Lions Willing To Trade The Top Pick

The Detroit Lions plan to negotiate with the agents of multiple players who could be the first overall pick in the draft.
But they’re also willing to negotiate with teams that might take the first overall pick off the Lions’ hands.
G.M. Martin Mayhew told Vic Carucci of on Tuesday that the Lions would be willing to move the pick if they could obtain the right “difference-maker” from another team.
Asked specifically about whether said “difference-maker” would or could be Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, Mayhew didn’t deny the possibility.
We’re open to all options with that pick,” Mayhew said.  “Obviously, it has value to us, and if it has value to somebody else, then we can talk about that.”
The discussion likely wouldn’t last long.  In a year like this one, with no specific player emerging from the crowd as the clear-cut No. 1 overall pick, no other team is going to want to stand in the Lions’ shoes, unless for some reason said team unexpectedly decides that there indeed is one player who is dramatically better than the others.
Absent a must-have player, teams generally don’t want to fork over the monster deal that gets paid to the first overall pick, and they likewise aren’t inclined to package the players and/or picks necessary to move into the top spot.
So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.

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  1. Not unless the Eagles want the top LT in the draft and according to the GM Tom Heckert they can move anywhere in the draft they want..

  2. Cutler’s base salary is really low this season, if he was traded he would be looking at an 70-90M deal? Asking for one anyway. If the Broncos were to get rid of him then suddenly their solid looking offense starts to gain the questions their defense does. All in order for them to pick a strong side OLB or solid LT or even better one of the QBs? no dice.

  3. Florio, you are pretty funny sometimes. LOL at that crack at the Lions.
    Mike Singletary won’t want to talk about this.
    Denver surely won’t. If they wanted to pay $25 million+ guaranteed to somebody, they could just give a Cutler a new deal, and take some of the uncertainty out of that top pick. QBs – even at #1 – have a high bust rate. Cutler already got his bonus cash, his salary this year is measly $1MM or so. Bus probably just wants a new deal. No way do the Broncos step into this spot.

  4. Stafford has the big arm, the silly ass skater haircut, and the same kind of droopy look on his face. He’s already just like Cutler. However, if you put stock in the Wonderlic score, he is Cutler plus some extra intelligence. Why wouldn’t Denver want to basically trade Cutler for Stafford and whatever else they can get? I know they want to avoid that huge guaranteed money, but they’ll have to give that to Cutler anyway…

  5. “So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.”
    Touche, Florio. Touche.

  6. “So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.”
    Keep hanging on to the Lions nuts, heh Florio?

  7. I feel badly for the Lions, and their fans as well. What a crappy year to get the top pick. Whoever they draft would be at best the 7th or eighth pick in a normal draft. AND, they’ll have to pay more than last year’s #1 pick for him.
    The league definitely needs a rookie salary cap.

  8. “So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.” Thanks for the chuckle!

  9. I would like to see the Lions pass on the 1st pick. They let the 10 minutes expire and all Hell breaks loose. They watch and see what teams rush up and who they pick. They have a guy ready with several cards each with a name. They get a guy they want and save money.

  10. “based on recent history” Right, because the Lions have traded picks to move up for the first pick, let alone the first round. Granted they have made dumb picks in the past, and their play well…. speaks for it self at 0-16. You’d think after 4 months, a touted journalist like yourself may find more hard hitting comments than continually HACKING on the team in the cellar.

  11. I’m willing to bet that the Lions would trade their 1st overall pick to the Texans for Andre Johnson and Dan Orlovsky

  12. I’ll take the bait. Way to go out on a limb and rip on the Lions. Kudos on pushing the journalistic envelope. It’s what we expect but it’s still nice to see. So you are saying no other team is even going to sniff at the #1 pick? Hmmm.
    Well if Florio says so then that must be the way it is.

  13. There are 3 to 5 guys who are all about equally well suited to be the top pick. There is no reason to trade up.

  14. It’d be a good idea. #1s are way too expensive for players who could easily bust and be out of the league quickly.

  15. “So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.”
    Low blow, Florio. Low blow.
    Lions bashing has become a pretty transparent shtick for you, and it comes off about as funny as Leno’s idiotic stand up routine.

  16. the Lions are better.. if a teams is willing to move up.. we’ll see.. they are doing a great job to throw smoke on their intentions… hopefully someone will bite?

  17. The more I read the more I think you should be blogging for TMZ. Between your libel on the Stallworth situation, and constant Lion bashing its getting sad, and frankly pretty sorry.
    The Lions are to easy, you’re trying too hard to be cute.

  18. there’s a scenario that makes everyone happy here
    The lions send their 1st overall to the broncos and 20th pick to the browns. Broncos in return send their 12th pick for derek Anderson or Quinn . In return the browns send their 5th pick in the draft to the lions. So this is what everyone winds up getting g
    Lions – cutler and 5th pick in draft
    Browns – lose one qb and 5th pick but get 12th and 20th pick in draft
    Broncos – lose cutler but recieve number one overAll pick for him
    And EVERYONE is happy

  19. Matt Leinart & Boldin for the first overall pick?????
    Come on Cardinals, whatcha waiting on!!!!

  20. So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.
    WOW…and this is based on?

  21. There is such a thing as “need” too, Mike. It isn’t whether a player is better than all others, it’s whether he’s better than the others at his position that are likely to be available where you’re slotted to pick. If you need a LB and you pick late in the round, you have to compare the second, third, and fourth best LBs to Aaron Curry and decide whether it’s worth moving up to get him or better to simply wait and get a lower tier guy in your spot.
    Moving up isn’t always smart. But it isn’t always dumb, either.

  22. “So, basically, the only team that might be dumb enough based on recent history to try to trade into that spot already is holding it.”
    I hate to say it, Florio, but comments like this show that you’re well on your way to reaching ESPN anchor-like douche status.

    Based on recent history, the Lions have actually done quite a nice job with draft day trading to acquire additional picks which is truly what your cited article is referring to. Unfortunately, what they’ve done with those picks hasn’t necessarily been worth a damn.
    Long suffering Lions fan here who continues to cheer for his team. Sometimes I feel as if my loyalty is undeserved, but dammit I just can’t help but root for the Detroit Lions.
    Did I mention…F YOU MIKE FLORIO???

  24. Nobody wants that pick, especially this year with the ‘last capped year’ contract rules. It is going to cost teams a ton against this yeas cap to sign #1 picks, money they used to be able to put into out years of the contract will stay in 09. It is one of the reasons Jerry Jones was so willing to deal Dallas’ #1 this season. Most teams are going to have trouble signing their #1s this year.

  25. wow i see that some lions fans are slightly upset by the cutting remarks. im just surprised they have fans, at this point

  26. I am a diehard Lions fan and self-proclaimed draft slappy. No problem with what you said Florio. Once the Lions do something worthy of not being insulted, Florio runs out of material.
    Come on, all you Lions fans know we all rip them in our private conversations, who cares if Florio does it on a national level. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  27. The Lions have never traded up to the number 1 pick. Can we expect another PFT TV segment from your basement on this great post?

  28. Wait, I thought you said that the Lions were SET on Smith with the #1 just the other day? Do you mean to say your source was wrong?
    In the past year, Florio has really moved from rumor mongering to craving some sort of recognition as a “journalist”. I really miss how PFT used to be.

  29. Mr. Florio, how about showing just a little bit of respect for one of the oldest NFL teams,that sponser many charity events, which help the Detroit area, did they make some mistakes in the last decade,sure , but they play by the rules, and don’t give players gimmicky contracts that allow them to spend over the salary cap, like Washington, and Minnesota, and get away with it, idiots like you call that smart, I call that cheating. The NFL salary cap is a joke.

  30. There has been a lot of talk about how there’s no clear-cut number one this year, but usually what makes a “clear-cut” top pick is tons of hype.
    Remember how Reggie Bush, who is now thought of as a glorified third down back/punt returner, was absolutely the best player in the draft a couple years ago? There were also a bunch of people saying Matt Ryan wouldn’t have been a first round talent if he came out the same year as Brady Quinn and Jamarcus Russel. Then last year, no receivers were deemed to be first round material by the teams themselves, and you had a number of rookie receivers make significant impacts on their teams when rookie receivers normally don’t emerge for a few years.
    I think if a team shuts out all the noise and identifies a player they’re sure can make a difference, having that pick isn’t a bad thing. You’ve got some solid tackles and a MLB who are supposed to go right at the top, but those positions aren’t sufficiently sexy to get hyped out of control like other years.
    I agree it’s not good to have to fork over those kinds of contracts for guys who have never taken a snap… the point is more that a team isn’t necessarily automatically retarded for wanting to move up if they’ve identified a talent they’re sure can help them.

  31. There used to be an absolute #1 pick, but he got suspended for the Sugar Bowl, blew off the combine and then showed up with giant man boobs at his pro-day…

  32. Again Florio, why don’t you learn a little about football. History? When did the Lions trade into top spot in recent history??

  33. Every team in every draft has stated they were willing to listen to trade out of the first pick. Nothing new here except a chance to kick someone when they’re down.
    You went for the ‘punch line’ and probably got it, but it’s really not news . Should have made the article a commentary instead of a news flash.
    All in all, you’re usually more discerning.

  34. They want to trade the #1 pick for a whiney QB with diabetes and minimal leadership skills? Sounds like a Detroit Lions move, all right.

  35. Hey Kevin from Philly, you’re one to talk about “whiney players” with “poor leadership skills,” I know you were leading the crusade to bring T.O. to Philly years ago. How did that feel by the way, going to the big dance only to have your hopes and dreams crushed?

  36. Ah Mike,
    Back to the Lions digs. The club that would have mode the most sense to make fun of would be Dallas – since the Lions have fleeced them twice recently

  37. You know what “Restore”, it does feel bad to get that close to the Super Bowl only to lose. Too bad for you that your hopes and dreams are regularly crushed during the first mini-camp.

  38. I gotta tell ya Florio great reporting work here. You must of dug up all your “moles” to figure out this do some real work your embarrassing your whole profession .
    Next weeks story…”the rams are willing to listen to offers for the #2″…cant wait to read all about it.

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