The Dallas Cowboys have announced the arrival of defensive end Igor Olshansky.
The former Charger, a second-round pick in 2004, is reunited in Dallas with former San Diego defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who now is both the coach and the defensive coordinator of the Cowboys.
A starter since the first game of his rookie year, Olshansky’s departue will take a chunk out of the Chargers defense.
Born in the Ukraine, Olshansky has 11.0 career sacks.  He also has smashed 13.5 Risk boards.
UPDATE:  As a reader pointed out, yeah, I should have posted this in the first place.



  1. Didn’t even know he was on the field 99% of the time! He was promising, know he’s just useless!

  2. I see what you did there, playing with Matt Mosley’s Russian reference…you clever dog.

  3. you need to include a video for people to get your joke. there are a lot of “non believers” out there.

  4. Heck of a signing for the Cowboys. He’s a better fit than Chris Canty for Wade Phillips defensive preferences. I prefer my Canty’s of the world for the 3-4, but Olshansky offers a bit more pass rush ability off the edge.

  5. Best seinfeld reference yet, hopefully Olshanksy can prove that the Ukraine is not weak.

  6. As my name implies, I’m so sick of this site using Seinfeld references all the time. They are a crutch for weak writing. However, even I found this one laugh out loud worthy! Well played, Florio.

  7. Another great AJ draft pick!
    Outside of the Rivers, Merriman and Kaeding for Eli trade. AJ hasn’t done much if anything in the draft to keep this team moving forward.

  8. Whoever said they never noticed him (“didn’t even know he was on the field 99% of the time”) has got their head up the wazoo. You need to step away from the box score or the FF button and watch an actual game. This guy is a brute and as a Raider fan, good riddance!

  9. Igor Olshansky 4 year $18 million or…
    Chris Canty 6 year $42 million.
    What’s not to like?

  10. Igor who proclaims himself “super human strength” is a nice family man but a non-factor football player. He’s big but gets blocked out on every play. He wont have more than 3 sacks next year. With all due respect Florio, this guy will not be the missing chunk you suggest. What do you know about the Chargers? You seem like an East/Right coast guy. You know nothing of the Chargers. (see Annie Hall)

  11. Take him Wade. You should have taken him when you left. He did nothing for the Chargers last year.

  12. There is a stronghold around Green land.. I think it’s tiime to put the hurt on the Ukraine…

  13. whoa, whoa, whoa… wait…
    did Wade Phillips actually make a decision on something?
    HOLY $#!#!

  14. Igor pretty much played the entire year like a guy who was trying not to get hurt so he could get a bigger contract. which he did.
    Good luck Igor but we wont miss you all that much.
    and Jspicoli sorry, youre wrong, but having too watch the garbage but on the field by the faider front office week in and week out anything will look good to you-sorta like the girls do in a bar at closing time to a drunk.

  15. he’s a good run stuffer most of the time, but that’s it, not a big loss for us, obviously since we had already told him and goff we wouldn’t be pursuing resigning them

  16. Olshansky looks like Tarzan, a world beater. All the physical tools in the world, but he can’t shed blocks. He will start for the Cowboys at DE, and he can go an entire game without making a tackle, let alone a sack.
    I’ve yet to talk to a Charger fan that is sad to see him leave.

  17. Correct, dbartdog! Ukraine (not THE Ukraine) can be attacked from too many directions.
    On to Kamchatka!

  18. actually he should help dallas while his departure wont hurt san dee.
    believe it or not, even when they have had bad teams (often enough) the last 15-20 years… san dee was usually good defending the run.

  19. Igor is always the last player off the ball. Every snap. Last.
    His signature play was punching a Donkey offensive lineman after a cheap shot cut block. Other than that, Igor was just a guy.

  20. Spicoli, As a Raiderette you should feel ashamed for what the chargers have done to you wannabee thugs. Igor was USELESS! no pass rush, got beat by guys half his size, We smoked your azz 10 times in a row and we only had 10 guys on the field. If hes so good why didnt Vader sign him! Sorry I didnt get back to you, It can take a while to find your way out of an azz ass as big as you r ladies:)

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