We mentioned on Saturday that Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who was indicted earlier this week for causing a crash while driving his Ferrari at a high rate of speed, and Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth, who on Saturday morning struck and killed a pedestrian while driving a Bentley, both attended the University of Tennessee — and were picked two spots apart in the first round of the 2002 draft.  (Jeremy Shockey was the meat in their draft-day sangwich.)
A reader points out that two other players who wreaked havoc on other people’s lives while driving motor vehicles also attended Tennessee.
Infamous Rams defensive end Leonard Little, who claimed the life of Susan Gutweiler while driving drunk in October 1998, played college football at Tennessee.
Former Cowboys defensive back Dwayne Goodrich, who caused two hit-and-run deaths in 2003, also played at Tennessee.
It’s most likely a coincidence.  But the gravity of the consequences tells us that it would make plenty of sense for someone in Knoxville to explore the possible existence of a something other than randomness.


  1. Hey Florio, don’t forget Travis Henry and Jamal Lewis shared the same backfield at Tennessee

  2. Mike, did you conviently forget the crap coming out of West Virginia? Atleast Tennessee wins games in a real conference.

  3. Even more astonishing, all vehicles were fueled by former South Carolina Gamecocks strategically placed throughout the country!

  4. Kinda errie when ya think about it. maybe fulmer turned a blind eye since it won him so many national championsh… so many sec championsh… so many divisional championsh……. ftl

  5. Heath Shuler went to Tennessee.
    And now he’s a congressman or something, so you know he’s involved in some illegal shit.
    And so did Park Overall. And she was just a little TOO sassy on Empty Nest, in my opinion. And yes, I’m aware no one knows what the hell I’m talking about.
    Also, Peyton Manning. That guy is a dick.

  6. Tennessee also gave us the best quarterback to every play the game in Peyton Manning.

  7. Dont forget that scumbucket Peyton Manning…he is an absolute horrible excuse for an individual…….constantly in trouble on and off the field…..he is also from Tenn.
    Slllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww neeeewwwwwwssssss daaaaaayyyyyyy……

  8. At least there have not been any reports of naked butts and rectums being placed onto anybody’s face at said University.

  9. Yes, this should definitely be investigated. I bet there’s some sort of secret society at Tennessee that deliberately recruits drunk drivers. Maybe you should take this to the Feds & see what they have to say about it.

  10. If I was famous there is no way I would ever get behind the wheel of a car ever again. I can understand haynesworth driving a Ferrari fast but when you kill someone via DUI you have to wonder why he wouldn’t have a personal driver for when to hit the sauce on the town.

  11. I wouldn’t get a driver if I was a celeb. I want to buy a kick-ass car so I can drive it, not some one else.

  12. What’s really funny is that this is from the guy who kept pooh-poohing folks wanting a deeper exploration of Spygate and other alleged Patsy cheating as “conspiracy theorists” despite hard evidence (on Spygate) and rumors of worse behavior by the Pats (like headsets going out (talk to Jack DelRio or Rod Marinelli, among others), the NYT article on multiple competition committee complaints, etc.), yet he comes up with something as asinine as this piece of crap non-story? Slow news day, Mike?

  13. All these crashes might be prevented if players’ purchase of cars were regulated for speed, reliability, sound insulation, price tag, etc., by the League. If they had junkers that only started occasionally and couldn’t get above 35 mph anyway, they’d crash about half the time, and couldn’t escape police pursuit. The League could generate millions more in fines.
    And if somehow they managed to hit people anyway, at least they’d hear those random screams.

  14. Reply to Buckfutter
    I LOVED Park Overall! (though her name was distracting & I couldn’t have told you the name of her show -) Whatever happened to her?

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