CBS4 in Denver reports that the $2 million house that Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler placed on the market Thursday isn’t his “primary residence.”
Cutler reportedly has been thinking about selling the property for six months.
Fine, but it’s damn convenient that Cutler would put the place on the market three days after a conference call with coach Josh McDaniels that reportedly made a bad situation even worse.
Even if Cutler already had planned to sell, the fact that he proceeded with so much controversy swirling between him and the team tells us that he wants to foster the sense that the two sides are headed for a divorce.  Clearly, if he cared about creating the impression that things will work out between player and team, he would have waited a month or so before planting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard.


  1. My man, when will you post the info about the real culprit behind this whole ordeal, your children ride a ___ to school and in order to eat chicken you must first ___ it. Fill in those two blanks in order and you’ll get his name. Record setting contracts and the Brett Favre ordeal are two things that involve the man, and we say the media fiasco with the brett favre ordeal.

  2. Wow Florio…and you want to branch off and explore off topic matters…stop reading into this and trying to create a story…there isn’t a story, well other then guys like you getting a rise out of reporting nonsense like this!

  3. Good thing he waited to sell his “$2 Million dollar” house during the worst real estate market ever. And during the height of trade talks.
    Good thinking Jay!

  4. Or maybe he just got back into Denver after his long break and finalized everything on putting the house on the market before he shows up to the Broncos’ first big meeting of the offseason with McDaniels on monday and begins to get over this $#!%…see I can speculate too! yay!!

  5. Because Cutler’s recent behavior has shown he’s a bastion of good judgement? This still means nothing and is entirely unrelated to Bus Cook pulling Culter’s strings to get the biggest contract ever in 2010.

  6. Will all you media types let this crap go? It’s speculation like this that is making the situation worse.

  7. Seeing on how it’s not his primary residence, public relations isn’t really relevant. He can do what he wants with his finances.
    As far as his football situation is concerned it’s really all up in the air. Looking forward to Monday, this speculation is killing me.

  8. Once again Florio, and many readers here, prove to be idiots jumping to conclusions.
    I guess this guy should just stop living his life since everything he does gets interpreted as wanting to leave Denver.
    What’s next….
    Cutler buys a new suit….must be for interviews.
    Cutler takes a dump….must be cause he hates McDaniels.
    Man Florio. pathetic.

  9. While were in speculation mode…Maybe they should dig up his yard to look for dogs??? Too soon for that kinda joke?

  10. What a twisted clump of logic. It’s asspulls like this that make me look around for another football blog to waste my workday on.

  11. Cutler is going to move in to the Rat’s new mansion, to be the pool boy and dog turd picker-upper…

  12. This is starting to remind me of Elway’s first few months in the ’83 Bronco training camp. What did Elway eat for breakfast this morning? Does Elway brush his teeth in the morning or evening? Is he using a toothbrush approved by his dentist? Does he put on his right shoe on first when he gets up in the morning or his left shoe? ARGH!!

  13. Cutler’s decision to sell one of his homes in Denver can only mean one thing:
    He will be the next head football coach at the University of Tennessee.

  14. OK Mike, so lets say Cutler holds out and doesn’t report to mandatory mini-camp and or/refuses to come to training camp. When can the Donks start going after signing bonus money instead of simply fining him 14k a day or whatever it is ?

  15. Florio, I have realized in a very short time that you look for website hits, not facts. So when you do these kind of ariticles, I will post this…you’re gay

  16. I wonder what Florio recommends for washing egg off his face. He’s an expert in it by now.

  17. wow i never thought there would be this many denver fans
    Denver came across as a bandwagon team
    and florio can u find me the interview with cutler saying he is the best qb?
    better yet make a post on it reminding eveyone that cutlers a douche bag

  18. cutler is overrated, he never won a playoff game, never
    has adavanced to the playoffs, he never had any clutch games,
    also he never even went to a bowl game in college, and
    vanderbilt had a winnning season once he left the school,
    the guy is typical whiney QB that gets overrated by the
    conservative biased media that loves his so called
    “moxie & toughness”
    cutler sucks and is never gonna be a superbowl winning QB.

  19. That entry should have been simply admitting wrongness.
    The entry makes no sense, and Jay Cutler is obviously NOT creating the impression that things are fine and dandy … We. know. this. Cutler made it very clear that he was offended by the trade talks. But that doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. He’s not, and I’d bet that putting that residence on the market had zero to do with his situation regarding the Denver Broncos. This story has been perpetuated — and it should be a non-story or more likely a story with a different angle — and it has created a false impression.

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