We’ve been flooded with questions about whether the Redskins will be making a play for Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.
There’s an item at bleacherreport.com that sets forth a far-fetched three-team trade, involing Cutler and Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler going to Washington, Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell and tight end Chris Cooley going to Cleveland, and Browns quarterback Brady Quinn going to Denver.
Citing an unnamed source, the report stated that the deal would be announced by 5:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.
We poked around a but bit [Editor’s note:  unfortunate typo not narrowly avoided] on this one, but only because we heard on Monday that the ‘Skins are interested in Cutler.  A source with knowledge of the situation scoffed at the bleacherreport.com item regarding the supposed mega-trade.  “Guess we’ll find out when that 5:00 p.m. news conference begins somewhere,” the source said Tuesday afternoon.
Coincidentally, now that 5:00 p.m. EDT has come and gone, the word “satire” appears in parentheses at the top of the bleacherreport.com story.  (Damn, we should have used that one when we reported after we found out that Terry Bradshaw hadn’t croaked.)
But there’s also a report from John Keim of dcexaminer.com suggesting that the Redskins are interested in Cutler.
Again, we’re dipping our toe into this pool only because we’re separately hearing that the ‘Skins are indeed interested in Cutler.
Whether they make a run for him remains to be seen.


  1. I hate when bleacherreport shows up in google’s news search. Their stuff is so bogus. I did get bonus points last year in journalism class for submitting their grammar mistakes to the prof.

  2. why would the Browns trade Quinn, a hometown hero that the fan base loves, for Jason Campbell and Chris Cooley? The Browns don’t even need a tight end anyway. They love Rucker, who they drafted last year to replace K-II, and have signed Royal along with already having Heiden as a solid blocker. I just don’t see the point.

  3. Yeahhh the Broncos lose a 25 year old franchise pro bowl QB and a top 3 receiving TE in the league for an unproven QB.
    While the Browns get a pro bowl TE and a solid starter at QB for an unproven QB.
    Because that makes any sense.
    Now Cutler and Scheffler for Cooley and Campbell MIGHT be a reality, but throwing the Browns in there is absolutely ludicrous.
    And doesn’t Cooley have a no-trade clause or something like that in his contract?
    This is a load of BS.
    Florio, why would you even write something up like this?

  4. Great, now another starting quarterback who will feel insecure. How stupid can these teams be? A decent quarterback already signed is worth two in a possible trade.

  5. Hey I want to make up a trade too……lets see……Washington trades Haynesworth and Portis to Cleveland, who trades Edwards, Quinn and Jim Brown to Minnesota, who trades A. Petersen and Jesse Ventura to Denver, for Cutler.
    Watch for the press conference tonight.

  6. I am a redskin fan but I would trade Jason Campbell but not Cooley. I would rather trade landry.

  7. As a redskin fan I would love to have Cutler but I wouldn’t trade COOOOLEY. we don’t need sheffler.

  8. that was the most assinine thing I have read in along time. So the skins are going to trade a franchise TE and their safety of the future and a QB with potential for Cutler and their TE.

  9. There is absolutely no truth to this rumor…surprised florio even mentioned it…its retraded
    Jay is coming to the D

  10. this is so dumb. So we trade our franchise TE a good safety and a decent qb for cutler and their TE.

  11. this is the most lop sided trade. So your saying in this made up trade is that all the broncos get is a pathetic quarterback in Quinn..? Dream on

  12. Never happen, Cooley’s dead cap hit would be unmanageable, same with Landry. Fred Davis maybe.

  13. What is this about the Browns not needed a TE…didn’t they give up Winslow to the dirty Bucs?

  14. Can’t really jump on Florio for this one. The DC Examiner article makes no mention of Cooley. The ridiculousness on bleacher report threw that mess down.
    I would be all for this. Campbell is way to timid and seems almost afraid to push the ball downfield. If they dealt Campbell and somehow kept their 1st rounder this would be a terrific move.

  15. Anyone can write anything on bleacher report. It’s sometime interesting (or hilarious) when someone writes an opinion piece but you would never use it to find out hard news.

  16. I was just throwing names in the pot like this article. In my opinion Cutler is a big upgrade over Campbell.

  17. Bleacher Report is a joke. Well I should say it’s a cool tool..with some idiot users. There’s a story on there right now about the Saints sending Brees to Minnesota for about 8 players and a draft pick.

  18. As a Raider fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing Denver keep Cutler, but these trade rumors are even better. So far I’ve seen names like Quinn, Lienart, Campbell, and Simms mentioned as possible replacements. Bring me the head of Tarvaris Jackson! Doesn’t Alex Smith get any love on PFT? How about Andrew Walter, Seneca Wallace, or Yancey Thigpen?

  19. Only way this goes down is if Cooley lands on the same team as Quinn so Cooley can show him his ‘playbook’…

  20. I cannot believe that PFT picked this up…
    1) Bleacherreport is an open site, anyone can make posts there.
    2) The “rumor” says that the Browns give a 3rd round pick in the trade. Newsflash guys, the Browns don’t even have a 3rd round pick!!
    3) Look at the top of the article you’re linking. It says it’s a satire!
    This is hilarious. Someone posts a fake article as a joke, SAYS it’s a joke, it includes teams trading stuff they don’t even have to trade, and it STILL gets posted here??

  21. So tell me PFT Planet, what’s your favorite Jay Cutler playoff memory?
    /:-[ <—— sarcasm emoticon

  22. Everyone is getting in on it.
    Prosportsdaily has something about Seattle getting in on a 3 or 4 way trade (but not Hass involved, or Cutler coming to Seattle). Rumor was Seattle was trying to get Edwards, and move down in the draft, so who knows?

  23. That thing was labeled as satire from the beginning…Florio and some notable others just missed it…it was all over fan message boards around noon Eastern as clearly labeled satire…

  24. Don’t worry people. Jason will be having a pro bowl year in 2009 which will result in his contract being extended.
    Jay Cutler will be traded for Jaymarcus Russel

  25. This just in from the bleachreport:
    ESPN reports that Mike Florio is a very accurate and reputable reporter that reports only factual information. He never sprays the walls and hopes “#$% sticks or writes rumors just to stir up debate. He has too much integretity for that.
    Guess you can’t beleive anything you read on the internet now these days.

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