A league source tells us that there apparently was a problem at the Scouting Combine with one of the fairly important events.
Per the source, the electronic timing in the 40-yard dash might have malfunctioned at times.
As a result, the source says that some of the official reports that have been generated by the folks who run the Combine are showing hand-timed results only, with the spaces for the electronic times blank.
That said, we’ve asked several sources connected to NFL teams regarding whether the electronic timing was flawed, and the sources weren’t aware of any problems with the electronic timing.
Cue the “What the hell would the janitors know anyway?” comments.
We’ll keep our ears open on this one.  Maybe the kids who unload the Gatorade have heard something.


  1. Please remove the domino’s pizza advertisement, I cannot stand eating it let alone looking at it. It is terrible pizza, the only people i know who like it are the ones with it being their only choice for pizza. It is also the worst pizza to be eaten cold and reheated. I can deal with sprint, but domino’s is just too much.

  2. “What the hell would the janitors know anyway?”
    They knew that McNabb was getting the starting job back . . . .

  3. I think the NFL should change the format of the combine. I say make it like grade school recess and let all the potential picks just free play for about 2 hours or so. The scouts could all watch and see who runs the fastest, who cuts the best, and who sits on their arse watching. This way, they can get a great idea about the works and plays well with others factor. If you get in a fist fight at recess, then the scouts know that you might not work out so well on the team. I mean, this seems to have more relevance than running 40 yards in a straight line or jumping from a prepared standing position. I am sure if the Titans had seen Pacman making it rain at recess while fighting off hordes of huligans, they never would have drafted him. That way there are no more time clocks to go wrong. Let’s get on it Commish…

  4. Gee. Whole groups of data consistently fell well outside the expected results and now it’s being leaked that there may have been problems with the measuring system? Who could have predicted THAT?
    Oh. Wait. I believe I did.

  5. if you watched the nfl network you could see that they would periodically stop and mess with it and it clearly was not working properly.

  6. Janitors are the modern-day butlers. Billionaire owner mysteriously turns up dead? Where the hell’s the janitor?!

  7. Oh the janitor? And do tell, what did the janitor say? Well, I guess the JANITOR has a wild imagination, doesn’t he?

  8. Don’t bother asking the Cardinals Gatorade boy. Our Gatorade fridge was locked that day

  9. And Dominoa pizza is awesome reheated! Throw it in the toaster oven and make sure it’s deep dish. To DIE for.

  10. ha! this story is weak….my mentally retarded uncle who happens to be a janitor could come up with something more noteworthy. There are so many more obvious flaws with the Combine does it really even matter? They have the hand times and and the 40 yard albeit important isn’t the end all be all. These athletes have more to prove….scouts don’t only just look at physical ability.

  11. Maybe they can just call the NFL Network and have them superimpose all the guys running at once? Then, times be damned, they at least have a accurate relative comparison–which is all the combine is supposed to be good for, anyway.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

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