Problems with state and local budgets are having significant impacts throughout the country.
In Kansas City, it could result in the departure of the Chiefs.
A proposed budget from Mayor Mark Funkhouser (I would have voted for that dude just based on his name) eliminates $2 million to be devoted to the Truman Sports Complex, which houses the stadiums in which the Chief and baseball’s Royals play.
Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders thinks that the absence of the money will constitute a violation of the leases with both teams.
“The money would be the violation,” Sanders said.  “But the fact that we would have violated a substantive provision would mean those leases are now gone. . . .  We would be on a tightrope or a high wire with no safety net.
“The teams would then be, to use the sports phrase, free agents to do whatever they wanted to do,” Sanders said.  “Renegotiate the deal or to not honor any of the provisions of the lease they did not want to honor.”
Of course, none of this means that the Chiefs would opt to leave.  But, apparently, it would give them to ability to at least try.


  1. If any other family owned the team I would say yes they would use that has a bargaining chip. But the Hunt family has too much class and too much loyalty to hold something against the city. There is not danger of the team leaving unless the team sells the chiefs and that isn’t happening.

  2. of course they would want to leave! who wants to be in KC? Kansas City is a skid mark on the underpants of America!

  3. That is, hands down, one of the best last names I’ve ever heard. Mayor Funkhouser, it sounds like a George Clinton album.

  4. If you’ve ever been to that area you know how embedded the Chiefs are in KC and how much the area loves them. I don’t see them leaving and its far from “the skidmark” the dbag above described.

  5. That would suck. Won’t happen to the Chiefs though. That stadium, those fans, that team, they way it is now, means too much to the NFL and should not be touched.
    The Vikings, on the other hand, ehh, who would really care if they move, beyond their own fans?

  6. Never thought the Browns would leave Cleveland but look what happened. Better be careful in KC or see ya later chiefs.

  7. While Funkhouser has the greatest name in KC since Dick Curl left, he has proven to be one of the most inept Mayors this town has seen in a long time. He has burned so many bridges in his short tenure it wouldn’t surprise me if he did “scare” the Chiefs out of town with his belt-tightening antics gone seriously awry.
    Here’s hoping they get this fixed! (and get rid of him in the next election too!)

  8. Let ’em take the Royals, half the town wouldn’t notice anyway. The Chiefs though, expect many, many fires if Funkytown gets his way.

  9. Here is the real deal.
    In 2006 Kansas City approved a three-eighths-cent sales tax to raise an estimated $850 million during 25 years to finance $425 million in construction costs, with the remainder spent on interest and future major stadium repairs.
    325 million of that goes to the renovation of Arrowhead with the Hunt family chipping in another 125 million for renovations.
    With the passing of the stadium bill, the Chiefs new lease became effective. With the new lease, the Chiefs will remain at Arrowhead until at least 2031.

  10. Makes for nice fodder, but I don’t see it happening. I think the Raiders have a better chance of ending up in LA.
    Yeah, and KC is not that bad.

  11. Actually, if you saw the lack of support for the team last year, and paid any attention to how empty Arrowhead was at the end of the year, and read their boards, you would see how fairweather the KC fans are…. Not to mention, they are excessively rude.. worst fans out of all the NFL stadiums I’ve been to (18 and counting)

  12. Yes, any team will lack in attendance if the team is 4-12 and 2-14 in consecutive seasons…it doesn’t matter the city. I’d love to see the attendance in Pittsburg or New England after two such seasons…people will only pay for a competitive product (simple supply/demand).
    That being said, KC loves the Chiefs (despite any revelations that we are comprised of “fair weather” fans) because all that KC has is the Chiefs (let’s face it, the Royals have been a glorified minor league team since 1991). It would not be mere speculation to expect a small riot if they did leave.
    Besides, why go to LA? Sure you have a larger market, but that hasn’t exactly kept any NFL franchise from sticking around (see LA Raiders and LA Rams).

  13. This is a nice little sensationalistic story, but has next to zero chance of happening. The only reason it became “mainstream” is bc a few local media members want to out the local government. Beyond the ridiculous claims that Chiefs fans are fairweather, think about the fact that the sports complex (both Arrowhead and Kauffman) just underwent/are undergoing hundreds of millions of dollars of team specific renovations. When has a team in any sport that just got done making these types of renovations been moved? If anything, it is more likely that KC will be adding an NBA/NHL team in the near future.

  14. @ bwisnasky-
    Pretty lame take- KC was godawful last year, and any fanbase would lose hope with Herman Edwards at the helm. Sure, there were plenty of empty seats for the Dolphins game which if I was recall played in subzero windchills.
    While I have never been to KC,

  15. Wasn’t Funkhouser Super Dave Osbourne’s character on Curbed Your Enthusiasm?
    I doubt KC will lose it’s teams since they’re spending money upgrading the stadiums and the conflict is over a measley 2 million. If it was $200m, then long live the Los Angeles Chiefs.

  16. continiuing my earlier diatribe re: bwisnasky
    While i’ve never been to a game at KC, I’ve heard nothing but positive secohndhand accounts of KC fans. that said, I can speak from personal experience that Jets, Eagles and Chargers fans are as “rude” as it gets.

  17. Mayor Mark Funkhouser is being and has been talked about for impeachment for a while now. He has been a bum mayor and is about as effective as Rod Blagojevich. Lol, this might be his wife wanting to breach the lease because she was told flat out that she cannot “help” her husband Mayor Mark Funkhouser in his decisions anymore or at least in his office. That might be why the mayor does all of his work now out of the public library. There is a lot of pressure on the rest of the city council to not allow a breach in the lease to occur.

  18. It’s not going to happen.
    The state legislature will step in and pay the $2M if KC, MO doesn’t. Why lose hundreds of millions of dollars over $2M?
    There’s no legs to this story. It’s all political. The city council and Funkhouser have been playing stupid games for what seems like forever.
    KC, MO city government (and school board for that matter) are a complete and utter JOKE.

  19. This Funkhouser moron is weird, but he pales in comparison with his crazy, racist wife Gloria Squitiro. Gloria got herself sued for calling a black female employee “Mammy”!!
    Mammy??? What the hell is this Gloria, 1855? She also ran Funkhouser’s campaign and she definitely wears the pants in the family.
    Seriously, google this idiot. He and his crazy wife are constant fodder for the tabloids. Funkhouser is a complete knob. He’s about 6’8″, 150 lbs, and he looks like some character from the Addam’s Family.
    He and his wife are completely nuts.

  20. Mike,
    Do you think Mayor Funkhouser is going to be using both of his seats to the upcoming Dodger game, given the circumstances?

  21. No way the Chiefs move, nope.
    It’s a matter of time before we get a team here though. We have the money, lot’s of it, and we don’t have the financial mess the USA has.
    Bring it on.

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