Well, those rumors about Terrell Owens landing in Buffalo are more than rumors.
Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com report that Owens is at the Bills’ headquarters, and the Bills are trying to get a deal done.
Per Glazer and Marvez, Owens is scheduled to leave today.

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  2. Well, if anybody can keep him in line, its Dick Jauron and Trent Edwards.
    Yeah, this is going to work out REAL well……

  3. They’ll do anything to beat the Pats won’t they? TO is going to mouth off about playing Randy Moss twice a year now, and get to play Bill Parcells/Tony Sparano’s team twice a year. This is bad news for the Bills. Trent Edwards is far too inexperienced and not yet established enough as a pro-QB for TO not to start taking pot shots at him. This will ruin Edwards and tear the Bills apart for sure. Lee Evans already complained about not getting the ball enough.

  4. This will destroy the Bills. No way is T.O. going to stay quiet when Trent Edwards can’t deliver him the ball. Between Lynch and Owens, this team will self implode next year.

  5. The Bills need another WR and offensive playmaker. Give him a 1 year deal. Worst comes to worst, the Bills end up last in the AFC East again and Jauron gets canned. That will probably happen anyway. Theres really nothing to lose by signing him.

  6. This actually kind of makes sense. Lee Evans has always struck me as a second reciever type (small, fast and a great route-runner) and Trent Edwards is the type of guy who won’t put up a fight. Also the Bills are a team that generally don’t generate that much media attention, so maybe he will be able to go about his business a bit better than in Dallas.

  7. Right on icase…. this is a great way to destroy the confidence and career of a somewhat promising young QB.

  8. icase81:
    I agree with most of your points, except for the last one. I bet Lee Evans gets more catches if T.O. is on the other side.
    That being said, I’ll believe this when I see it. I can’t see Ralph Wilson paying T.O. the money he wants, and I can’t see T.O. actually wanting to play in Buffalo. They’re probably just trying to drum up interest from the Pats or Jets or some other team.

  9. I can’t wait until TO gets a taste of the nightlife in Buffalo. That’ll seal the deal for his first implosion.

  10. Could the Bills be any more of a joke? And I say that with a heavy heart, since they’re my team. Brutal, just brutal. This is what happens when you let a non-football guy like Russ Brandon manage the team. A milquetoast coach like Jauron is never gonna keep TO in line…and pity Trent Edwards, king of the checkdown pass, when he doesn’t get TO the ball 35 times a game.

  11. Not like the Bills can get much worse… I think this will help for at least a year or two.

  12. Like T.O. as a Bill or not but please stop talking about Trent Edwards as though he was some kind of sissyboy who will “be ruined” if T.O. says a bad thing about him. for gods sake trent is a man and needs to act like one. I say bring in some players and stop worrying about Trents feelings.

  13. I find this hard to believe, mainly because I can’t remember a high profile FA player ever going to Buffalo before.
    Can anybody else?

  14. Honestly, I feel for you, Trent. You seem like a good kid, who doesn’t deserve this.
    T[hrown] O[ut] better stay until a deal gets done.
    Anytime AL DAVIS doesn’t want you…

  15. All the Buffalomaniacs have been saying their prayers and taking their vitamins and finally their patience has paid off >>> on September 13th when T.O. emerges from the Tunnel of Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, NY >>> GET YOUR POPCORN READY >>> cuz whatcha gonna do when the Bills new high powered offense runs wild on you, brother?!?

  16. “They’re probably just trying to drum up interest from the Pats or Jets or some other team.”
    The last time I looked the Pats don’t need TO. They already have 2 game breaking receivers. The Bills are trying to get it done because they’re desperate.

  17. I concur with icase and beastie bills..
    The only thing beastie bills, I highly doubt Randy Moss and Terrell Owens can coexist and that BB and company wants to bring in a malcontent to team that just lost a vocal leader and that is trying to get younger (coersion toward TO’s attitude). But then again BB likes to bring in workers and people who want to win and will do anything to win….which includes sacrificing ego.

  18. and doody rosenschitz will trumpet the bills offer to show how easy it would be to sign him, contriteness and competitive rates, all that jazz…
    i dont think she-ho will want to play in buffalo, altho if they offer the only offer, he would go there.
    whither the raiders… al should emerge from his coffin in 2 hours…

  19. LOL The Bills? If one thing has been learned, Owens needs to be WINNING to be happy (or at least publically happy anyway).
    This MIGHT last 1 season, maybe less if it happens.

  20. Or…….maybe he is on his east to the PATS!!
    The atmosphere around N.E. would be like when everyone was imagining what Red Sox nation would be like if we signed Barry Bonds as a DH………………..AWESOME.

  21. GZ says:
    March 7th, 2009 at 4:40 pm
    “Don’t write in all caps. ”
    Shut up you asshole.

  22. It looks like he finally got himself banished to the American Siberia.
    He dissevers to be banished from the NFL.

  23. The Bills would implode before pre-season even begins with TO there.
    Poor Ralph, he has no idea what is coming.

  24. if T.O sign with the Bills i don’t think he will be able to mess with trent edwards because i don’t think trent is a wose like tony romo is trent is a leader tony is a follower

  25. Brad Johnson is still out there. This will be the end of Trent Edwards. His confidence was already shot in December of last year.
    Maybe this will help the Bills sell out the Rogers Center in Toronto this year.

  26. You guys are right. No one pays attention to Buffalo. They have never had any good players. No national attention for O.J. (good or bad) Bruce Smith has never been in a national T.V. spot or for that matter Jim Kelly or Andre Reed on ESPN. Not to mention Boomer talking about how much he likes the Bills. I mean the NFL would never pay attention to the Bills (see last night’s NFL network broadcast of the greatest comback in NFL history). The NFL would never showcase the Bills on the first national broadcast game of the year (Hall of Fame Game). No Bills players are even in the Hall. Heck check the ratings on some of the most watched Monday night games of all time. You won’t find any Bills games on there right? For that matter you won’t find Bills fan bars around the Globe right. No one pays attention to what happens in Buffalo. With all that said a bad record does hurt the attention range. Still start 5-1 as we did last year and everyone will be talking about the Bills. Because truth be told there are many of us waiting in the wings for the team to be great again. I will take T.O. and the drama. It is just what we need.

  27. I agree with icase81.
    They don’t want to be last place again.
    They feel they have almost all the parts……but this isn’t the part they were missing that needs to be filled.

  28. Buffalo 0-6 in the division. Who in that division has a CB that can cover Owens? Nada.
    Not to mention Lee Evans seeing single-coverage for 19 games.

  29. As a life long Bills fan this is Awesome! I hate Dick Mauron, Ralph and the pathetic front office led by the marketing guy (Brandon)! Adding TO will be a 3 ring circus and hopefully the end of all of them so we can start 2010 fresh with a new owner, coach and front office. What the heck the team is going to be 4-12 in 2009 w/o TO, so how much worse could it get!!!! Bring on the clown!

  30. TO would be an excellent addition to the Bills, but there is no way he would every go to such a small market team, regardless of how much the Bills would pay him. Rosenhaus is merely using the Bills to try to leverage a better deal from some other team.

  31. This has the potential to be a great fit for both Buffalo and T.O. The Bills need a reciever to take away some of the double and triple teaming on Evans. T.O. will be with a team that prides itself on team effort and teamwork and not on who’s dating who, and who’s a bigger star. I hope it happens.

  32. this is perfect, trent is a big strong pocket-passer, that
    throws nice accurate passes, romo is a sidearm undersized
    prettyboy that cares more about wearing his hat
    backwards and giving his goofy smile, trent edwards is a
    serious QB who doesn’t whine like jeff garcia, and he
    doesn’t throw up like mcnabb, T.O. would also be good
    marketing for the Bills in Toronto, because Toronto loves
    big name players and T.O. could also do marketing with
    the raptors.

  33. T.O. is also interested in the Cleveland Browns, saying to a friend close to him, that signing him would mean instant success in the AFC North…. Would Mankok risk a 1 year contract to light up the shores of Lake Erie with bombs to Owens and Edwards…. Lewis is behind the strategy, saying it would open huge holes in the running game, cause teams couldn’t match the speed at 3 receiver spots…. but who would be lobbing the ball…. Quinn or Anderson….. wow…. suddenly the Browns offense could be electrifying, but the defense has major growing pains

  34. ahahahahahah!!!! t.o will tear this team apart. trent edwards cant throw a football and the bills hand it off more then pass by far. they need to get better o line for mshawn lynch and a young talented wide reciever with their 11th overall pick. stupid move. another year of bills sucking then dick jaroun will get the boot and he will be flipping pan cakes next too jp loserman. go skins! haynesworth=#1

  35. As one of the biggest Bills fans alive… Really whats so funny? What do we as a franchise have to lose? We have sucked for 10 stright years and have not been relevent since Kelly, Thurman, Andre, and Bruce left town… Play russian roulette for a season who cares!!!!! whats gonna happen if he blows the teams up? we wont make the playoffs again and prolly draft in the top 10 big suprise!

  36. T.O. just got his physical and he is signing a one year contract… i’m a buffalo insider, just wanted to break the story.

  37. As a life long Bills fan, I don’t even know what to say about this… On one hand maybe he’ll react well in a small market football town without so much national media attention and high profile distractions by bringing some enthusiasm and swagger to a franchise that desperately needs it. On the other hand, maybe he’ll completely destroy the bills from the inside and send Trent Edwards running for the hills.

  38. Lee Evans will be the #1 receiver with TO at #2. The bills really missed by drafting Hardy last year when there were other better receivers there. When you have a game managing QB like edwards you need someone like TO and others who can make big plays because edwards is not going to stretch teh field by himself.

  39. Good move on Terrell’s part. Being close to Toronto will greatly help facilitate next year’s move.

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