Lewis Not Happy With Stacy Andrews

On the same day that the Bengals crowed about the compensatory picks they’ve received based on free-agency losses in 2008, the team’s head coach griped about a player who got away in 2009.
Specifically, Marvin Lewis discussed the departure of tackle Stacy Andrews, who signed with the Eagles shortly after hitting the market.
I was surprised because he led us to believe differently,” Lewis said of Andrews, according to Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “I was disappointed because Stacy led us to believe that he wanted to stay [in Cincinnati], so it was up to his representative to get a contract done.  We felt like we had a deal done and then, all of a sudden, he walked away and that disappointed me.”
But, frankly, that’s one of the risks of letting a player get to the market.  The Bengals had the exclusive ability to negotiate a long-term deal with Andrews, the team’s franchise player in 2008, prior to July 15 and after the team’s last regular-season game, according to Article XX, Section 2(k) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
The exclusive ability to do a deal with Andrews ran all the way up until 11:59 p.m. EST on February 26.
By letting Andrews become a free agent, the Bengals risked that he would sign elsewhere.  They could have avoided that outcome by using the franchise tag again on Andrews. 
They opted instead to apply the tag to a kicker.
And even though it’s possible that the Eagles were talking to Andrews’ agent before 12:01 a.m. EST on February 27, the Bengals needed to account for the possibility of tampering when deciding not to franchise Andrews, especially since pretty much every team tampers with pending free agents in February of each year.

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  1. Same lame arguement that the Eagles gave when they let Dawk walk – “oh, we thought he wanted to be here but never got back to us”. Get real, if you REALLY wanted the guy you’d have signed him.
    BTW Florio, it should be “every TEAM tampers” not “every TIME tampers” in the last line.

  2. Marvin Lewis has no reason to be unhappy about anything.
    He is lucky he still has a job after the miserable work he’s done in Cincitucky.

  3. And this is why the Bengals consistently suck. I think Marvin Lewis is a good coach.., it’s a shame he’s stuck with such a pathetic organization. At least it’s not Cleveland.., so at least he has that.

  4. I think Lewis should stop being a puss. The Eagles have the biggest line and those tiger things should just cry themselves to sleep until the draft.

  5. First of all, anyone who says they want to stay in Cincinnati is clearly lying or drinking the same Koolaid Marvin Lewis was drinking if he actually believed that Andrews wanted to stay with that franchise.
    You are correct Florio, either franchise him, work out a contact before he hits free agency or accept that he’s probably a goner unless you break the bank once he hits free agency. Oh, and don’t bitch to the press about it afterwords, either, when its your own fault.

  6. I love how Lewis has committed gaffe after gaffe, including signing Coles instead of resigning Housh, and he’s shocked someone would actually leave that organization.
    Let’s face it- while my beloved Eagles tied the Bengals- the Bengals have slowly reverted into the Bungals, and it shows that their one great season a few years back was, well, a joke.
    Good job Lewis; I know people in Philly bitch about Reid, but man, how the hell does this guy get a free pass every year? What exactly has he accomplished past 1 Mercurial season and a defense in Baltimore, which is now what, 10 years removed?
    Unbelievable. But hey, they do have that world traveler Dhani Jones on their squad. They MUST be doing something right…

  7. Stacy Andrews always wnted to go to the Eagles to play with his brother.
    The Bengals tried to sign this guy for years and never got it done so Andrews knew what he wanted the entire time. It’s unfortunate because the Bengals spent a lot of time developing him. He played something like 5 games in college after switching from shotput in track.
    The guy did not even play all that great last year anyway. He allowed plenty of sacks but that could have been partly Ryan Fitzpatrick’s innability to ever throw the ball in time.

  8. Where’s all the Bungals fans at? They always talk about how good they are gonna be next yr, saying Florio picks on them. Then, when a story proves how inept they are as a franchise, no one speaks up in their defense. Typical Bungal fans.

  9. The Bengals had the exclusively ability
    Maybe the the exclusive ability? Emmitt has nothing on you!

  10. ah the bungles. As a season ticket holder i cant wait to see a 1/2 emplty stadium again this year. As usual the only game that will sellout is the Steeler game, 90% Pittsburgh fans. Until they get a GM, this team will do NOTHING. Should have traded Chad to the Skins when you had the chance for 2 draft picks.

  11. Lewis has gotta remember that Andrew’s brother plays for the Eagles. It would be hard to turn down that opportunity!

  12. Florio you make is sound like the Bengals screwed up. They were trying to sign Andrews for the past three years. I don’t believe he ever was going to sign whatever the contract offer. He just wanted to play with his brother in Philly. What a wipe!

  13. DownWithTheClowne hit the nail on the head. They’ve been trying to get him to do a long term deal since 2006. And he kept saying no (remember, the Bengals were “good” then). They drafted him as a project, developed him into a decent tackle, franchised him for more than he was worth at the time (considering he’d never been a starter), were criticized for franchising a non-starter player by everyone in the media, has a so-so year last year, gets injured, has a good faith agreement in place, then drops the Bengals like third period French. It was a crappy thing to do, but I think in the back of his head, he was always leaving for the Eagles to play with Shawn. Maybe these two headcases can get their acts together finally…

  14. This is Marvin spitting bull crap. People in Cincinnati knew for two years that Andrews didn’t want to be here. Any player that wants to play for Mike Brown’s Bengals is clearly out of their mind.
    He didn’t sign the contract they offered him last year and got tagged. Then he didn’t sign a contract after suffering a torn ACL and hit the market. How much more of an indication by action rather than words do you need to prove he didn’t want to play for the Bengals?
    Now he gets a fat contract and lines up to his brother Shawn “I need a tissue” Andrews.

  15. Andrews did not remotely justify what the Eagles spent on him. He is fine with most bullrushers, but has feet of stone when someone puts a move on him. He was a turnstile for most of the season, and Fitzpatrick is more mobile than Carson will ever be. Collins and Whitworth played better than Jones and Andrews. Marvin should shut up and quit bitching about a half decent player that got away, when most Bengal fans don’t mind.

  16. Bengals fan here…
    Florio is right about the tag. The Bengals are a cheap, family operated circus. They tagged a kicker who isn’t particularly effective at kicking off or hitting long ones. Why? Because it was inexpensive to do so. Andrews would have cost $$ but given them options in the draft. Now they have to take a tackle #1.
    On the other hand Andrews played lousy last year before the injury. The guy was a swinging gate.

  17. AND the Bungles had $10M of unused cap space last year – would have been smart to use some of that wasted money to sign Andrews to an extension. But the Bungles don’t do ‘smart’. Shocker of the century – they blew it. They couldn’t even do the paperwork correctly on two, count ’em, TWO different trades for DTs last year. So they re-signed their own guy, Peko, for WAY more than he’d earned, and he responded with like 2 sacks in a 4-12 season.


  19. DownWithTheClowne is right on the money. They negotiated a long term deal while he was a restricted free agent. Andrews turned it down. They negotiated again the following offseason. Andrews turned it down. They slapped the franchise tag on him and continued negotiations. Andrews turned it down. Then this offseason they allowed him to rehab at the facility and reached an agreement, but then Andrews signs with Phily.
    I don’t see how this is a gaffe by the Bengals. They built this guy from the ground up with one of the best line coaches in football. And they put him in the lineup in ways that he could succeed – meaning never was he thrown to the wolves. Most fans sensed that part of him always wanted to join his brother, so this wasn’t a complete shock. It was surprising that he agreed to a deal beforehand with the Bengals and then bailed.
    Whatever…just means more comp picks for the team next year!

  20. Whatever….no that big of a deal. He is no make or break player like you would all love to believe. Lewis was dissapointed thats all. And we will return stronger next year. Ill bet dollars to donuts we scrape the weak ass eagles. Philly is a dump!

  21. Another instance of addition by subtraction. You Eagles fans enjoy Mr. Andrews “Ole” style of blocking. He gave up way too many sacks to be considered a “loss”. He’s too slow with his kick step to negate speed rushers off the edge. Let’s also not forget he is still rehabbing from MAJOR ACL reconstructive surgery from an injury that occurred in December.
    Fact is his replacement was an undrafted free agent named Dennis Roland who did a much better job sealing the right edge in the last 2 games of the season then Andrews did his entire career.
    Thanks for overpaying for a slow, injured former franchise tag mistake. I can only thank the invisible friend for grown ups that he tore that ACL and thus precluded us from tagging him again.
    Enjoy the mammoth waste of space that is Stacey Philly fans …

  22. “I love how Lewis has committed gaffe after gaffe, including signing Coles instead of resigning Housh, and he’s shocked someone would actually leave that organization.”
    Marvin’s the coach, not the GM. Put the blame where it belongs.

  23. Have any of you actually seen him play? He didn’t really dominate anyone last year. In fact, anyone with the least amount of football knowledge would have pondered why the Bengals tagged him at all. Why is he still a project after 6 years.
    Most of you Eagle fans don’t know what you’re talking about when assessing Andrews talent.

  24. Yes, enjoy that over weight bundle of lard. The Bengals did try to get a deal with him long term several times. The fact that Stacey and brother Shaun cry themselves to sleep each night because they are not together is the reason he opted for the city in which rats are considered a delicacy. The Bengals drafted this cat and developed him into a decent player. He should only get better. Cincinnati went 4-11-1 with him, does it really matter if any player stays or goes besides Palmer???

  25. Congratulations Eagles fans. You overpaid for a lousy OT with a torn ACL. I think this was the single worst move of the offseason. Andrews was apart of an o-line that gave up 51 sacks. Most people in Cincy believe that losing Andrews was addition by subtraction.

  26. Where does the blame fall then?? On our GM… Uh, I guess that’s Mikey Brown.
    Mrs. Brown shoulda aborted him 73 years ago… He is single handedly responsible for ruining the house his father built.
    Paul Brown: Legend

  27. LOL, I love how Bengals fans claim that Stacy Andrews had a bad year last year. Hmmm, maybe it was because everyone else around him on the O line is awful! And the Bengals dont have a running back that could burst through a hole even if there was a hole there. This guy is gonna be a beast for the Eagles.

  28. It was a great signing by the Eagles. They get a Tackle with a “blowed out” knee, to comfort his brother, who is depressed. Probably depressed that he is playing for Philly.

  29. Oh poor deluded DIE MEDIA DIE.
    It’s hard to be a “Beast” when you’re still rehabbing an ACL tear.
    Also the only “awful” player on the Bengals Oline besides Eric Ghiaciuc was Andrews. Explain to me how the crappy Center causes the Right Tackle to pull an “Ole” on the rushing defensive end.
    You cannot. But don’t take my word for it. Take Donovan’s word for it when he’s flat on his back or getting an MRI for his torn ACL because Andrews missed another block. Can’t wait for Demarcus Ware to eat this kid’s lunch, if he even sees the field this year. (See: Tear, ACL)

  30. Someone save these comments. I can’t wait till mid season to bring these back up. Eagles were fools to pay starting money to a tackle coming of a horrific knee injury in late DECEMBER. Stacey won’t be 100% till 2010. And trust me, that’s not nothing to look forward to.
    By the way Eagle fans, must be sad to not be able to beat those pitiful Bungles…With your starting qb,rb, and oline. All you could muster is 13 points? That against our backups (Only 4 starters on D)… If we do make it to the Superbowl, I certainly hope it is against you guys….

  31. “, especially since pretty much every time tampers with pending free agents in February of each year.”
    Should probably read “, especially since pretty much every TEAM tampers with pending free agents in February of each year.

  32. Him LEAVING has nothing to do with Bengals ineptitude. I would have been more pissed if they DID sign this waste of space. He played us. The ineptitude had already occurred when they fooled themselves into thinking that by franchising a guy last year that had done absolutely nothing to deserve that pay grade that they’d be able to bide their time to get a guy who was gonna bolt town one way or another eventually. Not to mention a guy who’s STILL unproven and shown to be a bit of a poor sport when it comes to appreciating a team that’s given him so much leeway and money over the past few years.
    Screw Stacey Andrews.

  33. ““, especially since pretty much every time tampers with pending free agents in February of each year.”
    Should probably read “, especially since pretty much every TEAM tampers with pending free agents in February of each year. “”
    LOL, I’m relatively new to this site, but it seems that on a possible tight budget, Florio might want to consider running his articles by a nephew in highschool or something before clicking the “submit” button. Typo’s galore here… not indicative of a columnist to take seriously, but hey, I still like the info Florio breaks. Keep it comin!

  34. This is hilarious
    Just a bunch of angry cincy fans…one’s even talking SuperBowl..lol…and spare me the “Philly is a dump” BS because you live in frickin OHIO….again, OHIO. Spare me.
    Yea, the Iggles played a horrible game against you guys in Cincy and you still couldn’t beat us. How many times did you beat the Steelers last year? You had two tries. We had one.
    And everyone of our backups on the line could start for your pitiful team. If signing Stacy just ensures that Big Shawn The All-Pro is ready to go then it was worth it. Do you even know what an All-Pro O-lineman looks like? Go Franchise Another Kicker

  35. It was the best thing that could have happened. Stacy Andrews was terrible. Then he blows out his knee to boot! The Eagles are crazy signing this guy to this much money. Its a joke cause the Pigeons fans thinks they got a bookend tackle when in fact they got the next Antone Davis. Pigeons got Pwned on this one WHODEY!

  36. For all the Bengals fans saying how horrible Andrews is, when was the last time the Bengals won a Playoff game? In the past 10 years how many winning seasons have the Bengals had? Now answer the same questions for the Eagles.
    I think the Eagles have a better group of coaches and scouts doing talent assessment than the Bungles so you really shouldn’t be running yuour traps. Sure you tied the Eagles last season and that gave you something to be “happy” about, but then again it wasn’t a win so why be happy? Also, what did the Bungles do after that tie and what did the Eagles do after that tie? The Bungles kept losing and went home for the holidays, the Eagles made it to the NFC Championship game.
    Win a playoff game… heck just win 9+ games in a season before you start thinking about putting down some other teams.

  37. -Short take > Andrews = Overrated developmental player who should be sending Monthly thank you cards to Coach Paul Alexander.
    – Has great opportunity to play with Special Needs Brother in a hostile fan base so why fault him for that.
    – Marvin Lewis is rightfully disappointed for Trusting the word of a high character guy (yes Stacie really is)
    – Team could have turned thier backs on him after he blew his knee out but the Bengals staff are the ones who got him back on his feet!
    – Shame on Marvin for thinking there is some honor left in young men!

  38. to the bengals fan who raves that his team tied the eagles on their best day of the year and the eagles’ worst, on their field, on the way to a 4 win season (while the eagles went to the nfc championship game after that ugly tie), you must be doing hillbilly heroin or something, especially in the hope that when the bengals get to the super bowl they are playing philly. for bengals fans to hypothesize about super bowl opponents is delusional, and that is a charitable assessment.
    as to usmc, you say Marvin thought there was some honor left in young men, using stacy andrews as the negative example. now, refresh my memory, what has andrews done that was anywhere near dishonorable, especially in light of the bengals roster since lewis arrived of prisoners and parolees like rucker and henry and thurmann etc.etc. as of april ’07, 9 of marvins honorable young men had been arrested in the previous year and a half with henry alone accounting for four arrests….and Marv thought he had the honor brigade? please. and the bengals participation in the rehab of andrews was not an unselfish act inspired by mother theresa. unless they had something to gain he would have been on the street in a ny minute.
    and as to the assertion that andrews is a stiff and the eagles got snookered by that savvy mike brown? perhaps, only time will tell, but if recent (this century) history is any guide, it will not be kind to the bengals.

  39. Last night I parked my car under a streetlight with the keys in it. Dontcha know somebody went and stole it. Now I’m really pissed at that car thief.

  40. Marvin Lewis is probably frustrated and blowing off steam that Mike Brown did not get him a starting OT or Center in FA and is taking it out on Andrews. This time of year when Marvin’s mouth moves, it is likely misdirection or outright lies. What better way to tell the 5 picks ahead of you that you want an OT in the draft – and then draft some other player that you really want?
    Andrews is a huge, special person. You have to acknowledge that the larger and heavier the man, the harder it will be to get that ACL strong enough to play at a high level. Given Philly’s investment in him, they might put him in before he is ready. He may also develop a fear of reinjuring the leg and suck worse than he did in Cincinnati. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually hear his poor play last year was deliberate to get out of Cincy.

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