Western Illinois linebacker Jason Williams ran the 40-yard dash between 4.42 and 4.48 seconds at the Northwestern Pro Day, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Williams is a 238-pound Chicago native.  He was worked out by Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebackers coach Joe Barry.
Williams has a private visit set up with Tampa Bay.
Williams’ other visits are with the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Indianapolis Colts.  He has been talking regularly with Jeff Shiver, the Chicago Bears’ Midwest area scout.
“I felt like I got snubbed by the Combine, but I’ve learned throughout my life that everything works out in the end,” Williams told the Sun-Times.  “I still ended up posting better numbers than all the linebackers [at the Combine] when it came time to showcase myself.”


  1. The combine should probably be expanded. However, comparing combines to Pro days are ridiculous. Anything that is done on the field can be quite different (i.e. 40 times are usually different depending on the field).

  2. ANy reason why they don’t expand the combine and just eliminate the pro days? Teams would have more time to set up individual visits.

  3. WHOA..Florio I just refreshed the page while on a conference call. PLEASE do not allow Ads with Audio. I don’t care that I’m the winner of a wii. You need to be able to support the site with ads, of course, but please draw the line somewhere, and let that somewhere be “No audio in ads.”

  4. I believe that time was run on a basketball court. So take that into consideration and add about .15-.2 onto it.

  5. If Joe Barry is interested in the kid, the rest of the league should take warning, he is probably garbage. Joe “Marinelli” Barry would know talent if it slapped him in the face.

  6. Wow! The Bears have a midwest scout? The Bengals have 1 to cover the entire country. That’s why they bring in such major talent!

  7. Western Illinois Leathernecks represent! Honestly, I agree that this pro day is a little overblown, but there are few times I get to see my alma mater shine, so God speed, Jason Williams.

  8. Macomb hollaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Everyone should be so lucky as to go to college in the middle of a corn field.

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