At a time when more than a few mock drafts show the Chiefs taking linebacker Aaron Curry with the third pick in round one, there’s another name that needs to be considered.
Everette Brown, defensive end/linebacker from Florida State.
According to Adam Caplan of, the Chiefs will conduct a private workout with Brown.
If selected, Brown would likely serve as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense that the Chiefs will employ.


  1. In my opinion… and I know this will probably get bashed to hell… but Curry is the best prospect the 2009 NFL draft. Anyone who gets this guy is going to be building their defense around him for the many many years. I think this years Qbs are overrated and probably only Staffor is first round talent in a normal year of good QB prospects.

  2. West Coast is lonely… We are so lonely… We have nobody… To call our own(OWN)!!
    It’s not even 11 yet. Move west young man!

  3. It doesn’t matter because Clancy will get a great roster of talented young ballhawks, and use them to play prevent D at the end of every game when he has a less than one score lead.
    Love Clancy, but grow a pair, sir. You cost us 7+ games in the last two years by being passive at the end of games.hope you learned football requires balls, you were always the DC I respected most(aside from you little bitch D at the end of games.)
    And you clowns who think I am bitter about the ending of the Super Bowl, let me make it clear that that drive by the Steelers was not a surprise. It was completely expected.
    I was just praying at least our little bitch defensive scheme could keep them at a field goal for OT. Wishful thinking.
    Can anyone spell-Nazi me? I’m too tired to proof read.
    Good Night Now!!!

  4. a sign they may trade down…there’s no way that’s the #3 pick.
    this could work..
    Broncos trade Cutler to Detroit for the #1 pick.
    Broncos send the #12 overall pick to KC for Cassell
    Chiefs have #3 and #12 pick
    and why do people keep reporting that the 3-4 is set in stone? Clancy uses a 4-3 MUCH more often than a 3-4. The Chiefs don’t have the personnel yet for 3-4 anyway. Who’s in the middle on the line? A 50 million dollar undersized gap shooting Defensive Tackle?? There’s no way he clogs it like a 3-4 NT should. Who’s going to play DE? Tamba Hali is way too small, so he moves to linebacker. So your LBs are Vrabel, Curry, Johnson, Hali..sounds good. Until you line up with out defensive ends or a true nose tackle and the linebackers have offensive linemen in their jocks 1 second after the snap because the defensive line got rolled over.
    wouldn’t it be smarted to coach the system you have players for?? At least for now?

  5. The Chiefs will return to the playoffs. The Steelers suck. (I like to spread the facts for all to see.)

  6. Brown IS the best pass rusher in this draft. You should look at him. Curry is a freak. He looks like a giant safety playing the field with uncanny range. Absolutly tackeling everything, but he doesn’t rush the passer like Brown. If you want to see a ton of film on all these guys go to Youtube. I feel so much better talking about these guys today after watching hours of footage yesterday/lastnight. Great LB draft!

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