Brigham Young wide receiver Austin Collie opened a few eyes of NFL teams at his campus Pro Day, “wowing scouts with his catching ability,” according to Gil Brandt of
Collie, 24, measured in at 6-foot-1, 196 pounds and turned in respectable 40-yard dash times of 4.53 and 4.54 seconds.  He also registered a 4.07 short shuttle drill.
Like many BYU players, Collie is older than your typical NFL prospect because he served a Mormon mission while in college.
Per the article, Cincinnati Bengals running backs coach Jim Anderson worked out running back Fui Vakapuna.
Vakapuna is a fullback prospect at 5-11, 244 pounds with 4.83 speed, a 34-inch vertical leap and 29 repetitions of 225 pounds in the bench press test.


  1. Hmm a Mormon receiver with good hands and average measurables? I’m sure Andy Reid is salivating over this kid like he’s a whiz wit and some kreme krimpies.

  2. So BYU’s RB/FB turned in 10 more reps on the bench than one of “top-rated” OTs (Andre Smith)? Interesting…

  3. I never understood that. BYU should waive the mission for NFL prospects. The money they can make (and presumably donate) far outweighs the time they spend Mormonizing and Politickin’ for John Smith.

  4. For anybody that hasn’t watched Collie play, he is an excellent ball athlete. He really looks to project as a strong #2 in the NFL. Excellent hands, competitive speed, good enough size, tough, don’t sleep on this guy.

  5. I watched this guy play in Ft. Collins this year against my Rams and he can make plays. He can definitely make the tough catches and take a hit afterwards.

  6. Mormon, here. Austin Collie is legit; El Colon is an idiot.
    First of all dude, we don’t “waive” church missions because they’re not a requirement. That’s right kids, Mormon missions are completely optional. For example, Steve Young = No church mission; Austin Collie = Church mission.
    Secondly, unlike the Catholic church in the Dark Ages, we don’t sell indulges. Therefore, the Church can give a flying flip about the money someone can make instead of serving a mission. I know it’s hard for some people to believe, but there’s a distinction between spiritual and temporal wealth. It’s an amazing concept found in this book called the Bible.
    And lastly, the man’s name is Joseph Smith. If you’re going to put him down, at least get his name right.
    Sometimes I wish my religion would get made fun of by more informed morons.

  7. I played HS football with collie, I promise u he will do well in the nfl, his work ethic will help his draft status hopefully 3rd or 4th round.
    while i find el colon comments ignorant on some levels – JoaquinFenix i find your ignorance even more ridiculous … u dont show urself as a morman in good light by bashing other religions for what happened hundreds of yrs ago.. trust me it doesnt make ur religion look any better, i think this site should avoid religious attacks or even religous discussions… apparently florio doesnt understand this.. he loves to bash Warner…

  8. Here we go again. I thought I asked for a more informed critic, not another moron like krez2445 has proven himself to be.
    Right off the bat, dude, is your misspelling of the word “Mormon.” Really, it’s not that hard, being a six-letter word and all. In fact, both Florio and I used the word Mormon in our posts for you to see, but apparently your phonetically-based education is no match for cut-and-paste.
    And then I have to address your ignorant misuse of the word “ignorant.” You see, the word ignorant is the condition of being uninformed, unaware, or lacking in education. You ignorantly called me ignorant for reciting a well-known historical fact about the Catholic church. I trust you see the irony here, but, alas, perhaps I give you too much credit.
    Now, maybe my pot-shot does not reflect positively on me “as a morman in good light”; so be it. But ignorance it is not.

  9. haha JoaquinFenix ur right maybe ignorance may not be the perfect word… but to me … hypocritical and ignorant are pretty close in my book. You fail to see my argument. I never argued the fact about the catholic church, but in fact i was arguing ur use of that historical fact to justify ur own religion existince or practices.
    my apoligizes in mis spelling mormon… i must be the biggest idiot in the world.. u got it right.
    collie will be good, but i too, agree that the mission trip physically didnt help him, but perhaps maturity wise it probably helped him.

  10. I’m a Mormon as well–even though we would like to be referred to as a Latter-Day Saint–but I think that Collie will be one of the biggest receivers in the coming years because he has a lot of potential and has great numbers in college–but that doesn’t always guarantee success in the pros.I would love it if Al and the Raiders would take a chance on him in the 2nd round but knowing them, they will go for a receiver with speed–like jeremy maclin–but I’ll be willing to accept that as long as we don’t draft crabtree.

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