A couple of weeks ago, Peter King of reported, almost in passing, that Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler asked to be traded after quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates left for USC.  If true, this would make Cutler’s outrage over nearly being traded a tad, shall we say, phony.
Now, John Czarnecki of adds some meat to the bone, reporting that agent Bus Cook was “begging” the Broncos to trade Cutler before the failed attempt to send him to a new team.
“Denver told him no from the beginning,” Czarnecki writes.  “But somehow Cook has been able — how hilarious is this? — to paint Cutler as some victim in the cruel world of NFL trade talk.”
It’s the perfect setup for one of our new PFTV segments, in which we pin a nice chunk of the blame on the agent whose name rhymes with Pus Book.



  1. The thing is, Jay Cutler doesn’t seem to be “acting” or anything like that. He seems genuinely outraged. Someone has to find out why this is the case if he HIMSELF requested a trade before — then all of this would be too bogus.
    What’s the bottom line? What’s going on? Someone with access should find out the full truth.

  2. AHAHAHAHA as a Broncos fan this is absolutely hilarious.
    I hope this joke of a man Bus Cook gets what’s coming to him for staging this whole situation. What a loser.
    Good job Broncos for holding strong, lesser people like Bus Cook don’t even deserve to be dealt with.

  3. Peter King is a fraud. He’s in bed with Josh McDaniels because of his love with anything Boston/New England.
    He’s blatantly trying to pass all of this as Cutler being the problem, but it’s obvious whats going on in Denver. Little Josh is trying to act like his mentor (Bellicheat), only Josh is just a 30 year old brat and has no respect from anybody considering he should be a ball boy somewhere in the league.
    But keep reading King’s articles as he talks up McDaniels. Pathetic.

  4. What should happen in order of probability:
    1. Trade Lil Baby Cutler (set the team back 4-5 years)
    2. Can Ronald McDonald and keep Cutler (set the team back 1-2 years to re-do the defense)
    3. Cutler Fires Cook so adult talk can ensue and all is reconciled (we win the AFC West).
    Bowlen has got to be as shocked as the rest of the city is as to how badly this has gone. The Shanny days of making poor personnel choices and missing the playoffs but going 8-8 must look like heaven now.

  5. Boy, Florio, what a miss. Cutler asked for a trade when his coaches left. McDaniels is hired. After hearing Cutler has ALREADY asked to be traded, he sniffed around on accommodating him and, in the process, upgrading his team with Cassel. What is wrong with that. You can’t win with a BABY qb anyway. All this crying reminds me of baseball….or golf.
    Thank heaven for us readers!!!

  6. I think McDaniels wanted Jay Cutler…until he became a big baby and begged for a trade.
    McD couldn’t have known Cutler would’ve cried so much when he didn’t get the head coach he wanted. Because Cutler wanted a trade so bad, McD tried to get Cassel.
    I really don’t think McD came to Denver not wanting Cutler. I just think that Cutler made McD want Cassel. Think about it: McD grew up around two humble quarterbacks that almost weren’t drafted, and he’s used to that mentality and humbleness. Cassel doesn’t start a game in 7 years, and never complained. McD gets hired and then Cutler immediately starts to wine. How would you react?

  7. Pus Book is Drew Rosenhouse without quite the same resume. Both should be castrated live on PPV. Hell, Drew’d probably volunteer if he got a cut of the sales.
    And add Scott Boras too. It’s the triamvarte(sp) of a-holes. I’d pay $100 to watch that.

  8. You guy’s are totally missing the point about Bus Cook. His job is to serve his clients wishes. Who is Bus to try to tell Bret what to do, or Jay Cutler. If Jay went to Bus and said I want to be traded, why shouldn’t he do it? Factor in that Cutler is under contract for 3 more seasons and Bus probably won’t make another penny off of him unless he pulls off a trade and negotiates a long term deal.
    With a potential big time contract coming Cutlers way in the next few years, Bus would be a moron to ignore his clients wishes and risk losing him as a client.

  9. “John Czarnecki of adds some meat to the bone”
    You call that meat to the bone?
    Please. The guy just reiterated what was said by Peter King. He didn’t list any new source, or even mention a source. This guy doesn’t get insider information.
    Its clear he read the King story and is now citing is as fact.
    Florio….why are you always so misleading. As a lawyer, opposing counsel and judges must hate you.

  10. Any suggestion that McDaniels be fired to accomodate Big Baby Cutler is a joke. That would only empower Cutler even more. If you think he’s bad now, wait and see how he acts once he gets his way.

  11. Both sides are full of crap.
    If you want to keep these stories just so you get the web traffic from every yahoo who hopes it’s their team who gets Jay.
    Bus wants his client to get love ($$$) from his team. If he can get the Broncos to cough up a new long term contract to show the love then everyone will be happy. Fans keep Jay….Jay gets more $$$….Agent gets % of that $$$.
    By week 1 of the season everyone is in love with the new coach, the old QB and nobody is even talking about the agent.
    I don’t like agents….I don’t like Lawyers either….but they both serve a purpose when you need one. Right now Cutler wants to feel the love in his pocket book and the best way to make that happen is exactly what his agent is doing. Cutler will either get the money in Denver or from his new team….either way he’ll be feeling the love in his wallet earlier than he would have without Bus Cook doing what he’s doing.
    We might all hate Cook. But, Jay certainly doesn’t.

  12. Cutler and Pus Book should simply apply some gynalotramin to each other’s inflamed vaginas and STFU.

  13. Sorry Bronco fans….All this to get more money! Bus Cook must have read the Scott Boras manual for getting more money for himself (oh and his client!)

  14. awesome segment florio. that was great analysis and it looked professional finally! keep it up

  15. How does this add “meat to the bone, ” to Kings BS rumor?
    There is no new source, he doesn’t even list a source. Just says it like its fact.. He also says,
    “He turned me off last season when he said his arm was better than John Elway’s.” Cutler did not say that! Cutler said it was stronger. There is clearly a difference and either he doesn’t know or he is just trying to make Cutler look bad.. Something else he says,
    “Cutler may look great on Sunday, zipping passes on the field, but that he has poor practice habits, has never been a lover of watching film”
    Cutler does not have poor practice habits and no one has ever said he doesn’t like to watch game film.. Shanahan was a hard ass. Just ask Jake Plummer what Shanahan expects out of his QB’s. Shanahan never did anything but praise Cutler’s work ethic..
    John Czarnecki clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. He is writing a story people will want to read, nothing more.. Nothing was factual about this article..

  16. OK…..humor me for a moment.
    Detroit trades their #20 pick to Carolina for Julius Peppers…..the Panthers have no picks in the 1st round. They then trade Peppers and Drew Henson to the Cardinals for Matt Lienart and a warm body on defense. Then Trade Lienart and the 3rd round pick to Denver for Cutler.

  17. 222sws222 says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 10:38 pm
    OK…..humor me for a moment.
    Detroit trades their #20 pick to Carolina for Julius Peppers…..the Panthers have no picks in the 1st round. They then trade Peppers and Drew Henson to the Cardinals for Matt Lienart and a warm body on defense. Then Trade Lienart and the 3rd round pick to Denver for Cutler.
    I think Goodell’s Head would explode when announcing that one draft day. I’m sure millen would still some how screw that up even though he’s not w/ the lions anymore and draft a WR lol FTL

  18. I heard Cutler has been traded already. What’s that? No, I don’t have a source. Didn’t you hear? You don’t need sources. You just say you “heard it” and will treat it as though it were established truth. It’s great.

  19. Can you see Cutler being traded to ….SAN DIEGO… and being River’s backup? As a Bronco fan i think this would be some justice for all the baloney JC and his agent have caused us!

  20. Its the “business” side of the NFL at its best. Teams want loyalty and sacrifice from their players but usually stiff the players on their contracts. The better players hold the teams hostage for a big contract and then don’t play to their potential/historical stats, ie Bust. Usually the team wins as very few players per team get to put the screws to the team.
    IF I was Jay Cutler and wanted more money, regardless of who started the trade talks, I would tell Denver ” You’ll see me after Week 9, and not before Even if I’m traded, if I’m not traded prior to mini camps opening”. Do it loud and publicly. Denver won’t get nearly as much for him if they wait until after mini camps open. Basically, force the issue. He has the money to sit and as long as he reports by Week 10, he still gets his accrued year of service on his contract. I’d gladly take 7/16ths of his paycheck for sitting on the bench!
    All of the talk about Bus Cook is just smoke and mirrors. In the end, he doesn’t produce a product on the field and No player should listen “wholeheartedly” to their Agent. As is painfully obvious, the Agents are really only out for themselves….

  21. Wow what a crappy way to end that segment. Florio is hater. He was in just straight hate mode the clip. Unbias my a$$.

  22. As a Chiefs fan, I’m loving every moment of this drag queen soap opera. The problem here is that Florio isn’t concerned with who started this whole mess. I can’t imagine it being Bus Cook just out of the blue trying to instigate a trade involving his client (Jay Cutler). So obviously this was something that originally was instigated by Josh McDaniels. He knew Matt Cassel was on the market, and he took a swing for the fences to land him and missed.
    Now Cutler is disillusioned with the team. McDaniels flat out lied to Cutler when he said that he never tried to trade him. People keep saying Cutler is “whining” or has a “stick up his butt”, but he’s been lied to by the new coach. And the new coach is obviously not committed to having him around. How else is Jay Cutler supposed to act? Should he just recognize that this is a business decision and blow it off? No player is untradeable? Bullshit. That’s a cop out. Business or not, Cutler should want to spend jos career in a place that he’s wanted and appreciated and where his coaches and teammates believe in him. Why would Cutler want to stay in Denver when the coach and upper brass isn’t committed to him? Doesn’t that undercut his standing with his teammates and affect his ability to do his job and lead his team??
    Cutler has every right to feel a sense of rejection and to request a trade from a team that obviously is not committed to him. And I hope he goes to a team that will appreciate his abilities, and will have terrific success wherever he goes.

  23. At his cap number, just keep him and sit him.
    He can play and grow up, or sit on the bench and be a good back up, start simms, or get leftwhich or even vick and either draft a qb in the second rd/ late first rd (trade up to get one of the qb’s that fall) or maybe try and swing a trade for thigpen.
    You can’t trade him unless you get fair value, and you can’t beat the bargin he is money wise for the next few years.

  24. Here’s another thought. Humor me out for a moment. The Chiefs trade Cassel straight up to Denver for Cutler. Not that these two teams would ever conceive of being trade partners with one another (possessing mutual hatred for eachother, and neither wanting to see the other benefit from anything). But perhaps such a trade could be beneficial enough for both parties that they’d be willing to put aside their rivalry temporarily and be confident enough with the player that they are each receiving that they’re willing to risk and live with the outcome of such a trade when they meet twice a year for the next 8 years or so.

  25. He hasn’t painted Cutler as a victim at all. Cutler is merely a whining baby who has never won anything. No one feels sorry for Cutler. What news reports are you relying on?

  26. @ 222sws222
    The NFL is not a wheeling and dealing league like your proposed trade calls for, it’d never happen, ever.
    Detroit could acquire Quinn and then ship him to Denver for Cutler, but that would probably take the 20th pick (Cle), a 4th(Den) and a 5th(Cle), at least. That’s too much to give up for a cry baby quarterback that hasn’t accomplished anything yet. (this assumes Cle wants D. Anderson, if they are in on Cutler, this proposed would never happen)
    Detroit has a serious lack of talent on the squad (See, 0-16 record), and they need all their picks to fill in not just starters, but backups as well. That said, they’ll probably just draft guys that they release in 3 years, but that’s besides the point

  27. I don’t understand why some post insist that a trade of Cutler
    sets the franchise back? McDaniels is bringing in a new system.
    The same system that helped Tom Brady become a Superstar!
    Cutler doesn’t know the system, so technically he is already behind.
    He still wants to run Shanahan’s system? Well, those folks are gone.
    Mr. Bowlin wasn’t happy with the direction the team was taken.
    Josh has to put the team first. No one player can be more important
    than the team! I never heard Tom Brady, Matt Cassel complain about
    McDaniels, and if there was an issue? It would’ve stayed in-house!
    Who wants thier dirty laundry in public? Certainly not the owner!
    Sounds like he already made his choice,”we may lose our star QB!”
    What he didn’t say was Jay knock it off, or you’re outta here!

  28. LOL…..Jay “Manny Ramirez” Cutler is a tool. For those who bashed Josh McDaniel (Unjustly), you can see why he doesn’t want this cry baby TOOL running his offense. Cutler who has compared himself to Brady, Manning and Romo… nowhere NEAR any of those players talentwise and is IMMATURE. The Broncos should deal him to a BAD team……. Cutler asked for a trade…his agent BEGGED for a trade… him…send him to Detroit……..would serve him right

  29. Mister Green,
    You can’t say that McD “flat out lied to Cutler” any more than one could say that “Cutler asked to be traded first”. Reports are reports and selectively believing them will lead you down a path of confirmation bias.
    First, look at EVERYTHING, then look at the timing of everything. It’s becoming clear that Cutler wanted out of Denver the moment Shanahan was fired. He became committed to the idea once Bates was fired. He has shown ZERO effort to work this out. Not returning Bowlen’s phone calls? Not wanting to meet with McD without Cook present? Not showing up for a meeting with his teammates (who he reportedly “plays for”)?
    I’m of the belief that if Cutler had the tiniest wish to remain a Bronco then he would have seen it by now. We haven’t, and there’s a painful truth that all fans of the Broncos must come to realize: JAY CUTLER DOES NOT WANT TO BE A DENVER BRONCO.

  30. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute;
    Bates leaves town; Cutler tells Cook that he wants out too, with a new coach coming into town; McDaniels and the staff hear that, learn that Cassell is about to become available, and discreetly try to work a deal to accommodate Cutler while protecting the team’s most vital position – so far a no-lose deal for everyone involved.
    Until the deal falls through.
    Then Cutler goes publicly spastic over these “trade rumors” – which A) he ASKED to be traded B) no one would have heard a WORD about if he himself didn’t open his big yap – and now we have a full-blown mess in Denver where-in the team absolutely CANNOT keep Cutler, ensuring that he MUST be traded and thus lowering the Bronco’s leverage to get a decent deal done?
    This is typical for Bus Cook’s MO, and while his job certainly is to look out for his client’s best interests – not the team’s – he certainly didn’t help Cutler here with his advice and handling of Cutler, the team, the press et-al. Cutler WILL get his trade – though if I were the Bronc’s, I’d send the dude to the Saskatchewan Rough Riders at this point, since they aren’t going to get value for him now, they might as well get some pleasure out of it – but at a horrible cost to his public persona, which is already getting viciously (and justify ably so) trashed!
    Another Bus Cook train wreck, in the name of the “best deal for his client”.

  31. @Swervinmervin
    ew… Peter King and Josh McDaniels in bed… together… thanks for making me picture that at 9:30 in the morning…

  32. The trade that makes the most sense is Cutler to Carolina and Carolina sends both Peppers and Delhome to Denver.
    This would be a win-win for both teams. Carolina is upset with Delhome’s most recent playoff outing, and now they will have a QB of the future.
    Denver would have a legit pass-rusher, and a starting QB to prevent them from having to go into full rebuilding mode. They can then draft a QB of the future to compete with Delhome moving forward.

  33. Is it true Broncos owner is reaching out to his former coach to try to settle down Cutlers demand for a trade? Would that be sorta like back dooring Josh’s powerplay. Young guys with new power tend to overplay there grab for power. Is it is possible that Josh’s tenure as head coach is already in jeopardy in Denver. Could it be that the Belicheat roots are more like rotted dry wood that termites devoured before they took their new positions…. if Belicheat grinning like crusty the clown after giving glowing recommendations for his coordinators, then watching eagerly as franchises are destroyed by their tenures…. example: Weis at Notre Dame…. Crennell in Cleveland…. and now McDaniels and Pioli in Denver and KC… maybe this tree has rotten apples full of worms and it’s some mad geneis scheme of Belicheat to send the forbidden fruit and hope owners like Lerner, Bowden and Hunt let the bad apples spoil their prospects… Cutler getting Bernie Kosared and run outta town….Pioli bringing a one hit wonder to KC…. could the Cleveland Browns finally get off life support and breathe new life on the shores of Lake Erie because the blacksheep of the Belicheat family decided to turn the tables on the family like Tony Soprano did in New Jersey…. How fitting would it be to see Jay Cutler pull his version of the 98 yard drive in a Cleveland uniform at the expense of the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and The Baltimore Ravens…. Savagely destroyed for the last for years, could their be real football in Cleveland once again………as a fan that got one of those bad apples from Belicheats tree, we might have dewormed our organization of the termites that infested our headquarters in Berea, Ohio.

  34. Blahblahblah. This is Cook wanting to get the next “biggest contract” in the NFL, nothing more. He knew Shanahan would happily give as much of Bowlen’s money as was demanded, and that probably wasn’t going to be the case with the new crew.
    Thus, the trade request immediately after Shanahan was canned.
    Bottom line: Cutler is under contract for the next 3 years- end of story. He isn’t going to hold out for 3 years. He’s not going anywhere, despite the huffing and puffing.
    Cutler’s a Denver Bronco for the next 3 years at least. By August, all of this nonsense will be forgotten.

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