The New York Giants are conducting a private workout with speedy University of Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin today, according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.
Harvin said his workout with the Giants centers on special teams.
At his Pro Day, Harvin also said he has private workouts scheduled with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Harvin’s versatility and speed are drawing interest from multiple teams.
Harvin caught 40 passes last season for seven touchdowns. He also scored 10 touchdowns as a running back while leading the nation with a 9.4 average per carry.

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  1. Percy is a couple of fluke injuires away from being the 2nd best receiver in the draft. He is stronger,faster, and just as quick as Maclin. He is a helluva kick returner but just didnt have because of the wealth of talent at Florida. If he played in the Big 12 he would have destroyed it worst than he destroyed the SEC. I see this kid being just as produtive as Eddie Royal in his first year and should definately be a Top 10 pick. Imagine Desean Jackson plus 25 pounds and a mean streak. If I was the Jags or Raiders I’d take him over Maclin. The kid isn’t injury prone necessarilly, he had a heel injury misdiagnosed coming out of high school that let to several injuries. He had surgery that corrected that problem. His other injuries were migranes and a high ankle sprain that can happen to anyone at anytime. This kid destroyed Oklahoma at about 85%. Imagine what he can do healthy. Everytime he touches the ball, its a toucdown waiting to happen

  2. hes not going to drop to the Giants. I hope he does. I also highly dount that they are trading up..

  3. @yellerhelmut.. Yo’ momma!!
    Can you say smokescreen?? Britt, Bey, Nicks or Tate from NC..

  4. Great post, vbeach31, though I feel you may be a little bit biased considering Percy is from that area. 🙂 It’s OK, doesn’t take away from you being 100% correct!!! Percy is the 2nd best WR in the draft without question. And he’s the top “playmaker.”

  5. Don’t worry, the GMEN have plenty of picks in this years draft to trade up a few slots to get him. The bad thing is, as a Giants fan, we all know Gillbride wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to use this guy (might as well throw Pat Whites name on that list too).

  6. I guess we need a decent returner if Bradshaw and Hixon are both 2nd-stringers full time this year – I love Hixon’s returning skills, but I always feel like he’s one big hit away from being wiped out and we can’t afford that unless we trade up and grab a better player like Harvin, if we get a guy who will be left at our spot like Britt, he won’t be starting on opening day.

  7. The Giants already have enough small, speedy & injury prone WR’s. BTW, Ralph didn’t report this, he lifted it and credited “Big” Ern over at Lohud.

  8. Vbeach being from Vabeach too I will say something unbias, he is a second round choice. His routes are far from great, he had big plays on broken plays, the offense they use in florida has alot of misdirection. That says he is a talent, he runs well with the ball and suprisingly has good hands. But there are alot of those guys, when it comes to nfl receivers it comes down to 2 things. Can he run great routes and understand the nuances of the position, can he stay healthy. I don’t think he ranks high in either of those categories and I doubt hes nfl ready.
    I also think alot of people are sleeping on Hakeem nicks.

  9. well, i guess we know the giants aren’t looking at harvin. two years ago they drafted aaron ross without even saying a word to him the entire 4 months after the college football season. i really think the giants are going offensive line with their first pick.

  10. I do have a little bias because the kid lived in my neighborhood, but when i comment on this I’m speaking as someone who has played the game. On the field he may be the fastest player I have ever seen other than Jerome Mathis. Yes, I know Oklahoma is a college team,but Percy could run past ANY corner in the leage in man to man coverage. He is comparable to Reggie Bush , but remember Percy is a receiver, who is such a dynamic athlete that he can play any skill position on the field. Route running will progress as he gets in a system and practices them, because a lot of the digs and cuts required in the league weren’t in his playbook at FLA. I’m sure he can adapt and excel

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