In a Friday morning appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock said that Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman has moved into round-one territory after putting in a “tremendous” Pro Day workout on Thursday.
The top two quarterback prospects in the draft are Georgia’s Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez of USC. 
But some league insiders wonder whether Stafford and Sanchez are regarded as first-round talent because they genuinely merit such consideration in relation to players at other positions, or simply because they’re the best two quarterbacks in a class that isn’t all that impressive.
One scout recently opined that neither Stafford nor Sanchez would be regarded as possible first-round picks in any other year.
Mayock isn’t a fan of Stafford as the potential No. 1 overall pick, to the Lions.  Mayock explained that Stafford’s performances in college were too inconsistent, despite being surrounded by elite talent.  Mayock compared (and not favorably) Stafford to Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler, both of whom in Mayock’s opinion would try to will otherwise mediocre teams to win.


  1. Since I cannot listen to the Dan Patrick Show (Due to me roaming around the network site and the fact that his show is boring) someone please post where Mayock has going if he went over that?
    Minnesota, NY Jets, or maybe to Detroit with the 20th pick. Using the #1 pick on Stafford or Sanchez is a bad move IMO.

  2. The last paragraph is confusing. Is Stafford inconsistent and like Matt Ryan/Jay Cutler? Or did you mean, “Mayock compared [Freeman] to Matt Ryan…”

  3. Freeman has been a mid round 1, early round 2 pick for quite a while now. Mayock probably waited until after the Pro Day to say it for some confirmation or something, but a QB with the physical attributes of Freeman isn’t going to fall far unless he tears an ACL or something.

  4. Well, if , in Mayock’s “EXPERT” opinion, Stafford is comparable to Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler, the Lions would be morons not to draft him would they not? So what is his point?

  5. Where does he land? Jets? Not alot of QB spots open it would seem….at least first round wise…

  6. Florio, WTF is up with the talking ads now? I’ll have to stop surfing this site at work and actually do some work if that crap keeps up.
    Freeman was fun to watch in college. He’s a huge kid and maybe he’ll be the next Culpepper. It doesn’t sound as good though to say “Get your roll on Josh!”

  7. Mayock’s point is that he thought that Stafford was inconsistant this year despite having elite talent around him, whereas Ryan and Cutler had great years despite not having the same level of talent around them.
    Mayock has been consistent on his message on Stafford for a few weeks now.

  8. I THINK what Florio is trying to say is that Stafford compares UNFAVORABLY with Cutler and Ryan.
    That is, when compared to Cutler at Vandy and Ryan at BC, Stafford had a superior supporting cast at UGA. At least two of Stafford’s offensive teammates – Moreno and WR A.J. Green – will be first-round draft picks between 2009 and 2011. Neither Cutler nor Ryan had such talent to help them.)

  9. some of you commenting need to re-read what Florio said. Mayock’s comparrison of Stafford to Ryan and Cutler was NOT favorable. He said Stafford was surrounded with talent where Cutler and Ryan “willed” their teams to victory. IN other words, Cutler and Ryan carried their teams on their shoulders in college where Stafford has better talent around him and won’t transition as well. I’m not saying I agree with that, but that is what Mayock is saying. Well, now that I think about it, yes I do agree with him.

  10. People, just because you compare something to something else doesn’t mean you are considering them to be alike. I think he meant that Mayock used Ryan and Cutler as a measuring stick and thats why he doesn’t beleive Stafford is a top QB. Because he ISN’T like them…”comparatively”

  11. Josh Freeman is NOT a first round talent. He wasnt during the season when he was, you know, playing football, and he isnt now just because he worked out well. As for Sanchez and Stafford.. this QB class is like the one in 05, I believe it was, the one with Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. People seem to want to force a QB into the top 5 every year, even though sometimes (often) there are much more than five better PLAYERS in the class.

  12. I’ve been reading some revisionist history from scouts lately. Before last year’s draft, a lot of them were saying Matt Ryan was not first round talent like Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell.
    Still, it is hard to believe a QB who disappeared in all the big games/against top notch competition and a QB who only has one year starting under his belt in the top 10 picks let alone top 5.
    I can’t say I’d be shocked if when all is said and done on draft day, neither of those guys are the first ones picked, but I guess their both coming from pro-style offenses helps.

  13. @watchthisjack its called positional value, generally when a team is setting up their draft board a player’s rank on their board is determined by several factors. Their grade from the scouts which is based in part on how they compare to players in the nfl at their position, any kind of modifiers such as red flags, and positional value to name a few. What this means is every team values certain positions more than other positions and a draft prospect that plays a more valuable position but has a lower grade compared to other prospects can be higher on their board. So impact players like quarterbacks, receivers, pass rushers, cover corners etc tend to go before guards, full backs, etc.

  14. Raheem Morris was the D-Coordinator at Kansas 2 years ago so he has a brief history with Freeman so I am guessing that if Morris likes him and he is available he will be taken by the Bucs with the 19th overall pick.

  15. Oh veistran…please let me drink again from your delicious pool of knowledge…a QB, all things being equal, more value than a FB?!
    You know those “impact” positions you mentioned? There are a lot of guys at THOSE positions who are much better FOOTBALL PLAYERS than either of these two QB’s.
    I never said that a FB should go in the first round….that was Florio…last yr.

  16. Can someone explain something to me?
    When people who have not watched more than 1-2 UGA games with Stafford state that Stafford was surrounded by “elite talent”
    What the HELL are they talking about?
    Moreno….that is it?
    Stafford had arguably the two worst OL in the SEC the last 2-3 years due to injuries yet Stacey did a ridiculously good job patching it up even though it was evident how bad it was
    TE? You mean the position where Tripp Chandler or others dropped every other ball thrown to them?
    WR? MoMass? The guy who may not even get drafted
    What are people talking about? I have a sneaking suspicion PFT chooses random internet users to give their opinion and slap them as “official source” or “scout” next to it

  17. trust me stafford wasn’t surrounded by elite talent his o-line was young and injured, the running game was good, the receivers other than green this year and massaqoui this year and last were inconsistant Stafford hasn’t had good weapons at all
    Freeman isn’t worth a 1st round pick. He is wayyy to inconsistant he isn’t all that accurate either.

  18. well tripp chandler was decent but hurt to often. Aaron white is looking like a future star. The o-line was a patchwork job. Massaqoui will get drafted but up until this year he had alot alot alot of drops.

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