Pioli Says Gonzalez Didn't Request A Trade

As conflicting impressions emerge regarding the question of whether tight end Tony Gonzalez wants to be traded by the Chiefs, G.M. Scott Pioli said Wednesday that the perennial Pro Bowler hasn’t asked to be moved.
He has not indicated to me that he wants to be traded,” Pioli said, according to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.  “I don’t want to get into any other specifics of the conversations because those are conversations that will stay between players and [coach Todd Haley] and players and myself.  They were good conversations, positive conversations, healthy conversations.”
Earlier this week, owner Clark Hunt suggested that Gonzalez wants to stay.  Gonzalez said in response that he’s “going with the flow.”
But an AP report, quoting an unnamed source close to Gonzalez, made it clear that Gonzalez still wants out.
Gonzalez tried to finagle a trade during the 2008 season, and he reportedly was miffed when former G.M. Carl Peterson failed to make it happen.
This time around, the AP source says that other teams are interested in Gonzalez.  If that’s the case (and setting aside for now the possibility that tampering has occurred), none of those teams have launched trade discussions.
“I’ve not made or fielded any call regarding Tony Gonzalez,” Pioli told the Star.
In our view, if Gonzalez wants to be traded he needs to rely on something other than unnamed sources close to him, or off-the-record communications with other teams that might eventually call the Chiefs and make an offer.  Gonzalez apparently prefers creating the impression that, if he’s traded, it happened because the team wanted him out of town — not because the player wanted to leave.

11 responses to “Pioli Says Gonzalez Didn't Request A Trade

  1. With the mess going on with Cutler, I would imagine teams are going to strt being a little more discreet with potential trades. The egos the NFL players have are enormous. Therefore, it is better to keep it quiet so the roof doesn’t get blown off the joint………Isn’t that right McDaniels???

  2. any chance this doucher reconsiders and agrees to get traded to Buffalo???
    Lee Evans + T.O. + Tony Gonzalez = get your popcorn ready

  3. It’s a good thing that the Bus isn’t involved or this could be ugly. I’m not a Chiefs fan and would love it if Tony were to be traded to my team, but Tony should stay in KC and finish his great career.

  4. I hope Tony G stays and futher distances himself and record from Shannon “All About Me” Sharpe. With the mess in Denver, Oakland continuing to be Oakland, and the Chargers still being led by Norvell Turner, the AFC West championship is not that far out of reach for KC.

  5. he’s not going anywhere. He will retire a Chief and could be part of a great turn around.
    Reports say he wants to go to a contender, but in the AFC West, every team is a contender…well except the Raiders.

  6. He needs to be the secret sauce in the Cassel/Vrabel deal.
    Brady to Moss,Galloway,Welker or Gonzales!
    the field will be stretched, the underneath and seams will be wide open and the 50TD mark will be in danger

  7. Does it really matter whether he stays or goes?? The Chiefs blow either way. Come on Chiefs fans, your team hasn’t won a play-off games since 1994! How embarrassing…

  8. So, a big whiny baby on the downside of his career wants to be traded to a contending team. Who doesn’t? Why’d TG sign multiple extensions with the Chiefs if he was unhappy? I get that this is how business is done in the NFL these days, but is it really so awful to catch passes every Sunday in a great NFL town, with a passionate fan base cheering you on?

  9. The Chiefs wouldn’t get much for T. G. so, there’s no way they’re going to trade their best player! Don’t be stupid!

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