Running back LaDainian Tomlinson held a press conference Wednesday, one day after agreeing to restructure his contract and remain with the Chargers. Tomlinson said that no matter how dire things may have looked, he never thought he’d be leaving the Chargers.
“I couldn’t see myself putting on another uniform,” Tomlinson said. “That Charger uniform, that No. 21, with the bolt on the side of my head, that’s pretty special.”
As for the sometimes acrimonious nature of the public discourse about his future, Tomlinson said that nothing that happened over the last two months has caused him to feel any ill will toward the team.
“It’s a two-way street,” Tomlinson said. “This is the part you don’t like, the business part of it. Obviously A.J. [Smith, the Chargers’ general manager] has been criticized, along with myself, about the things we’ve went though. That’s part of the business. I don’t hold any hard feelings toward anyone.”
He also addressed the 2010 roster bonus that was written into his deal, a bonus which will force the Chargers to make an early decision about whether or not he’ll remain with the team past the 2009 season. Tomlinson acknowledged his need to prove he could still be a healthy and productive back after turning 30 in June.
“For me, it’s good because I get to prove what I’m worth again. I get to prove to people. Like I said, that’s the way it’s always been for me. I’ve always enjoyed doing that. I get to do it once again.”
Tomlinson said he’s fully recovered from the groin injury that forced him to miss the AFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Steelers.


  1. haha laughable. this is nonsense. Theres a growing trend of San Diego chargers who look like babbling crybaby pussies and its growing very tiresome. Merriman, Tomlinson, Rivers…They all sound pathetic.

  2. It’s pretty sad what the Baaaaawstin media did to LT after those “classless” comments about BB. After that comment Lt was put on the spot about his class and when he missed the NE game due to injury those Bostonians really jumped all over it. Now, probably the most memorable moments that non Charger fans have of LT is him wearing his helmet on the sidelines sitting on the bench. Nevermind that his offense was sitting directly next to him. Nevermind that it was sub 40 degrees with an even colder wind chill validating his coat with his helmet on. Nevermind that everyone on the sidelines that were not playing a significant amount of time also had the same coat and helmet on. THEN he severely tears a groin muscle for trying to prove himself to his fans and misses another 2 playoff games.
    And to top it all off LT hit the nail on the head with BB being classless. Never seen a classy cheater that swindled his way to a ***dynasty. So the classless comment ended up to be right yet LT is still viewed as a crybaby because he was injured.
    I’m sure Florio is not at fault for ANY of the verbal assaults on former NFL men of the year. Just look how well he treated Kurt Warner………oh wait.

  3. It is laughable. How do people look into a story like this and find something that wrong with it? So a great player wants to stay with the team that drafted him and restructures his contract. Yeah, let’s pile on that guy.

  4. He had a hell of a career but it is downhill after 30 with very few, curtis martin, exceptions.

  5. no in hindsight they should have traded LT and kept turner
    but no other GM would have done that either
    who knew he was going to turn so sour health-wise that rappidly before the age of 30?
    if AJ would have traded LT and kept turner, it would have been just another chance for people to call him a tard
    guy can’t win, even when the team’s winning , like his mentor bill polian, just guys ya like to hate

  6. I applaud the San Diego Chargers for stepping up and paying LT like he deserves. This situation could have turned out a horrible situation like the one going on in Denver now. Jay Cutler needs to learn a thing or two from LT. If LT can put past him public comments from GM AJ Smith that mocked him wanting to finish his career in San Diego, then Cutler needs to realize it’s a business and if his name is being brought up in trade talks then he needs to do something better.

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