parcells’ tree. If he talks to the Tuna, Parcells will tell him to stay away from Owens. Plus the Tuna still has positive feelings for the Giants. I doubt he would like to see Owens destroy the Mara’s locker room. If the Tuna heard that the Giants were sniffing around Owens, he would probably call them on an unsolicited basis.

  9. And if you count out Philly, Dallas, Miami, probably the Vikings, Ravens and 49ers, thats a lot of burnt bridges. Whose team will he ruin next?

  10. Also have to disagree about the Vikings, Florio. Remember that Owens told Childress not to ever talk to him unless T.O. spoke to him first. So I seriously doubt Childress wants that headache in what could be his last year as head coach.

  11. Florio~
    Here is WHY the Giants will NOT look at Owens at any time. Couglin is from the Parcells school of thought. He is having problems with the ONE WR propblem child he already has. Jerry Reese has already stated publicly that Burress will be welcomed back IF, IF he takes care of all of his off-the-field issues.
    The only place LESS likely place to sign Owens other than the Giants is the Miami Dolphins. Ya missed that one Florio. BTW–I respect the opinion though. Raiders, Redskins, Patriots, Cheifs, and MAYBE, MAYBE Seattle (saying Knapp can get over himself) are the places to look at. Just thought I’d help ya.

  12. Mike,
    “… a guy like Owens, who has been a problem in the past — and that’s an understatement.” No kidding? The more accurate statement is “… who is a problem…”. Did not hear it in SF yet would have to believe it happened there. He divides teams by getting the defense to side with him. Did it in Philly and again in Dallas.
    As team first oriented BB is he would not put up with Owens. His history shows he is not a team player and his schtick is now known league wide. Owens will want even more money than he was due and he is risk at minimum salary for any team.
    No doubt some crazy owner – Snyder or Davis will take the risk.
    On the positive side it will be fun to watch Drew Rosenhaus spin this one, no way he can say “No Comment” or “Next Question” this time.

  13. He is going to come back to Philly. He has wanted to come back since he left. Philly was his favorite place to play and could use him. I think he comes back to Philly for pennies on the dollar.

  14. Doubt there’s any way in hell that the Giants will sign him. There’s ‘off-field issues’ and then there’s ‘locker room issues’. He generally is the focal point of the latter.
    For me, any G.M. witha realtively stable franchise should stay well clear, and I predict they will. In fact, I think that none of the playoff teams from last year will go anywhere near him, as he’s far more likely to hurt your team than give it the extra kick needed to win a championship.

  15. Maybe no “criminal” record, but he’s still guilty of felonious devisiveness and aggravated murder of the English language.

  16. Also, when Lewis gushed about Owens on NFLN, he was effectively pleading his case to the Cowboys, not the Ravens. There’s a mighty big difference between ‘being able to play with T.O.’ and ‘wanting to play with T.O.’

  17. if eli manning had trouble winning with shockey because of his “give me the ball attitude”, i think i speak for many fans of NFC (east) teams when i say i hope he goes to the giants

  18. Well, we can rule out Dallas (duh), Philly, San Fran, and Miami. I’m also going to rule out St. Louis, Minnesota, and Baltimore since they all have former Eagles coaches as their head coach. I don’t think the Giants would take him but I would love it because TO would eat Milquetoast Manning for breakfast. I can see the Redskins, Jets, and Raiders doing it. I’m also going to throw in a couple of darkhorses: Denver (they’ve been hoovering up free agents), and Houston.

  19. No way Ravens. You have to remember TO accused Ozzie Newsome of calling him the “N” word during their discussions after TO signed with Philly. Don’t think Ozzie forgot about that.

  20. As a redskins fan, I fear and expect he’ll be in the burgundy and gold………
    When we lost Jack Kent Cooke, we lost greatness………………..
    Snyder will pay him just like deion and bruce smith, and lately J Taylor, and we’ll continue to ignore the o line that’s nursing home ready….

  21. And I sencerly doubt that T.O would take a paycut to play with a mediocre team like the Redskins… I would say, St. Luois, Detroit, Tampa Bay, or Oakland are more likely…
    Wouldn’t play for a mediocre team like the Redskins… but will play for way worst teams in St. Luois, Detroit, or Oakland???? Your statement makes no sense sir!

  22. The Lions have to be making a play for him. The Fords will drool over the idea of signing TO to line up across from Johnson and then draft Stafford #1 so that it’ll LOOK like they’re serious about improving the team – same as it ever was.
    And it’s not like they’d be concerned about TO disrupting “locker room cohesiveness.”
    From TOs side, if they offer enough $$, he might rationalize the move thinking it would allow him to demonstrate how his mere presence can turn a loser into a winner.

  23. Florio…you are a complete jerkoff if you think the Giants will even sniff around T.O. Even suggesting it makes you a moron. He has been a cancer for 3 teams…even the Cowboys couldn’t take his antics. What in the world makes you think the Giants would even think about putting up with him?? They don’t need a receiver that bad. Get a clue dope

  24. wouldn’t touch him for the Ravens with a 9 million dollar pole. this guy is CANCER. i hope no one signs him.

  25. Why not Kansas City? He can be the Moss clone – the team is up and coming – and it would allow KC to take Curry at #3.. you know they have tons of cap room and it may even calm Larry Johnson down a bit about wanting out.
    I think this is the perfect fit for him… but there is one problem – its not a major market and TO may want that.
    I also wouldnt be suprised to see Chicago trying to get TO.

  26. Lets be real — you know Al Davis is salivating at the idea of one last hurrah for the RayDuhs– Michael Vick throwing to Terrell Owens.

  27. attitudes change when your job is on the line….this is a perfect scenario for the vikes and Owens with the pressure AP gets Owens is bound to break free for those dramatic touchdowns of his once or twice a game…..this is a must for that team and really might put them over the edge

  28. Actually, Mr. Florio, you and your associate are wrong on this one. Brad Childress has been recorded saying that him and T.O. actually got along fine together and didn’t have any problems. So… ya, you can pretty much count on the Vikes to look into signing him. And BTW, taking advice from random people on the internet probably isn’t a good way to go about your business. Just a thought.
    GO WILF~!

  29. Ok, Who gives two $hits about TO…So here are my two cents and where I think he goes…
    I read it could be the Giants, Skins, Minnesota, ATL or Oak… So lets start…
    Giants need a big WR to be effective on offense (i.e. Plaxico’s version of Cheddar bob cost them another ring)
    Skins – They are like the raiders of the east only the Redskin’s owner has a heartbeat and something of a brain….
    Minnesota – Childress was the o-Coordinator when TO was in Philly….enough said….
    ATL – hmmm… this actually is not bad….but do you want to contaminate a young QB to the garbage that TO brings and ruin a possibly great QB’s career?
    Oak – Always the last resort for trouble…Al Davis is an idiot… Who would sign Bin Laden if he could…
    All in All he will not be a FA long… At his age he will be offered less money. At this point TO wants a ring and is willing to cooperate. I feel and I hope that he goes to the Giants. He will get his ring this year and can shove the Eagles where they belong. Besides, nothing would make TO’s day if he has the opportunity to not just ruin a team but an entire division…If he signs with the Giants he will retire a skin lol… But the better fit is the skins…
    However another way to look at the TO-rnado of the NFL…He started in SF, ruined them…Came east and destroyed two teams at once, Balt and Phi…Than he goes to the Cowgirls, lol he hurt Romo’s feelings and claimed they drew up plays in their hotel room without him… so he went west, east and south…so if the TO-rnado still runs, look for him to be somewhere north to destroy an entire country…

  30. Having him land with the Jets would be great. I’m a Pats fan but I’d love to have two clashes of Randy Moss v. TO in the division every year, that would be sick!
    The other benefit is there is a chance he destroys the Jets and that would also be awesome.

  31. Why not Tampa? Yes they have Bryant, but doesn’t T.O. live down there? Plus Tampa will be playing the NFC East this year, and a 50/50 chance of playing Dallas or Philly each year. Plus T.O has never played for a black coach before.

  32. I agree it will come down to the Giants or the Skins. As a cowboys fan, I have mixed feelings. Im the type that believes, as a performer you dont cut a guy like TO. Never arrested, catches alot of balls & TDs. You cant deny 235 catches, 3500+yds, & 38 TD’s in 3yrs. Many recievers in the Hall of Fame, NEVER had numbers like that in a 3yr span…. including the Cowboys’ most recent reciever inducted Michael Irvin.
    Now, as a guy that wants to see another Lombardi trophy…. Was TO the prob last year….??? I mean arent these guys professionals..? hard to say.

  33. The chances of TO going to the Giants is very slim. What I believe should happen is Michael Vick and TO should sign with the Browns!!! Can you imagine Vick leading the DAWG POUND into the Superbowl. PETA outside the stadium!!! TO causing drama!!! Finally the Browns would make some headlines!!!

  34. I just wanted to also mention in response to some comments: there is NO CHANCE that Owens comes to the Patriots. We’ve already got a #1 and a #2 and are looking for basically a #3. Sure it would *seem* like having Moss and Owens running down opposite sides of the field would be an amazing thing to see…and to be honest I think it would be pretty exciting to see….
    But Owens has already shown he doesn’t play well with other star WRs because if he doesn’t get enough balls thrown his way he gets upset and the drama starts. Welker alone is getting 100 balls, Moss is still going to be our #1… How long before Owens starts crying about not being #1, not getting enough chances. Besides I don’t think he’s going to take #3 WR money.

  35. Why not Tampa Bay? They have the cap space, they dont have galloway but they do have Bryant.
    Since they have the space after their huge purge why wouldnt they go after Owens? He would fill some of those empty seats which are inevitably there.

  36. As a Skins fan there is no way I can see the Skins signing TO. Just doesn’t make sense. Sure they need someone to take attention away from Santana Moss, but they spent two 2nd round picks on WR’s last year. What do you do with them? Cut a 2nd round pick and give up or cut a valued special teams player in James Thrash?
    Sadly TO’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is the agent for a number of prominent Skins players (Portis) so it is entirely possible TO comes to the Skins. If the Crows (Ravens) weren’t named after a stupid poem and had purple as a primary uniform color I would of switched teams long ago. If TO is signed by the Skins it might be time to drop my aligance to the Skins.

  37. I’m torn on this one…he does have some football left in em’….but the locker room affect could be disasterous. I can see Santana having a huge year with Owens on the other side….but he’s just not a Redskin type player.

  38. Why the hell would St.Louis want him? The Rams made it obvious that they are trying to trade or get rid of Torry Holt, who is getting old and asking for lots of money. This is exactly the same thing with TO, but you also add the fact that he has a bad attitude and that clearly takes him out of the fact of him going to St.Louis.

  39. It’d be crazy for the Raiders to sign him – he’d DESTROY any confidence that J. Russell built during the last few games of 2008. I think he’d be perfect for Jax, he’d be the CLEAR #1 (who else do they have as WR?). I can’t see N.O. like Mike & Mike were claiming.

  40. You must seriously underestimate Uncle Al… The Raiders and Jaguars seem to be the most likely destinations. Al loves a talented trouble d player, and TO is overflowing in both… plus the Raiders need a WR or two. The Jags still don’t have a decent WR and Del Rio is on the hot seat, he’d do anything to keep his job, even putting up with TO.

  41. You’re so full of sh*t sometimes with the crap you speculate about, Florio. TO to the Giants? Honestly, I read some of the garbage you post and it instantly detracts from your overall credibility. Yet, I still read every post, every day, and recommend your site to everyone I know. Bastard.

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