Former Giants defensive end and current NFL analyst Michael Strahan, who once was rumored to be in line for a talk show on FOX, reportedly is getting a sitcom instead.
According to Variety, Strahan’s show has the working title of Brothers, and it centers on a former NFL player who returns home to reconnect with his family — and, specifically, with his wheelchair-bound brother.
Strahan plays the wheelchair-bound brother.
Actually, Strahan will be the former NFL player, and Daryl “Chill” Mitchell plays Strahan’s wheelchair-bound brother.
We’re currently tracking down a rumor that Jay Glazer has been hired to play the family’s chihuahua.
[UPDATE:  We made this story a bit more clear, since sarcasm still apparently doesn’t translate well through the Internet.]

49 responses to “STRAHAN GETS A SITCOM

  1. Glazer, in fact, has been offered the role of Cecil, the excitable, man-blouse wearing neighbor who is always popping in uninvited.

  2. Considering that Daryl Mitchell is in a wheelchair in real life, I’m pretty sure that Strahan will not be the one in the wheelchair….

  3. and florio can then own jay glazer. and their buddy jared allen could come over and call the dog a little pervert.

  4. Instead, he should be a guy who gets in a car accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance, and so the judge orders them to be Strahan’s butler.

  5. Sounds like it has potential. Strahan was good when he was on “Chuck” some time back. We’ll have to see. Good to see Chill Mitchell getting work.

  6. The body of the post makes no sense. It says Strahan will play both the brother in a wheel chair and the ex football player.

  7. Florio-
    You are a comic genius!You almost had me with the Strahan being the wheel chair bound brother! Hey, do you think you cold do some retarded jokes next?

  8. Who came up with this? Fox must have fired all of the people with good ideas due to the economy.

  9. Yeah, I think you made a mistake in that article. Reading the linked original, it appears that the other actor — who’s paralyzed in real life — will be the bro’ in the chair, not Michael Get Your Stray Han’ Off Me.

  10. Wow, I didn’t realize that Strahan has such great range as an actor. I bet his next roll is as a former football player in an Adam Sandler comedy.

  11. Florio………you got it backwards. Strahan will NOT be the one in the wheelchair………Chill Mitchell will be.

  12. We’ve been handed an incredible opportunity here, Peck.
    What’s next?
    Will he play the role of Simple Jack in the new TV series based on Tropic Thunder?

  13. Jay Glazer has severe “Little Man’s Syndrome”. That’s why he practices and announces MMA, just so you know that midgets can fight too.

  14. Loved Mitchell as the lunch counter guy in the old John Laroquette Show . . . as others have pointed out, Mitchell is a parapalegic in real life, so my guess is that he will play the wheelchair-bound one in the show, too. Either that, or there’s going to be some serious special effects going on.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  15. Breaking news: The Fox Network announces that the pilot show “Brothers” will not be picked up fora full season. The first 3 shows will play through and then be destroid.

  16. Actually, OJ Simpson was cast to play the nutty neighbor, but that part is being recast.

  17. I can’t wait for the episode where the overly nosy landlord played by Dennis Green suspects Strahan’s character of living an alternative lifestyle with another character played by Tiki Barber. After a series of misconstrued moments, the episode concludes with a speech during which Dennis Green declares “They were what we thought they were.”

  18. How about a reality TV show where he plays DE for the Giants? Thats about all i need to see of him.

  19. Florio, post this. I remember this gem from a few months back. Maybe “chill” can use this for rehersal

  20. Either way, Strahan’s gotta be psyched that he’s not going to have to face Jay Cutler now that Denver’s trading him to Philly for McNabb.

  21. Comedy should be easy for Strahan.
    He is alreaday funny looking!
    Ba-Dump! Bump!
    (Add canned laugh track here.)

  22. Quote
    “what now says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 3:30 pm
    You really should ready your own linked articles… Or maybe slow down just a bit.”
    Maybe you should slow down and “ready” your own post first!

  23. Wasn’t there a sitcom back in the 80’s that was called “Brothers?” That name sure sounds familiar.

  24. Well thank God the brother is in a wheelchair, otherwise where would the premise be for this to be a situational comedy? The only thing funnier than paraplegics is someone dying of cancer. This show has top 10 written all over it. Bring on the hilarity.

  25. Michael Strahan in….. “Can you guess whats caught inbetween my teeth brother?”

  26. Strahan should play Jack Tripper in a remake of Three’s Company. Janet could be played by Michelle Tafoya and Chrissy could be played by Jillian Barberie. Dan Rooney = Mr. Roper. Florio, you could be Larry Dallas, Jack’s womanizing used car salesman pal.
    Of course, this all hinges on whether Strahan can successfully “pretend” to be a straight man pretending to be a gay man.

  27. I don’t like the racial overtones of this show!!! I am reporting you, Florio, to the Al Sharpton

  28. Slow down florio youre typing too fast and too many articles.
    In the season premier, Strahan plays a bouncer and doesn’t allow in a former teammate because he is wearing baggy sweatpants…
    he is also greeted by an overweight person on the east wing of the bldg and always welcomes him with “hello runyan”

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