Various news reports have listed some of the rules changes that the Competition Committee will be proposing to the owners for consideration at upcoming league meetings in California.
Frankly, we haven’t busted our humps to list them all because the owners have shown in the past that they’re not averse to ignoring the advice of the Competition Committee.
But one of the proposed changes has gotten our attention.
The Competition Committee has suggested re-ordering the bottom of round one of the draft based not upon the record of the playoffs teams, but when they exit the tournament.
“A team can win a playoff game and yet get to pick [in the draft] before the team it beat,” Falcons president Rich McKay said.
Actually, under the current structure, a team can make it to the conference finals and pick before a team that didn’t even get to the playoffs at all.
As it now stands, the 30 teams that don’t qualify for the Super Bowl are ranked by record, regardless of whether they qualify for the postseason.  As a result, there will be years in which a playoff team picks before a playoff team that it defeated, and years in which a playoff team picks before a non-playoff team.
This year, there’s both.
The Eagles, at No. 21, pick a spot before the Vikings, even though the Eagles beat the Vikings in the wild-card round. 
Also, the Eagles pick two spots before the Patriots, even though Philly played in the NFC title game.  The Patriots, despite an 11-5 record, didn’t qualify for the postseason.
Likewise, the Chargers pick at No. 16, before five teams that didn’t participate in a playoff game (Jets, Bears, Bucs, Cowboys, Pats) and eleven spots before the team San Diego beat in the playoffs, the Colts. 
Though the explanation tacked onto the bottom of the AP article isn’t as clear as we’d like, it appears that the new procedure (if accepted by the owners) will give the 20 non-playoff teams the first 20 spots in the draft, with the next 12 teams being placed based on when they exited the tournament.
In other words, the wild-card weekend losers would hold spots 21 through 24, with specific placement based on regular-season record.  Division-round losers would pick from 25 to 28.  The conference runners-up would have spots 29 and 30, and the Super Bowl teams would get 31 and 32.
Hopefully, this is one proposal that the owners will accept.
Especially since we proposed this idea in January


  1. it shouldnt be on when you lose in the playoffs, but teams that make the playoffs shouldnt pick before teams that didnt

  2. I hate the way teams are rewarded for ineptitude by draft picks. They should go to a lottery system for the bottom third of the teams and for the playoff teams, and the teams in the middle (like the Cowboys always are).

  3. This makes way too much sense for the NFL to change it. They already said they aren’t changing overtime, so why would they change something else that doesn’t make sense?

  4. I don’t know if I’m sold on this idea. A division champion in a weak division (SD) is not necessarily better than a team like the Patriots that went 11-5. If the point of re-ordering the draft is to try to get teams on an equal of footing as possible, I like the way it is currently structured

  5. I thought the draft order was supposed to help the weakest teams over the strongest teams? It is very possible that a very strong team in a strong division could fail to make the playoffs, and that a very weak team make the playoffs in a very weak division just by winning that division. Shouldn’t that weak team still pick ahead of that strong team?

  6. “With the 32nd pick in the draft, the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers select…”
    Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

  7. Sure this is all true but at least the last two picks in the first round are always the Super Bowl runner up at 31 and the Super Bowl winner at 32. I don’t know why the NFL hasn’t placed that same order with all of the playoff teams but whatever. It will be interesting to see if this rule is changed.

  8. @filbertkiwi71 that is true, but the better teams would trade a better pick for a shot at the playoffs any day, but since they didnt get in they should at least get to pick before the teams that got in

  9. ITS about time. And totally illogical it hasn’t been done before. Why does it only count if you get to the Super Bowl. IE- last 2 picks. But not for the other teams who advance in playoffs? IE- Philly got to NFC finals beating Giants yet Giants have worse pick in upcoming draft.
    BESIDES – they also like a couple of years back, Giants and Bucs won their divisions with same record. Giants were seeded lower. Both teams lost their playoff game. BUT Giants who were seeded lower were placed with a worse draft order pick than Bucs. Totally illogical.

  10. Well on the flipside, should the Cardinals draft earlier than 31?Ironically, if they went to a pure lottery, as someone had suggested, it might be more beneficial to teams like the Lions and Raiders. I’ve always thought that the reason these teams are so bad is because they have to dedicate a large part of their cap to the no 1 and 2 overall picks they get every year.

  11. Really the issue is not the bottom end of round one it is the top end. The non-playoff teams should be seeded like the do in the NBA through a lottery system and a rookie salary scale should be in place. The NFL network could get a whole day and half of programming just out to the lottery. Or they could put it on at half time of the Probowl, so somebody watches the darn thing.

  12. filbertkiwi71 – I agree with you.
    Just cause the Chargers won a very WEAK division, it doesn’t mean they should be punished for going to the playoffs. They were still worse than Indi (as a team).
    Personally, I don’t care if the Patriots EVER get to pick in the draft.

  13. McKay is still with the Falcons. He’s just not the GM anymore. He does do a good job resting Arthur Blank’s balls on his chin though.

  14. How about instead of fixing the draft so that non-playoff teams who were 11-5 get to draft sooner, leave their draft position where it is and FIX THE PLAYOFFS to have 11-5 teams make it.

  15. It seems to make sense to me to leave it the way it currently is.
    So what if the Patriots did not make the playoffs? A team that went 10-6 in a totally different division and makes the playoffs should not be held accountable for the Patriots inability to outcompete the rest of their division for the playoff berth.

  16. They should hold a weighted lottery for the entire draft order. The sole purpose being the potential revenue from a prime time special “NFL Draft Lottery.” The NFL draft has already proven that people will watch an over hyped, over rated event that takes way too long.

  17. How was this not the rule already?
    And why are people so convinced that the Patriots, with their cupcake schedule, are a better team at 11-5 than teams with much tougher schedules but weaker records?

  18. So what they’re saying is if you are in a division that is very weak and the winner of that division has a record of 10-6, they will pick after the team that was in a better division because they didn’t make the playoffs with a 13-3 record. The bottom line is that the better of these two teams IS the team with the 13-3 record, and that is validated by the tougher division and the ability to still end the regular season 13-3. That doesn’t make sense to me. The goal is to level the playing field across the board, not just in one division, and this idea fails to do so. In this situation the better of the two teams gets even better than the weaker team…now that’s the type of logic I would expect from Florio, not the NFL!!!

  19. Yo Bob S.,,
    I guess when a team is upset, on one day out the entire season, this would be just cause to award them a lower pick? When Philly beat the Giants everyone had the Giants going to the super bowl, but because Philly upset them are you really telling me that Philly was the better team over the course of the year? One day does not, and should not, supersede the actions of an entire season. This new idea is illogical!!!

  20. A losing record in a weak division = a worse team than a losing record in a strong division
    The same goes with teams that have weak schedules verses teams that play tough schedules…they need to keep things as even and fair as possible and if they come up with a better idea I think we would all be on board, but as it stands their “new idea” does not add up. Get the proper solutions together before implementing changes. We don’t want or need another Band-Aid to remedy a problem that for the most part doesn’t exist. The NFL has bigger issues they should be dealing with other than this right now! Clean up the conduct policy so these knuckleheads finally understand that playing football in the NFL is not a right, rather a privilege!!!

  21. So you are rewarding teams with great regular season records that choke in the playoff i.e. Carolina? If they kept their pick.

  22. The Draft Order is stupid anyway. It rewards teams that suck. I have a proposal.
    Have the BEST team that didn’t make the playoffs receive the #1 pick, the next best #2, and so on. Then leave the playoff teams the same.
    Give teams an incentive to try hard to create good teams. This also cuts down on teams that give up at the end of the season so they can land a better pick.
    Makes playoff scenarios more interesting…because if a bubble team is playing the Chiefs, Rams or Lions…it actually means something for both teams to try to win.

  23. Mangy66
    WHAT??? Some peoples kids just insist on making erroneous comments…I would hate to see an organization, or should I say disorganization, you are involved with…gezzz there’s nothing like taking a bad situation and making it worse…where do you come up with this stuff…are you getting your input and ideas from Opra? I got an idea..Stick to the soap operas, I think they’re better suited for you…lol

  24. Without a rookie wage scale, I think the best thing that could happen to the draft is to have teams draft their draft position a month before the actual draft.
    For instance the top pick in this year’s draft goes to the Lions whether they like it or not. Suppose the Lions do not want to carry the financial burden of yet another high draft pick. They may prefer, say, the 8th pick and the finances that go with that slot. Under the draft the draft position process, they would have first shot at picking any of the draft positions and could choose to be 8th. Next would come the Rams. Maybe they choose to stay at 2nd to ensure they get one of the top 2 tackles. They can choose to do that. Keep this up through the whole first round with each team choosing from the remaining open picks. Do this a month or so before the draft. Hell, the NFL could have a whole draft the draft position show, almost like a pre-draft draft. Mo’ money, mo’ money.

  25. wow mkuske…they must be handing out stupid pills where you live…please tell us you were just joking and we won’t hold this comment aginst you…we promise!, but you must promise to stop doing this…you’re making the whole board look bad!!!

  26. AllPhilly
    Get an education if you think that was disorganized. Clean up your thoughts. Present them in a non-Oafish manner. Don’t just throw insults because you don’t like the idea.
    Make an argument about what’s disorganized about that.
    Until then. You are a moron who can do nothing else than lob playground insults.
    Get a life or get bent.

  27. “I thought the draft order was supposed to help the weakest teams over the strongest teams? It is very possible that a very strong team in a strong division could fail to make the playoffs, and that a very weak team make the playoffs in a very weak division just by winning that division. Shouldn’t that weak team still pick ahead of that strong team?”
    Exactly!!!!! It’s not the Chargers fault they play in a weak ass division. If you let the Pats/Jets pick ahead of them, the AFC East (Pats/Jets) keep getting stronger while the Chargers continue to get weaker, but still will get into the playoffs cause they play in the weak AFC west. If the league wants parity, they’ll leave it the way it is.
    The problem is not that the Chargers get to pick ahead of the Pats. The problem is that the Chargers got into the playoffs while the Pats didn’t, even though the Pats had a better record.

  28. Mangy66
    LOL…you’ve got to be kidding me…please say you are…lol
    Ok, where do I start?…how about this…
    “It rewards teams that suck”
    ummm…yea…that’s its purpose generous…
    “Have the BEST team that didn’t make the playoffs receive the #1 pick, the next best #2, and so on”
    Ok, you ask what was disorganized…here it is…it’s called your thought process…your “brilliant” idea takes teams that are already better the majority of the NFL and gives them first pop at improving…now really, do you think that makes a lot of sense? You’re a moron if you think that’s the way to level the playing field and create better competition throughout the league.
    “Give teams an incentive to try hard to create good teams”
    Man, you really are asking to be abused…what in the hell are you talking about??? If you really think in that little brain of yours teams that are struggling right now to be competitive will somehow get better by picking further down in the draft, you’re crazier than what I first thought!!! And you say give them incentive…my friend if the Super Bowl isn’t incentive enough your farfetched ideas don’t stand a chance…you know I just started thinking…why in the hell am I sitting here even responding to such ignorance…
    my man, your comments are so farfetched it doesn’t deserve a response…
    Please, the next time you want to call me out for pointing out how ignorant your comments are, at least have something credible to say first!!!

  29. december…Finally someone who makes sense…you, without a doubt, are 100% right about this…
    Maybe you could give our generous Mangy66 your take on his post…he seems to think I have no grounds to bitch-slap him ass after making his “brilliant” comments on how the league should tackle this issue.
    And by the way Mangy66, do you really think anyone on here (that has any credibility) would stand up and defend that dumb ass post you made? Any takers?????

  30. All-Philly
    Not wasting my time with you, Idiot…so I’ll try one last time.
    Your first “point” didn’t really say anything. You think you made a point, but I go back to my first post, as the answer is basically there. You have proven nothing other than say the equivalent of “That’s stupid, I disagree”. But, for some reason you think you’re some tough guy (sounds more insecure, really).
    Like I said…reward the teams that try. If you call what the Lions, Bengals and Rams did last year “trying”, you really need to consider watching a “sport” like tiddly winks instead.
    Oh wait…just answered both of your “points” with one response, but I have a feeling you won’t be able to comprehend that either. And I’m the one who’s pea brained and got b*tch slapped, eh?
    Try again. If you think that getting on here and using schoolyard banter is “b*tch slapping”, you need to get out of mommy’s basement and get a clue.

  31. Mangy66
    Here is my last comment to you and hopefully as you grow up and mature into a man (if that’s possible) you will have some words of wisdom to help you guide along the way.
    Words of wisdom from me to you:
    It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re an idiot than it is to open your mouth and prove it.
    You my friend have proven it with every word that has come out of your mouth!!!

  32. So I made the mistake of coming back and reading this.
    You truly are THAT deluded, aren’t you?
    You say NOTHING in your posts other than throwing out insults.
    Big man. YOU ARE SOOOOOO COOL!!!
    I’ll let you live in your ignorant bliss.
    P.S. – I got a great real estate agent…he can help you move out of mommy’s basement so you’re not so disgruntled.

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