After checking out his options on the free-agent market, running back Kevin Jones has decided to stay in Chicago.
Jones, per a league source, signed a two-year, $3.5 million deal.
Jones will receive a $1 million signing bonus, and $2 million in the first year.
He spent the first four years of his career in Detroit, after being drafted by the Lions in the first round in 2004.
In Chicago, Jones carried the ball 34 times for 109 yards last season as a backup to Matt Forte.


  1. “They should have kept Thomas Jones.”
    Yeah, cause Matt Forte sucks. Man I wish our running back was 31 instead of 23.

  2. Interesting move. Here’s hoping they use Kevin Jones on a regular basis, as I think he can still contribute, and Matt Forte needs the rest. It does shore up a need.
    Next step, finish the John St. Clair contract. Despite adding Omiyale to a fairly decent sized deal, they still need to draft at least one offensive lineman, a guy that offers RT potential but could perhaps start inside for a year or two.
    After that? Well, backup QB is on the docket. It’s Orton’s job, but a decent backup is needed, as much is still unknown about Kyle Orton. They need a big, downfield target. After that, it’s time to gather depth.
    The Bears are in somewhat of a pickle. Part of me wants them to retool, as I’m not sure I see a way for the Bears to try and extend their window. The other part says, hey, they are close to being a playoff team, and maybe they get a bit lucky along the way. If Orton develops, there’s some hope (I mean, a legit QB like Cutler makes that offense look a lot better).
    Look at it this way – maybe Marinelli gets more out of the current DL talent, but the key assets on the DL are aging, so at some point, they need a young pass rusher, and they might need to contemplate DT depending on Harris’ health (although I do like Harrison). That said, for 2009 – they have DE/DT options, so any pick would be for depth purposes. At LB, they are set, but how much longer does Urlacher have? That said, to draft a LB high would be unnecessary, as they have depth, so they are in a similar pickle there as well. At safety, they just need to find a tandem they can start and hope they stay on the field. At CB, Tillman/Vasher are at crossroads, and they have some young assets in Graham/McBride, but they could use more. On the OL, can they really justify spending a first rounder when they need to see Chris Williams perform? And yet, even if St. Clair comes back, that’s an OL that needs to retooled (St. Clair/Garza/Kreutz all getting up there).
    Again, this isn’t an exercise to say that they are stuck, but rather, to say that they have some interesting decisions to make.

  3. “Yeah, cause Matt Forte sucks. Man I wish our running back was 31 instead of 23.”
    No, they should have never traded him away, period. But then, there’s nothing that can be done about Jerry Angelo.

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