When Browns coach Eric Mangini isn’t signing unrestricted free agents who played for him with the Jets, Mangini is courting New York’s restricted free agents.
Per a league source, defensive back Abram Elam has signed a one-year, $1.5 million offer sheet with the Browns.
Elam, an undrafted free agent in 2006, was tendered at the lowest level — one year, $1.01 million.  The Jets have a right of first refusal.  But since Elam wasn’t drafted, the Jets will receive no compensation if they opt not to match.
The Jets will have seven days to decide whether to meet the offer and keep Elam.


  1. Since when was the Jets defense stellar pro bowlers? Thank you Mangini for putting the Browns defense exactly where it was last year. He will be fired at the end of the season, no doubt.

  2. I LOVE all the big and impact signings my Browns have done this off season!…….Now im going to go puke thinking about this new regime and season

  3. The more players the Browns can acquire that already know the system, the better. WTG MANKOK!

  4. MANGINI MAKES A MOVE ON ELAM…I knew it…I knew it!!!
    I could tell by looking at Mangini that he is a ……what?…..whats that?…..oh…I knew that…..I knew what Florio meant……nevermind…

  5. Wow. sounds like everyone else is coming around on this fat ass dipshit. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO FIRE MANGIDIOT. People don’t quite take that idea serious but this cat has to go. Really though…Its not too late to fire this jackass before he really screws something up(and I didn’t think this team could get any more jacked up.)

  6. I love all the posters who hate on the new front office before the draft has even taken place. What did you expect? I would love to know. Ralph, bigtrav, etc please tell me your amazing plan. Please name exact Free Agents that you would sign and the type of contract you would give.
    For those of us with a brain we know that the Free Agent class was somewhat weak this year and that the Browns were not very close talent wise. These signings will help bolster our depth as will the draft. Next year the cap situation in the NFL will be figured out and the Browns should be in a better place to know how much they can spend to put a contender on the field with what should be a better Free Agent class.
    If you really thought the Browns were going to go sign 3-4 big name Free Agents and contend this year you do not understand football and are just an irritated Browns fan who has not seen many winners since 1999.

  7. @ctown81: +1
    I’ll bet the people who are bashing Mangini for bringing in “his” players are praising Rex Ryan doing the same thing. Hypocrite much? Seriously. Every head coach likes to bring in players that know his system, who wouldn’t? Duhh.

  8. @ctown81 and bubba_gump: +1
    This is what we need to do to improve our depth as a team. Our depth has KILLED US under Savage, even though our starters were competitive.
    We haven’t even gotten to the draft yet, and I doubt we’re done in free agency. We’ve spent 4 seasons collecting talent, now it’s time to build a team.
    Wait til Anderson is likely traded and the Browns have another 2nd round pick to work with…people will be buzzing about us during the draft, and not for making massive trades.

  9. For a guy that all of the player’s allegedly hate (just ask florio), a lot of them dont seem to mind playing for him.
    and from one whining browns fan to another…save it for when you actually see the product mangina puts on the field, ok. you have no idea how to run a football team, thats why you’re posting here.
    go brownies!

  10. You go, Eric. Do it your way. Screw those ass-munchers from the Apple, and the Baltimorons, and the Shittburghers who only know how to whine, and know NOTHING about football.
    You go, Eric. Do it in spite of all the haterz.
    Meet you on the field, AssClowns…

  11. To Mr.Ralph
    It sounds like you’re a “dreamer” and that’s okay. We’ve needed this “fat ass” for the past 10 years! Leadership – name one coach since we’ve been back who had any leadership skills. (I’m waiting…) Coach Man has done nothing wrong unless you call getting the attention of the “fat ass” who feels he’s been snubbed. Oh and the attention of “dreamer so called fans” who really need to watch more than speak. “Go root for the f@*#ing Bills” This team has been tore up from the floor up for years, how about we build it right this time. Change is good.

  12. I agree ctown and bubba.
    Savage said he would build through the draft. Instead there was a big free agent splash or two every year. Where did that get us?
    I also like this approach but ultimately the draft will decide if MANKOK (It gets easier everytime I say it) will be the team that brings us out of the wilderness.
    God I hope so…

  13. Man I love all the crybaby Jets fans and chicken little Browns fans on this thread!
    Why not let a few preseason games get in the books before you Nostradumbazzes make any predictions?

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