The rumors of the Washington Redskins possibly trading for Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, fueled by a bleacherreport.com story setting forth a far-fetched three-team trade scenario that might or might not have been labeled ambiguously as “satire” before the predicted 5:00 p.m. EDT announcement of the deal, have already created a sufficient stir to require the Redskins to address them.
In an item posted at 6:41 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato told David Elfin of the Washington Times that the Redskins “haven’t talked to anyone” about Cutler, and that “Jason is going to be our quarterback this season.”
We don’t want to pick nits here, but Cerrato didn’t say that the Redskins aren’t interested in Cutler, only that they “haven’t talked to anyone” about him.  And when Cerrato says that “Jason is going to be our quarterback,” Cerrato omits the key words “starting” or “backup.”
We’re kidding.  Sort of.
Here’s the deal — the Cutler fiasco has confirmed that teams need to handle their starting quarterbacks like a college football coach handles his current job.  Neither can afford to allow word to get out that a change might be coming.  If change is going to happen, it needs to come swiftly and without advance rumor or speculation.
It’s the “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” phenomenon; the Redskins would end up with the next disgruntled starting quarterback if credible word were to get out that the Redskins are thinking about making a change at the most important position on the roster.


  1. John Keim however is not a chump bleacher report writer, the skins have interest in cutler. the only problem we have now is, how much?

  2. “the most important position on the roster”
    (Lion’s fan looks around and scratches head)……The most important position is still wide receiver last time I checked.

  3. Isn’t it against league rules for a GM/coach from one team to directly comment on a player from another team who is under contract?

  4. Pretty sure the Cutler news updates every hour should end, this speculation is a waste of time

  5. @NOTSINCE57 – That’s the least important if you don’t have anyone that can throw to them.

  6. That makes sense because he is the best QB on the Skins roster and he is better than the first round bums Herbstreet is fellating. That being said, it looks like another last place finish for the Deadskins……Robble Robble

  7. Jason Campbell is not going anywhere. Zorn’s job depends on it…..with a revamped o-line (and more to come) we have to give the kid a chance to see what he can do. Hail!

  8. Cutler is better than Campbell no doubt, but I don’t think the Skins can afford him.
    It’s been almost an hour since the last Cutler update. STFU Radio now says he’s going to hang out with Jake Plummer since he can’t get his way. And grow a really cool mustache.

  9. >>Anrkist says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 9:38 pm
    @NOTSINCE57 – That’s the least important if you don’t have anyone that can throw to them.<<
    I think you’re missing the joke in his comment.

  10. as a Bronco fan i wasnt sure about the Shanahan firing but
    i have to admit this is pretty entertaining stuff..
    we have added a new coach..Lamont Jordan & Jeb Putzier
    we have lost Shanahan & probably Cutler/Scheffler
    imagine the possibilities if Bowlen & Snyder get involved
    in the trade talks…lol

  11. I can’t stand Jason Campbell… He hasn’t amounted to anything in the NFL yet. If I were the Redskins GM I would try to get Cutler even if I had to spend a first round pick on him… He is that good.

  12. I guess you could argue, then, that the Pats handled the Brady -> Cassel transition properly, then. . . .

  13. Florio, I’m shocked that you would even hint at paying credence to anything written on bleacherreport.com. I love the site, and it gives the average fan a means to articulate his or her journalistic abilities while writing about his or her favorite team.
    But it lacks journalistic credibility. This is a site where any average fan can sign up to blog about his favorite team, which you must be well aware of. And I’m sure some Redskins fan that blogs on behalf of the Redskins suggested that a trade involving Jason Campbell for Jay Cutler was plausible, and you jumped on it just for the sake of stirring rumors.
    I love your site, Florio. But sometimes you sink your journalistic integrity with stunts like this.

  14. As a long suffering skins fan, I am confident we should stay with JC, and if he gets hurt, or doesn’t work out, I have been impressed with Colt Brennan, and think he could develop into a really good QB. Which is exactly why I am sure the owner of this team will do something stupid, like trade for Cutler, to F@#$% it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Campbell won’t amount to anything. i think it’s obvious the coaches have no confidence in him as they never let him throw the ball more than five yards downfield. how many times last year did we see a 3rd and 7 for the Skins where Campbell throws to Cooley for 3 yards?

  16. Hopefully My Drunk Cousin Vinny knows what he’s talking about here and they continue to suck with that scrub Campbell at the helm. This news along with the big time free agent spending waste assures us of another mediocre Skins season, with complimentary whining from the Foreskin Faithful

  17. jkc710 says:
    March 18th, 2009 at 8:53 am
    Campbell won’t amount to anything. i think it’s obvious the coaches have no confidence in him as they never let him throw the ball more than five yards downfield. how many times last year did we see a 3rd and 7 for the Skins where Campbell throws to Cooley for 3 yards?
    Probably not a whole lot since the odds of a team constantly being in 3rd and 7 aren’t very high, even for the Lions. If JC was constantly
    having to checkdown to Cooley for 3 yards, it probably had more to do with the o-line not giving him enough protection, or the fact that his starting recievers aren’t very big. I would rather have my QB dump the ball off to the TE and punt than say take a sack or force the ball for an interception.
    You’re post contradicts itself anyways, so I don’t think it would do any good to explain how the Redskin’s offense was ran through Jason at the line. I’d like to see any QB in Jason’s situation in D.C. do a better job, considering all the coaching staffs and offensive systems he’s had to endure through the years, not to mention the lack of talent around him. He’s improved every year since he’s been a starter. There are plenty of teams that would love to have Jason as their QB and not be like the Redskins who are wasting his talents as well as leadership.

  18. bschazzar makes a good point about Campbell being in a bunch of different systems, but the bottom line is that he’s still not a very good QB.

  19. Holy Cow, bshazzar is a big time jc fan, eh????
    As a recognized expert in all things redskin, and neighbor of Joe Gibbs (only 600 Miles, like next door!!!!!!!!!) i can see that JC has some positives, but to make like he is the second coming of Montana is a bit much, ain’t it?? The guy DID habitually throw the 3 yard checkdown on 3rd and long all the time, it drove those of us who watch, nuts!!!!!!!!!!!
    Perhaps more nutty was the play calling in many of the situations, passing when running was the thing to do, handing off to sellers WAY too many times, etc, passing to LorenzoAlexander instead of handing it to portis, etc

  20. If you hear a cheering noise, it is coming from all the fans of the other NFC East teams.
    As long as Lionel Ritchie is running the Skins offense, they will remain in the cellar.

  21. i’m not trying to hate on JC, i’m really not, but the fact remains — he’s just not good. for whatever mysterious reason the Skins always overlook the QB position.
    True, he doesn’t have much to work with out there. Santana Moss has been miscast as a #1 for years. He’s a classic #2 guy, a speedster who gets open for long bombs when the defensive focus is on the main receiver. and Randle El as a #2? really?? he’s a #3 at best that can run gadget plays well.
    unfortunately, Cooley’s the only real weapon in the passing game.
    Campbell just looks so mechanical and awkwardly out of his element behind center. he gets 2-3 more years to screw up, tops, before the franchise starts looking elsewhere…oh, wait, they can’t. they gave all their money to Albert Haynesworth.

  22. Why is everyone so high on Brennan??? I was a Brennan lover to…. until that bowl game gave me a dose of reality. He was in the WAC, not nearly as good talent as the SEC or Big 12, and it showed with that bowl game. Campbell has had way too many OC changes, but folks are downing him. Funny. He’s the better QB on that team, or even Collins, but not Brennan, sorry.
    As for this Cutler sitcho… this is some soap opera grade F garbage. And I thought this would be a smooth off season now that Favre retired

  23. yeah jason is a good qb, but cutler is a much better qb. and me being the disappointed every year redskin fan that i am, i say bring cutler in and start him. people say we need a offensive line, well cutler is a much better throw on the run qb than campbell.

  24. campbell started to make me a believer early last year. then he reverted to form. he simply isnt that good. he isnt a difference maker and he doesnt elevate the play of those around him. take awy the star rb (the other skins backs are serviceable) and that’s all she wrote.
    he isnt horrible (used to say he sucks). but another season like the last few… and he is just another joey harrington to me. needs all other pieces to have a shot at winning. cant do with less. no way.
    collins is the better qb. he probly cant make it thru all 16 games healthy, but few can. campbell didnt in 07 then collins took them on a roll.
    the skins wont sling it 50 times a game. cutler wouldnt fit in.
    think garcia in washington…

  25. For all you Campbell supporters: I don’t know who you’ve been watching but it’s certainly not Jason Campbell of he Redskins. On his best day he is mediocre. I am a Broncos and Redskins fan (I like the Broncos a little more) and my worst nightmare is having Campbell come to Denver and Cutler going to Washington. Cutler needs to go but PLEASE don’t exchange him for Campbell.

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