The New England Patriots have announced a slew of transactions via an e-mail circulated moments ago.
Free-agent center Al Johnson has joined the team after spending the last month of 2008 with the Dolphins. 
Also, four players have re-signed with the Pats:  offensive lineman Wesley Britt, safety Ray Ventrone, safety Tank Williams, and defensive lineman Mike Wright.
Johnson was drafted by the Cowboys in 2003. He missed his rookie season due to an injury, but then started 15 games in 2004 and 16 in 2005.
After losing the starting job to Andre Gurode in 2006, Johnson signed with the Cardinals in 2007. He started 14 games in his first season with the team.
The Cardinals released Johnson from injured reserve in October 2008, and he signed with the Dolphins on November 29.
Britt, Ventrone, and Wright have spent several seasons with the team; Williams signed last year and was taking some reps at linebacker before suffering a season-ending knee injury during training camp.


  1. Okay Florio, where’s the bottom half of “mock draft” you promised?
    And my Phins are taken a PASS RUSHER with the 25th…!

  2. Parcells boy can’t even make it with Parcells, dont see how he’s gonna help the BillB’s.

  3. Wow. That makes 17.
    18 if you count trading for Greg Lewis.
    Let’s get the Peppers deal done!

  4. Cue all the pats fans to say “now they sign with the pats so they can get their ring” in 3…2…1…

  5. I just heard on Sports Talk WEEI that the Pats and Panthers are putting together a deal of Julius Peppers to the Pats for the 2nd round draft pick (#34?) that the Pats got from the Chiefs for Matt Casell & Mike Vrabel.

  6. Carolina is a small market team. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to get the 34th selection and unload a ton of cap space!
    One question though, Peppers isn’t a LB. Will he accept OLB money?
    They’ll have to spread out the salary and give him a big signing bonus. The other option is a bonus after the season. He doesn’t get
    the system, Bill could let him walk. Best case he plays like a monster, learns to drop in coverage. He’ll be just another superstar on the Patriots. The other option would be 4-3 schemes, but with AD on one side and Peppers on the other, I’d be handing the ball off alot!

  7. Maybe I am missing something, but how would they possibly fit Peppers in under the cap? Cassel and he were both making similar amounts under the franchise tag, which means if they trade for Peppers they will be in the same situation they were in with Cassel, about $2 mil under the cap, only since then the Pats have signed a bunch of players.
    ‘Unless he is planning on taking a major sweetheart deal, I can’t see how this works.
    Also, to be frank, as a Pats’ fan, I hope it doesn’t happen. I’d rather they commit the money to
    getting Wilfork and Mankins’ new deals done.

  8. I wonder what this does to the possibility of Jason Taylor signing here? Has that ever been discussed by either party? Peppers would cost too much money. O’Doyle Rules!

  9. @ Backinthesaddle
    I am shocked Ordway can get his head out of the NBA’s ass to talk football.
    I used to live up there, now I live near St. Louis and it is all cardinals baseball. You wouldn’t think the RAMS existed around here.

  10. I’m wondering how the Patriots became the NFL’s version of the Yankees? I know Parcells is building the team through youth, but we’re gonna get slaughtered in the AFC East with all these teams improving every day!

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