Our effort to identify, in haphazard, speculative fashion, the other three folks who’ll be among the first four head coaches in the UFL failed to include a name that should have been obvious, and that gives the UFL an added boost of initial credibility.
Per an NFL source (we need to be clear on that because the “league” in this case is the UFL), former Saints head coach and Rams interim coach Jim Haslett will spend the 2009 season coaching a UFL team.
Haslett was a finalist for the Rams’ head-coaching position after leading the team through the final 12 games of the 2008 season.  He then was linked to a couple of vacant defensive coordinator jobs, but ultimately was not hired at the NFL level.
Finally, to the folks who might be wondering why we’re covering the UFL more closely than we ever covered the Arena League, consider these realities:  (1) no former NFL head coaches ever became head coaches of AFL teams; (2) the no-defense AFL is more like basketball in pads than football; (3) come 2011, the UFL might be the only pro football league south of Canada that any of us will be covering.
UPDATE:  Haslett, we’re told, will be coaching the Orlando franchise.

7 responses to “HASLETT TO COACH IN UFL, TOO

  1. Glad to Jim show up anywhere. As a Ram fan I always respected his play against great Ram teams and felt bad for situation with the Rams.

  2. is there any chance that a NFL team will hire a guy to be a head coach of their team just because they do well as a UFL coach? I feel like for Haslett and Fassel this won’t help them but it might be good for Martz.

  3. So basically this is another league that will inevitably fail unless the NFL has no salary cap in 2010 and ruins the league as well as the legacy of each team.

  4. is it just me, but wouldnt this hurt your chances of ever returning to the NFL head coaching ranks?

  5. More lack of research. No NFL head coaches becames AFL head coaches during the time this site existed, but that is not true “ever”. Dick Nolan, Eddie Khayat, Lou Saban and Ray Willsey.
    And only someone with almost no knowledge of football would actually watch an AFL game and call it no defense. The defense is at a severe disadvantage by the nature of the game, but even with that disadvantage their is some very good defense played or scores would be even higher.

  6. now if they just lay low and keep their mouths shut this could work. They should just try to act as a ‘minor league’ to the nfl and this can be a moderate success.
    I really don’t think this was ever a horrible idea but it sure as hell can turn into one if they don’t respect the fact that the NFL is king. And if I were part of the NFL Front Office I would be pushing for people in and out of the league to pay attention to this because this could be a great opportunity.

  7. he’s the first guy I ever got an autograph from …
    … I’d expect he’d have better offers, but if he wants a head-coaching gig not sure this is the way to get his next one in the NFL

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