In an appearance on Friday’s Dan Patrick Show, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner addressed the question of whether his new two-year, $23 million contract includes a commitment to direct $2 million of the money to a new contract for receiver Anquan Boldin.
Said Warner:  “[I]t didn’t come up at all.”
Um, really?
What about the much-publicized notion that Warner’s proposal of a two-year, $23 million contract included a promise to give up $1 million each year to help the team re-sign Boldin?
And don’t tell us that the reports of such a concession were incorrect; it appeared in the article from agent Mark Bartelstein’s unofficial press secretary in the days preceding the negotiation of a final deal, and thus it clearly was true.
So how can Warner say that “[i]t didn’t come up” with a straight face?  Of course it came up.  The question is what happened to it? 
Warner’s failure to address the issue with Dan Patrick or anyone else allows a reasonable person (that leaves us out) to infer that it really was an effort to sway public opinion at a time when Warner was pushing for his contract.
Meanwhile, Warner also told Dan Patrick that Warner would be willing to play with Terrell Owens.  Warner might have to play with Owens, once Boldin figures out that Warner used Boldin’s situation to help leverage the Cardinals into giving Warner more money.
Finally, to all those people who ask why we think Warner is a phony, we have this to say.
What more evidence do you need?


  1. Whew, this really frosts your ass doesn’t it florio? TRY TRY TRY there brother. Gotta knock them cards. Trying to create a little in fighting there Mike? Warner is staying, Boldin is staying, Fitz is there, Breaston is there. Get ready for another good season from them.

  2. “Warner might have to play with Owens, once Boldin figures out that Warner used Boldin’s situation to help leverage the Cardinals into giving Warner more money.”
    Helped leverage the Cardinals how? Since that clause isn’t in the contract, the leverage no longer exists. It’s their problem if they forgot to hold him to that in the end, and then Kurt would have to flat-out lie afterward, or out himself as a clear fraud, if it became a sticking point.
    Either way, who really cares anymore? The Cards have plenty of money and I’m sick of reading about Kurt Warner’s alleged character, when he just tried to get what he’s worth from the crappy organization to which he brought it’s greatest success.

  3. Of course he’s a fraud. I’m really sick of people claiming that he took a home town discount, when it was his only offer.
    San Fran is going to wine and dine him and Butch just to make Arizona over pay for him. Mission accomplished.
    Just go away Kurt and take Butch with you.

  4. Florio’s looking for new site sponsorship. He’s targeted the cologne Obsession, and proving how apt it is for him.

  5. why would any widereceiver want to catch passes from him anyways? if most of the quarterbacks in this league played with that offense there numbers would be way better then warners, they should send warner and T.O. to the lions

  6. “Of course he’s a phony, just like most in your face Christians. When the going is good, everyone credits God and Jesus, but when bad things happen they never point the finger in the same direction….. ”
    What? Are you just stupid or dumb? Because that makes no sense.

  7. WOW!!!! while i’ve always disagreed with you about warner, i’ve always thought you were just giving your opinion about him talking about his faith using a sports platform.
    after this post i am convinced that you are using any news about warner to discredit his name. this post is so far beyond speculation it is ridiculous!
    then again, every post about him draws lots of comments. maybe you are just manipulating us into pushing F5.

  8. Florio,
    I for one am with you even if the rest of the members of this site aren’t. I hate when athletes play the God card and then turn out to be scum like Warner. I actually started to believe that he was a good guy this past season until I saw how immature he acted on and off the field toward the end of the season. Thanks for bringing these things to the fans’ attention.

  9. Wow… how do you get “phony” out of what he said in that interview about Boldin.
    Now that T.O. has been cut, you’ll have enough stuff to fill your site up with, without trying to “create” controversy that just isn’t there.
    Florio, until you start putting up as much of your free time, effort, and money into helping others have a better life as much as Warner does, you’re the only phony in the room.

  10. Ugh. Do we have to hear about this again? Of course he’s a “phony” because he’s human. We’re all phonies. That’s the friggin’ point. We don’t have the ability not to be. Florio, you’re a phony too, and so am I. Unless you’re on a “higher moral ground” and haven’t ever said one thing and knowingly or unknowingly done another.

  11. Warner is a good guy…but he’s handled the contract neg. horribly.
    He lied about SF offering him a deal…it was all over his face that he was lying.
    He better have not used Q as a leverage point or it’ll come back to bite him.
    For a class act guy…he sure got greedy quick and his morals were easily swayed in the face of $$$$. Many people lose site of goals, dreams and morals when $$ is in their face….Warner is no different.

  12. dude Florio what has the man ever done to you…when it comes to Warner your like a jilted lover…and besides the Boldin is done and been done why do you think him and Drew have been quiet? you think if it wasn’t handled that bigger A-hole than you Drew R. wouldn’t be pulling some wacked ploy

  13. wampag: “dude Florio what has the man ever done to you…”
    He didnt answer Florio’s incompetent, pencil-necked question at the Superbowl media day.

  14. I just find it funny that Florio DEFENDS T.O. and his agent, and yet bashes Warner at every turn. Warner doesn’t claim to be perfect. If he was claiming that, then you’d have a case.

  15. Way to go, Mike.
    You’ve “proved” your point. You should feel a lot of pride in that. Now, I have one question for you. How many stones do you throw till you get to “enough”? When will you be satisfied in your constant trashing of Warner? When is that point coming? Because a lot of us are just plain tired of it.
    BTW, do you actually read these? Evidently not.

  16. Warner is NOT a good guy. He is a fraud with a “my crap don;t stink” because I talk to GOD attitude. He is a phony who is no better then Drew Rosenhause(sp?).

  17. Maybe Warner will give up $2 million to sign TO. We’d then have the privilege of another full day of rumors most people don’t care about. Might as well sign Favre, too.

  18. Kurt Warner says God tells him what to do. Apparently God is greedy, and a convenient liar. Couldn’t stand his act while he was here in St. Louis. Can’t stand it now either.

  19. mikey “don’t call me ray finkle” florio – dude….seriously. You are REACHING for something to publish to this oft-busted wordpress blog. get off this dude’s slootzak and use your investigative – or should i say- del.icio.us tag scouring nose and post something that wasn’t yesterday’s news.
    laces out bro.

  20. I also think what you’re missing Florio, is that he never said, “I didn’t offer that.” He said, “It didn’t come up.” Who knows what happened in the contract negotiations, but maybe the Cardinals didn’t bring it up because they know they have 2 years remaining on the Boldin deal and they don’t want him on the team after that. Why make concessions in a contract to sign a player to a long term contact when you don’t want that player for longer than his current contract? I think the lucky charms have gone to your head.

  21. To the dumb asses that either a) don’t get it or b) don’t want to get it.
    Things that Warner has said or claimed and back tracked on.
    I’m going to pray about my future……. Then says that if Anquan comes back that will likely help determine his choice.
    I’m going to play for Arizona or retire……. That lie is well documented.
    It’s not about the money, when it clearly was….
    God told me within 45 minutes I need to be in Arizona. Yeah okay. Sure that just wasn’t bad food?
    I’ll give up a million each year if they give it to Q, but it doesn’t come up.
    Okay, you are just a hypocritical liar that has had the benefit of playing with elite receivers, who without them you are just as good as Jon Kitna.

  22. Like the Seinfeld episode ‘The Parking Space’, Florio probably meant phony in good way. Instead of using the example in that episode of “man that Michael Jordan is so phony’ Florio has applied this slang to St. Kurt.

  23. …or, Warner felt he was in a much better position than he actually was and given the organizations history, felt he’d better take the money upfront since they hadn’t signed Boldin.
    This can still happen, if the cards sign Boldin, Warner could re-do his deal for a million per year less, although, I would expect the second million to come off his 4 million second year salary and not out of the 19 mil guaranteed.
    Bible beaters will always be held up to scrutiny and I am not shedding a tear for them, but its possible that the cards called Kurts bluff which forced the charade you have been berating him this week for.

  24. yeah sure. He’s a phoney.
    Good thing there are people like Pacman Jones “keeping it real”.
    Lesson learned. Don’t talk about your faith because there are plenty of people that want to whip you with it the first chance they get.

  25. Slippery slope, Florio, but I respect your willingness to go here with your point. You see, folks are so hyper-paranoid about calling out a member of the God squad/PR team that if someone else does it, they have to jump on the messenger to score more heaven points. Symptomatic of the collective mentality of society.
    In my experience, people who play the “I love Jesus more than you” card often wind up being scumbags, and the Hay-zeus card is nothing more than cover for their shady actions. Warner isn’t shady, but was just looking to maximize his earnings. You can’t blame him for that, but please don’t patronize those of us with functional IQ’s with the ‘Jesus told me to sign in AZ’ crap, as that’s exactly what it is. Too bad the majority of fans seem to lap this BS up like it’s free candy.

  26. Warner is a phony, and I completely agree with Florio’s and PFT’s assessment of him.
    Warner is the product of his system. Of course he throws for 4k yards, when he is in a pass happy offense, because they can’t run the ball for sh!t. He was lucky enough to go from “The Best Show on Turf”, to a team with the two best recievers in the game. Oh, and does Arizona even run the ball?
    It would have been great if he actually went to SF, to see how he dealt with a receiving crew as broken as theirs. I seriously doubt he would have put up numbers anywhere NEAR what he has done with teams that have amazing receivers. Oh, and SF actually LIKES to run the ball, via Frank Gore.
    Cardinals fans are delusional if they seriously expect a year like they just had, anytime soon.

  27. Let me get this straight. You link to a story which states that “Warner, through Bartelstein, is willing to reduce his contract by $1 million a year if they can successfully renegotiate the contract of wide receiver Anquan Boldin.” Then you link to an interview in which Warner says he let the Cardinals know he is willing to do that and is still willing to do that but it didn’t come up during the offical contract negotiations, and somehow this is “evidence” of Warner being a phony? No wonder you don’t practice law.

  28. LOL, all you people getting mad at Florio for calling at your favorite bible thumper are hilarious. If Jesus only knew you guys were watching football on the sabbath day instead of praying… you’d go to hell.
    You know the place underground made of fire, where “bad” people go after they die?
    Man that sounds ridiculous even to type.

  29. Plus, the guy has had to fight for his job against a rookie!!! If Warner was really THAT good, why was he never treated like other great FRANCHISE QB’s? Why was he not kept around, on the teams that he became famous on?
    The guy didn’t even have a job and was back up in NY before going to AZ, as guess what…a BACK UP. He finally, after what, a year, two years? Got to compete for the starting position against a ROOKIE. Lucky for him, he actually won the job.
    For him to be pulling the kind of things he has been this offseason, after almost being forgotten, is remarkable.

  30. “Warner’s failure to address the issue with Dan Patrick or anyone else allows a reasonable person (that leaves us out) to infer that it really was an effort to sway public opinion at a time when Warner was pushing for his contract.”
    I heard the interview live. I couldn’t agree with you more. This was evident all along.
    My current wish for the Birds and their Bird Brain fans is to watch Warner mercilessly beat to a pulp through nine games next year en route to a franchise common 2-7 start.
    That would leave the team with the decision to bench their holier-than-thou, $19M guaranteed aged fraud, liar and franchise rapist or go with the over-hyped-then-over-paid lefty playboy.
    I would expect them to chose the latter which would lead to a franchise common 4-12 finish and God telling Warner that it would be in his best interest to take the $19M and run.
    Craziest recent comment I’ve heard from a Bird Brain was on a national talk show two days ago: (After raving about Warner) “Without Kurt I think we’re only a 500 team.” Dude, you were 9-7 last year WITH him.
    Countdown to no longer needing hear read junk about this worthless joke of a franchise: about eight months.

  31. OR maybe the “it didn’t come up” line is a cover-up for the Cards organization intent on trading Boldin? As in, Warner himself brought it up in negotiations, the Cards said, “don’t you worry yourself about that, Boldin is a gonner, by the way can you please not mention this fact?”
    In your random speculation, did you consider that potential scenario?

  32. I don’t think this one is that complicated: He wanted $28, he settled for $23. The $5 mil difference can go to Boldin.

  33. Guberville Smack says:
    March 6th, 2009 at 12:07 pm
    yeah sure. He’s a phoney.
    Good thing there are people like Pacman Jones “keeping it real”.
    Lesson learned. Don’t talk about your faith because there are plenty of people that want to whip you with it the first chance they get.
    If only people would shut up about their faith. I could say that would be heaven, but that would be silly.

  34. Well, The Official Michael Florio Kurt Warner Smear Campaign continues. For someone that seems so intelligent, how can you be so irresponsible and wrong? Have you ever met Kurt Warner? Had a conversation with him? Have you tried to interview and confront him with your accusations? Shouldn’t he have a chance to give you his side? Do you realize how influential you are now? Do you even care? I know you think you have this skill to “see” what others don’t, but that doesn’t mean your judgement is always right. You are very wrong this time.
    I am so disappointed in you Michael.

  35. I agree with Florio on this one, the pt is not to persecute Warner but to hold him accountable for the things he says. He speaks of God and his relationship with God and how God speaks to him, then in the same interview lies, any true Christian should hold other Christians accountable. Without accountability you have guys who missuse religon and God as I feel that Warner has in this instance. Florio put it best in one of his many articles about Warner, he said somethign to the extent of Warner has religion and his ego to closely intertwined and I agree with him thats what it seems like.

  36. “NYG4life says: You know the place underground made of fire, where “bad” people go after they die?”
    when it comes to kurt warners faith, that does sound ridiculous. we are all “bad”. that’s the point. the people who go to hell are the “unforgiven” ones. don’t mock what you don’t understand.

  37. Listen guys… really…. what is good about picking up the tab in a restaurant from people that could very well pay their own ticket anyway? PR BS!
    If he was St Warner who talks to God in a daily basis, I would think that he would negotiate with the Cards to play for the minimum and to have the Cards send the extra 20something million to some charity…
    But he didn’t… cause God wants HIM to keep the money… not to get distributed among those who need it more (NOT the guys from Cheesecake factory min you)…
    He’s just a lying PR oriented pompous ass that gives a bad face to the rest of you religious people… And the saddest thing is that there are some true Christians out there that even if I don’t agree at all with their beliefs, do real good, and feel that some a***ole is better then them… just because he payed a well to do family in a Cheesecake Factory their tap of 200 bucks or whatever… and don’t bring the habitat for humanity thing up… THOUSAND OF PEOPLE DO IT!!! and I’m pretty sure that the % of their paychecks that they destine to such things is higher than Saint BS…

  38. So, I’m guessing that Kurt Warner not only urinated in, but defecated in Florio’s Fruity Pebbles as well. Tell you what, Florio, why don’t you just propose a pay scale for Christian NFL Players and submit it to the commish, since apparently, you have an issue with Christian NFL players getting fair market value. But go ahead and keep on praising TO, Fat Albert and PacMan. Maybe you can show some to Marshawn Lynch as well. After all, he’s not a Christian, right?
    Incidentally, for those of you calling Warner for playing on the “Sabbath”, the sabbath day is Saturday, not Sunday. Sunday became a tradition and isn’t the actual sabbath day.

  39. ForTheGlory says: “the people who go to hell are the “unforgiven” ones. don’t mock what you don’t understand.”
    LOL I understand completely… you believe that some mythical person will “forgive” you after you die because of your beliefs, and you’ll get to go to heaven.
    And Mike Florio definitely isn’t going because he dared to suggest that Kurt Warner is full of shit.
    I do wonder one thing though. Do I have a shot at heaven? I mean I work hard and I provide for my family, but since I don’t seek forgiveness and absolution, will I be left out??? What if I cheered really hard for Kurt when he played for the Giants?

  40. Whew, this really frosts your ass doesn’t it florio? TRY TRY TRY there brother. Gotta knock them cards. Trying to create a little in fighting there Mike? Warner is staying, Boldin is staying, Fitz is there, Breaston is there. Get ready for another good season from them.
    Good season? If they were in any other division, they would have missed the playoffs. They got hot in the Playoffs – I get that – but stop acting like these goofballs were fantastic in the regular season, because they weren’t. The 2008 Cards might want to look up the 1979 Rams – that’s how relevant they are.

  41. I’ve learned to ignore any story you write about Warner. You’re obviously on a personal crusade.

  42. NYG4life..
    1st of all, forgiveness comes before you die & actually came at the cross when Jesus died. it is available to all who seek it.
    2nd, i never suggested florio was going to hell because of his stance on kurt warner. only God knows florio’s heart. but anyone who says that warner shouldn’t use his platform to profess his faith, hasn’t read the Bible.
    3rd, just because you say God is mythical doesn’t make it so. anymore than my belief He is real, makes it so. people used to believe the earth was flat.
    i hope you do seek forgiveness & put your faith in Christ, because according to the Bible that is the ONLY way you get to heaven. again, i understand that alone doesn’t make it so, but what if it is????

  43. by the way florio… thanks for opening up this non-football realated discussion. also, i really do admire that you post every comment deemed not “inappropriate”. even when you get ripped. thanks for giving a platform to everyone to share their beliefs.

  44. Most of the people posting comments on this article are CLUELESS! Where in this article is the “Anti-Warner” Florio speaking of his faith? He is simply stating that (and I whole-heartedly agree) Warner’s idea of a “kick-back” to the team to re-sign Boldin was at most, a good will gesture that Warner knew the Cards’ wouldn’t be able to ask for after being lambasted by the talking heads on TV for not “paying” Kurt Warner. I’m tired of listening to morons! Get a clue! Did the Dodgers step up for Manny Ramirez? NO. No other bidders. What the Cardinals offered was “fair market value” for him. The Cards’ stepped up their offer even after Warner went to San Fran on a visit (and SF said they never even made him a formal offer), knowing that he’d be back. I’m a Cards’ fan, but I was almost ready to see if the playboy has got an arm after all and tell Warner to become a preacher. This way he could get paid to talk about God all day, like he does now.

  45. Total hater. Sometimes you make me want to stop reading this site. You post a halfway witty comment every once in awhile, and then do something retarded like go on a holy war against Warner. Maybe you’re staging it to get reaction which is actually more pathetic. You’re probably just pissed because you thought he was done years ago, like every other retard in the press. You all just hop in line. Though you are being different here aren’t you? Yay for youuuuuuuu. You so crazy. Anyway, you have information on your side for the time being.

  46. Any maybe it did come up. Why would Warner have to tell the press if it came up or not? To me, there couldn’t have been a better answer in the interest of the organization. Wouldn’t that give you tools insight into Boldin’s situation when it is none of your business?

  47. In choosing who is telling the truth in this matter (even though the cardinals have not specifically been asked this question) common sense and history of the Cardinals franchise would compell anyone to side with Kurt Warner. The Cardinals are well known for fumbling a contract or 2. And even though Kurt warner’s Christianity conflicts with the millionaire status of NFL QB’s, his actions are clearly are much more on the level than the Cardinals ever have been.

  48. And has anyone thought perhaps the Cardinals did not think to include the Boldin contract assist in Warner’s contract,. simply because they’re inept?

  49. “Finally, to all those people who ask why we think Warner is a phony”
    We’re all phonies, Mike, we’re all phonies.
    That said, you can’t blame Warner for letting his agent do his job. From the outside looking in, it appears their strategy worked like a Napoleonic battle plan. It’ll probably be Warner’s last NFL contract, so I don’t blame him for squeezing the notoriously cheap Cardinals for one second.
    On a slightly more trollish note, I started having my doubts about Warner when I saw the size of his wife’s necklace-cross, attractively placed right between her tits in a low cut v-neck. Not exactly the tell-tale sign of a meek Christian, no sir. Reminds me of the kind of people who attend those mega-churches with overly dramatic reverends just to be seen in the “right place”. Those people either never bothered reading the Bible or missed its message entirely…

  50. For The Glory:
    I agree with pretty much your whole statement. I must point out however, when you make reference to people believing the earth was flat, it hurts your argument instead of helping it. People believed the the earth was flat out of ignorance, until science proved that couldn’t be the case. Science has disproved many “facts” in the bible, which kinda hurts the credibilty of the good book. Not to mention the billions of humans following the words of other “good books”.
    Anyway, good debate… hope I wasn’t to insulting I just find this point of debate fascinating… and yes the G-Men will be back on top next year. 😉

  51. St Florio has weighed St Warner in the scales and St Warner has been found wanting and the verdict: “No prayers for YOU”.

  52. NYG4life…
    science has disproved NOTHING about the Bible. i guarantee that i could show you the facts on ANYTHING someone says science disproves about the Bible. as far as ignorance goes, i believe that people who say there is no hell do so out of ignorace. fortuantly for some & unfortunately for others, we will all find out one day.
    by the way, i love the debate. i wish i had warners platform to debate it.

  53. I am not usre as to why you need to keep pointing out these terrible character flaws you think you see in Kurt Warner.
    You didn’t even target Big Albert this much when he stepped on andre gurodes face. I mean come on. This guy does a ton of charity work, is a man of God, yet you chastise him every chance you get for trying to make as much money as he can.
    I can almost GUARENTEE that Warner will do more good with his money i.e. charity work, etc. than 99% of other N.F.L. players. So get off of his case. Yeah he got as much money as he could, but he will make more peoples lives better with that extra money he gets and is a good representation of what someone who comes into a lot of money should do. Spread it around. Unlike these bums who just buy hundreds of cars for themselves while there are people out there dying of disease and hunger. Thank you.

  54. Warner deserves all the crap he gets. Don’t bring God into a damn contract negotiation, Kurt. You look like a sanctimonious hypocrite.
    If you feel the need to pray, do it meekly. That’s all.

  55. NYG4life: I to am interested in hearing what science fact disproves the bible. As for the Warner bashing. Not sure why so many find the time to bash someone who really hasn’t done much wrong, for the league or the teams he’s played for. 2 SB trips with the Rams and one ring, and a title shot with the Cards is not a bad resume. The Cards were within 2 minutes of being champs and it wasn’t Warner who gave up the winning TD. Some of these posts are comical. Discrediting Warners stats by saying anyone could throw to Boldin and Fitz. Really? Warner has the highest QB rating and most yards in SB history. Anyone could do that huh? You don’t have to like him to understand the guy can play. Any post here bashing his ability or stats is plain moronic. Because you either don’t believe in God or dislike bible believing Christians also shouldn’t be your opportunity to blast the guy. If he says he prays about the direction of his life, so be it. What do you care? Oh, and good luck in the after life, you will need it!

  56. Mike Florio is an overweight, “hack” writer with a mullett! If you Google him, you’ll find his picture posted and enjoy the same laugh that I just did! So, Mike…do you know how many millions of dollars Kurt Warner has donated to charity? Hey Mike, who won the Walter Payton award last year for his contributions on and off the field? Is Walter Payton’s award also a scam or a phony? If you weren’t stuffing your face with Cheetos and Milk Duds all the damn time you’d actually say something intelligent, insightful or articulate…like most prominent writers in your field. Your attack on Kurt and calling him a “phony” is an insult to the well-educated fan of the NFL and football, in general. I’d suggest you find another profession that doesn’t require “credibility” as part of the job and pursue that instead.

  57. AMEN, & well-said, Great Falconi! I have nothing at all against God and religion, but why make a public spectacle of your faith? Just go quietly about your business & live your life as He would want you to. If you pontificate publicly as much as Warner, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone calls you out when your actions contradict your words. Personally, I think it would have been great for God to smite Warner’s sanctimonious ass just as he was about to sign the contract!

  58. Fortheglory,
    I must admit I laughed hysterically when I saw your comment about nothing in the bible being disproved.
    If you really believe in stuff like Adam & Eve and Noah’s ark you’re just ignorant or more likely blinded by your faith. The bible is more fiction than actual fact. To people like you, it doesn’t matter because you are too stubborn in your belief to even consider if any of the hypocritical book you speak of is false. You’ll say it’s a matter of faith. Well, I grew up catholic and have seen no sign of any god. I’ve heard of plenty of priests that rape little boys before they pass a collection plate though.
    I’m way too logical to believe in religion anymore.
    Christianity is mostly stolen from early Sumerian religion anyway. Marduk=jesus. Kingu=god. The story of Marduk & Tiamat=Cain & Abel. Just ripped off from a previous religion and slightly twisted around. I see religion as good for one thing: starting wars throughout history. The crusades were great (the sarcasm), basically, believe what we do or be destroyed along with all of your recorded history (those poor vikings…).
    You’re also probably also against stem cells potentially curing diseases and saving lives. I had a girlfriend who’s family was into faith healing and she had a cousin who died of cancer at the age of 17, having never seen a doctor, because their faith would not look kindly on visiting one. He just wasted away and never had a chance. I lost all respect for them when I heard about that.
    And yeah, Kurt Warner needs to shut up already. He would if he was as righteous as he thinks he is. He needs to change his name to Kurt Hypocrisy.

  59. The blog here is about Kurt Warner and whether or not he’s a “phony”. How everyone started to talk about Kurt’s religion and Christianity is totally besides the point. I’m agnostic and bordering atheist but I don’t fault Kurt for being a Christian or praising his God for his previous success or successes. If that bugs you about Kurt, then move to another planet where Christianity, Judaism, Hindus, Muslims, Protestants, Epsicopalians, Methodists, Greek Orthodox and many other religions don’t exist. Otherwise, we all need to be tolerant and learn to coexist…

  60. PFTisgreat……
    you said absolutely nothing that disproves anything about the Bible. i’ll be the 1st to admit that there have been a lot of bad things done by people professing “God”, but that doesn’t make them of God. i could kill someone claiming Bill (made up name) told me to do it, but that doesn’t make it so. Christianity is about Jesus Christ & Him alone. i am VERY sorry about your girlfriends cousin, but again just because that is what they believed, doesn’t make it from God. i understand Christians are supposed to be a representation on God on earth, but we are a POOR representation. go to Jesus for your answers. not believing because of what someone who claimed to be a Christ follower did, will cause you do die in your sins just like them. if that happens, we all lose.
    you probably won’t get this 3 days later, but i can hope.

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