On Wednesday, while Aaron Wilson was minding the PFT store (among other things, he refused to sell a calzone to a hipster doofis who wanted to pay for it in pennies), we posted a couple of stories regarding the horrendous workout of Alabama tackle Andre Smith.
Smith also had a nightmarish Scouting Combine, with reportedly horrible interviews followed by an unexpected no-show for his Saturday workout.
But some contrary voices are emerging regarding Smith’s supposedly poor Pro Day showing — which included a 40-yard dash in the 5.2-second range.
And, as is usually the case this time of year, it’s virtually impossible to separate the bull’s-eye from the bullsh-t.
Said one veteran scout, “I just looked up the Combine 40 [times] for [tackles] and Smith ran equal to or faster than most.   Yup, he had a poor workout.  An out-of-shape fat guy ran better than most of the guy who were supposed to be in shape.”
It could be that Smith’s biggest mistake on Wednesday was to shed the modesity and run without a shirt.  (CBS42 has the video.  And, yes, there is considerable jiggling.)


(The image reminds us of this Taco Bill gem from yesteryear.)
“They say he was fat and the flab was all over the place,” the source said.  “What the f–k did they expect?  A body builder’s physique?  Smith is a fat guy.  He has always been a fat guy.  That’s his genetics.  It’s never going to change. 
“When he was dominating the SEC last fall he was a 340-pound fat guy, and everybody said he was a top three [draft pick] and maybe the top guy.  He is too good a player who got some poor advice and it has hurt him a little.  But it hasn’t hurt him a lot. 
“Here’s the fact — the a-holes making the comments are scouts who are not decision-makers, or they are people who want the kid to fall to them.  Mark it down — he still goes high.”
Said another source, “While the [Smith] workout wasn’t one for the ages, it also wasn’t that bad, either.  I would say if a team liked him yesterday they still like him today.”
And that’s where this pre-draft process gets incredibly screwed up.  The teams that like a player will say bad things about him privately, in the hopes that he’s still on the board when they pick.  The teams that don’t like the player will talk him up, so that someone in front of that team will take him, pushing farther down the board one or more of the players that the team truly covets.
So, basically, it’s hard to know what to believe, and the job of the media in all of this is to at least try to discern the potential biases and prejudices of the folks who are saying the good or bad things.
That said, the scout from whom we heard works for a team that, based on their current roster, probably would draft Smith in round one, if he’s still on the board.  So it looks like we can believe him.
Unless his team actually has its eye on another tackle. and thus is hoping that some other sucker drafts Smith.


  1. The guy who’s full of sh!t is the Scout who’s quoted. He probably wants some other team to draft him.
    Out of the 15 other OTs I’ve been watching, and have run the 40 so far, the times are 4.82, 4.96, 4.99 (twice), 5.06, 5.09, 5.10, 5.14, 5.18 (twice), 5.23, 5.27, 5.29, 5.34, 5.35.
    Smith ran faster than exactly two of them on what is supposed to be a fast track. And the two who he was faster than are late-round, undrafted guys.
    I don’t know what the quoted “veteran scout”‘s agenda is, but “I just looked up the Combine 40 [times] for [tackles] and Smith ran equal to or faster than most. Yup, he had a poor workout. An out-of-shape fat guy ran better than most of the guy who were supposed to be in shape.” is a blatant lie.

  2. Hell, who cares what he looks like if he can block the blindside of the QB…..If he falls too the 21st pick watch the Eagles grab him quick….or even move up in the teens too pick him if he is still on the board.

  3. Fall too the Eagles at 21…I would be happy as hell!! No matter how fat he is, if he can block the blindside, I’ll take him on my team in a heartbeat!

  4. And of course, we all know that an offensive lineman’s speed in the 40 yard dash is incredibly important as he stands around to block defenders.

  5. If you want McNabb to get killed, that would be a good way. Smith won’t be a LT in the NFL…he’s too slow and speed rushers will kill him. He has zero chance of blocking Ware, for example. He’s purely RT, and he might have to move to RG.

  6. Scout says:
    The guy who’s full of sh!t is the Scout who’s quoted. He probably wants some other team to draft him.
    Out of the 15 other OTs I’ve been watching, and have run the 40 so far, the times are 4.82, 4.96, 4.99 (twice), 5.06, 5.09, 5.10, 5.14, 5.18 (twice), 5.23, 5.27, 5.29, 5.34, 5.35.
    Hey scout, how often to OT’s run 40 yards on the field that this EVEN MATTERS? These guys go 5 yards at most. They have to be big and quick out of their stance, thats it. Why do they have guys WHO DON’T RUN ON THE FIELD run the 40 and then use it to determine how good they’ll be at their position which doesn’t involve running?
    How about this? You’re interviewing to be a truck driver. They ask you ‘How fast and how well can you frame and drywall this room?’. Oh you can’t do it very fast or well? Sorry we can’t consider you for this driving position then.

  7. I really don’t care what a LT/RT runs the 40 time in. He will still be a top ten pick. He will not make it into the teens. But Matt Stafford will fall into the teens.

  8. I think it’s funny as hell reading the comments on the other articles about this. Someone actually thought he would go undrafted. Yeah, Smith probably knocked himself out of the top 10 and scared off the teams that like the workout warriors (i.e. the Raiders). But no way he falls to the second round. Besides a motivational issue, he has too much upside and there are several teams who need a franchise LT who will take the gamble.
    Florio, you of all people should know that this is the time of year for smokescreens. You tell us as much before every draft. Why should we believe what ANY of these guys say, positive or negative?

  9. Goodluck in that, i’m pretty sure the skins would salivate with him being at 13 let alone 20. He was the most dominant tackle in college if you watch game film. He was punishing in the run game running down field laying people out. He on film looks significantly more talented then guys like monroe or oher. Skins need a RT bad and its at the top of their board. I’m just hoping he falls and not a guy like monroe, ill take either of the smith’s then oher and dont even want monroe, would rather trade down or take a DE or LB. Remember before the combine based on GAMEPLAY and film study he was for awhile the top tackle in college. 40 yard dash doesnt mean jack when everyone is near 5 seconds anyways, watch film and you will see he practically runs “better” then any other tackle in college and pancaking people while doing it.

  10. As was said in “Saving Private Ryan”, “Be careful you don’t step in the bullsh!t.”

  11. Who gives a sh!t what an OTs 40 time is either, esp if its a difference of like .3 seconds between him and some other guy. If the fat guy can play ball, he can play ball.

  12. Why is the 40 time of a 340 pound lineman relevant to anything? I know they like to have some kind of measurable metrics to rate these guys objectively, but how often is an offensive lineman asked to run 40 yards at a dead sprint with no blocking assignment? Never? Maybe just on a special teams squad – in which case you probably wouldn’t have a lineman doing it anyway.
    Doesn’t it make more sense to measure how quickly they can get out of their stance and in position to block speedy DEs? Seems like NFL personnel people get waaaaay too excited about 40 times and not excited enough about watching game film.

  13. Your right Jerski66, I would love if he was there at 22 for the Vikings, if he can play he can play, who cares about what he looks like with his shirt off. I still think he will go higher though in the early teens proabably.

  14. He may be the next Orlando Pace, but watching him work out was like watching Tony Soprano doing a hot chick – lots of boobs flopping around, but still not fun to watch.

  15. A 300 plus lb guy repping 225 for 19 times? I’m a 45 yr old, 200 lb science prof and I rep 225 26 times on a regular basis (and I’m not kidding). And someone will give this guy millions?

  16. Eagles would be smart to take Andre Smith at 21. Look at one of their signed FA’s: Stacy Andrews is way fatter than Smith and is a heck of a blocker.

  17. It’s not just his 40 time. It’s that in combination with the rest of his numbers that should cause concern. 25″ vertical, 7’10” broad jump (no lower body explosion), 7.88 3-cone drill (not quick), 19 reps on the bench (weak upper body). None of those numbers are even close to being in the top ten for his position.

  18. I understand the concept of talking a guy up or badmouthing him so he drops in the draft. But do you really believe that an NFL GM is actually making his decisions based on what other teams’ scouts are saying, instead of based on his own homework? Last time I checked, Matt Millen is no longer a GM.

  19. Okay, the 40 for him was never the big deal. But 19 Bench Press reps?!?!?
    Let me make a conversion table. Running back’s 40 time to LT bench reps.
    4.4 in the 40 would equate to 30 reps.
    4.3ish range is like 33 reps.
    Under 4.3 would be like 35+reps.
    19 reps…..that would be like if a running back ran a 4.75 or 4.8 40.

  20. He might be a complete idiot, but you’ve got to give him this – he’s got a really nice set of cans.
    Sexy moobs Andre, very sexy!

  21. What? No reference to “The Bro” or “The Manziere”? Fo’ shame, Florio. Fo’ shame.

  22. putting aside all the measureables,does anyone wonder about his guy’s work ethic.the guy shows up for a job interview completely unprepared,does that set off an alarm or what?who are the people advising him,are they stupid or what?
    do you think teams aren’t taking notice of this??

  23. 40 time doesn’t matter for offensive linemen, and 5.2 still isn’t bad at all for a guy his size. I wonder how many people between 20-40 here can run a 5.2 40…it’s an average of 15.7 mph.

  24. If you ask me the man probably wants to play for a good team, his film shows one of the most talented tackles in the league, far more aggressive then most of the others. Remember there are guys who suck in the weight room and practice in this league but when it comes to game time they flat out dominate.

  25. Would it be picky at this stage to point out that “doofis” is traditionally spelled “doofus”?
    Ah, yes. I thought it would be.

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